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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the west. It’s a hypersaline lake that is truly one of Earth’s unique places. Below you will find ten interesting facts along with a gallery of picture of this fascinating place.

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10 Actresses Who Are TV Ugly But Real World Hot

Where once "nerd" used to mean "smart, anti-social person who plays Dungeons & Dragons and drinks Mountain Dew and goes to Comic-Con for the comics," the term is now more closely associated with, "OMGIAMSUCHANERDBECAUSEILOVETWILIGHTSOMUCH." And in the past, whenever a "nerd" appeared on TV, they were usually played by an attractive person...who wore GLASSES and ILL-FITTING CLOTHES. The horror! These people are considered "TV ugly," because they're actually quite attractive in the real world. Luckily, this hilarious, misplaced trope still exists — here are 10 actresses who are supposedly "TV ugly" (because we're told that no man would ever want them) but "real world hot."

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Top 10 Facts About Space Food

Space may be the final frontier, but it is also one hell of a restaurant. Over the the past half-century, scientists and space engineers have not only been racing to get their rockets safely outside the Earth’s atmosphere, they’ve been working to ensure the menu keeps their astronauts coming back for more. While there have been all sorts of innovations and improvements, it seems now the options are better than ever, to where we might consider studying rocket science just to gain access to NASA’s kitchen. While these days it seems there is little hope in revisiting space any time soon, here are ten facts about space food, to give us food for thought as we wait until we can become weightless once more.

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10 Ways You Can Use Your Smartphone to Advance Science

Your iPhone is not living up to its full potential. Sure, everyone loves posting pictures of their cats to Instagram, and the new RadioLab app is awesome. But we’re living in the future! Why not use those tiny computers we’re all carrying around for something bigger, like helping advance knowledge in a way that would have been impossible just a few years ago? Scientists have started to use the abilities and prevalence of smartphones to their advantage, creating apps specifically for their studies and crowdsourcing observation and data collection. When almost everyone has an Internet connection, a camera, and a GPS unit right in their phone, almost anyone can gather, organize, and submit data to help move a study along. Here are 10 projects and apps that will turn you into a citizen scientist.

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10 Bad Habits Worth Losing

As we enter the first week of July, it’s been 6 months since we made our 2012 New Year’s Resolutions. How many have you nailed? And how many have fell by the wayside? Now is a good time to review what you’ve achieved so far and what needs more work. Effective people understand the need to constantly ‘review’ themselves to improve and refine their level of productivity and achievement. Instead of focusing on what to achieve, sometimes it can be good to look at things to cut out from your life.

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15 People Who Have Been Abducted by Aliens

The extraterrestrial abduction of this Brazilian farmer in 1957 is believed to be one of the first ever reported worldwide. Villas Boas claims to have been forcibly taken on board an egg-shaped UFO before having a very close encounter with a naked female entity, described as humanoid, with long white hair and blue cat eyes. Villas Boas died in 1992, never having retracted his story.

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10 Presidents Nobody Remembers

We don’t recall ever seeing them on our coins, stamps, or monuments, but we’re told the following ten men were once president of the United States. Go figure!

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The 8 Best Ways to get Your Body into MMA Shape

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports there is. On television it may seem like nothing more than a brutal combat sport, but beyond the caged octagon there is a lot more going on which goes unnoticed. Leading up to a competition, there are endless MMA training exercises that a fighter utilizes. They push the boundaries and test the very limits of their mental and physical toughness to see what their body is truly capable of. All things considered, there really is an artistic aspect to exercising when you take into account the time, effort and attention to detail that goes into sculpting the human frame in preparation for competition.

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8 Must-Have Guns for the Doomsday Prepper

There are a number of ways the world could end: nuclear terrorism, an asteroid strike, a massive natural disaster or even the zombie apocalypse — hey, they’re in the Bible. Regardless of how society crumbles, (there’s been plenty of TV coverage lately on the subject) if civilization hits the fan you better be armed appropriately. Here are our top eight guns to survive the End of Days.

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