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The Terrible 20: Stupid Government Programs

America is in serious economic trouble: We narrowly missed defaulting on our debt, S&P downgraded our credit rating, we owe China a bunch of money, and a record 82% of Americans are pissed about it. Well, we've got some more bad news, because Team Coco has found out why our government is so broke: They've been spending all our hard earned tax dollars on some pretty ridiculous programs. Take a look at the ten we've uncovered.

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11 Product Names That Mean Unfortunate Things in Other Languages

Once in a while, an international company will come out with a new product, brand name or slogan that gets, well, seriously lost in translation. One famous example is Mitsubishi’s unfortunate 1973 decision to name its new SUV the “Pajero,” which translates in Spanish to “wanker.” Here are 11 more tragic, hilarious, and definitely off-color examples of products that really exist—and don’t always mean what their manufacturers think.

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15 Conspiracy Theories About The Olympics

Did Michael Phelps really deserve his seventh gold medal at the 2008 Olympics? According to eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists, video and photo evidence from the event may indicate that Phelps actually lost the race by 1/100 of a second. An entire site,, sprang up to accuse the U.S. of paying off officials for Phelps' win and even suggested that the second-place swimmer was involved. The Olympic committee pointed out that other angles seem to prove the case for Phelps.

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Top 10 Ugly Animals That Are Shockingly Delicious

One of the upsides to skinning our food, cutting it up into several little bitty pieces, and then drowning it all in tasty condiments, is that it allows us to have dinner without considering that animal’s face. If every plate of burger and fries featured the head of a cow staring at you, with those big, sad, brown eyes burning a guilt-hole through you with every bite, there’d probably be a lot more vegans in the world. However, some animals are so hideously deformed, so disturbing-looking, and so downright ugly, that many of us could eat one right in front of their own mother and not feel bad. And we often do, chowing down on the world’s ugliest creatures without a care in the world (though your grieving-animal-mother mileage may vary).

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Six Places You Can’t Concealed Carry But Really Should Be Able To

I was leaving work the other night, and it dawned on me, I really wish I had my gun on me right now. Lest you think I was being a bit paranoid, the job I’m speaking of is my work as a professional musician, playing at a club. For my solo act, I’ve got to pack and move a P.A., guitars, keyboard, and assorted effluvia, loading these expensive pieces of equipment in and out every gig. It usually works out that I’m one of the last guys out of the venue, hence the desire for a gun. The loading areas of bars and nightclubs, share one common characteristic – they virtually all look as though a movie production scout would find them to be the perfect place to stage a mugging, rape, or murder. However, even if you have a concealed handgun license, you’re not allowed (in most states) to carry, where alcohol is served, which got me to thinking about all the many places where you can’t carry, but likely wish you could.

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Top 10 Country Flag Icon Sets

A country flag image could be used for any number of reasons, perhaps the most popular method would be on a web site which allows the user to either select the language of their choice or to access the site-version dedicated to their country. The problem is that there are many, many sites were you can download and use the national flag image of your choice, but the most of these are pretty bland and basic and don’t really offer the graphical expectations of modern web design. We want better. An excellent substitute for flag images would be to use one of the, sadly so few, professionally designed country flag icon-sets that are freely available. And that is what we have found for you today: A collection of the best country flag icon-sets.

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9 Steps To Get an Autograph at a Baseball Game

Baseball is one of America's favorite pastimes. It is not always easy to get autographs. Collecting autographs of the players, coaches and managers is not only a great hobby but can turn into a lucrative business. How can you keep from being ignored and have better opportunities to get autographs?

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5 Ways to Clean Your Pennies

Cleaning pennies can be a fun activity for kids of all ages. You can get Lincoln cents by the roll at your local bank, or check with your parents or grandparents if they have a big-old-jar full of pennies and spare change sitting on top of their dresser. There are other ways to clean pennies that involve the use of chemical cleaners that contain acids or other harmful chemicals. I have chosen only to present methods that are non-toxic and safe for children.

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11 Best Home Theater Speakers

Home theater sound requires matching speakers for the best experience, but finding complementary individual speakers can be a pain--especially in the wallet. Complete home theater speaker packages take out the guesswork since they include a full set of matching surround speakers. Pair any of these speaker sets with a good AV receiver and Blu-ray player, and you'll have a home theater system that's a step above all-in-one HTIBs. Most of them include subwoofers, but for those that don't, check out our best subwoofers list.

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10 Best Tablet PCs In The World Today

Tablets are taking the world by storm. Just a few years ago they were an unknown for many people, but nowadays you've got more choice than you can shake a mildly agitated badger at. And with choice comes decisions - difficult decisions. Do you eschew Apple's high prices, join the Android brigade and find the best iPad alternative? Or do you give in to near-perfection and the get the new iPad 3? Luckily we've made it easy for you and pulled together the top 10 tablets of the moment available in the UK. We'll keep this listing constantly updated as new players enter the market and the older ones fizzle out.

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