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6 Reasons People Love Zombie Flicks

28 Days Later. Resident Evil. Land of the Dead. Deadgirl. Army of Darkness. The Walking Dead. Fido. Dead Snow. Planet Terror. Evil Dead 2. Dawn of the Dead. Zombieland. Shaun of the Dead ó the list just goes on and on. Everybody seems to LOVE zombie films ó but, why? What exactly is so intriguing to people about the idea of being stalked by dead people who want to eat their brains after a worldwide apocalypse? Simple: zombie movies cater to a whole range of deeply rooted human desires. It may be an apocalypse for the world, but for the moviegoer picturing himself in the middle of it all, itís finally his chance to shine.

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6 Reasons Why the God Particle Matters

In the world of science, the excitement doesn't mount much higher than the frenzy Wednesday around the announcement that scientists at the world's biggest atom smasher may have found the "God particle." The discovery is called a boson, a class of sub-atomic particle, but the description stopped just short of confirming that it's the long-sought Higgs boson particle. While there are still questions to ask and research to do to confirm if it is indeed the Higgs boson, physicists see massive implications to the discovery.

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Top 10 Biggest Hotels of the World

The Top 10 biggest hotels worldwide are judged on the basis of their size as itís a common saying that size does matter. While making the list of these largest hotels we came across different aspects for analysis because the list can be different from a luxurious and services point of view but we are preparing it by mainly looking at the total number of rooms and area occupied by the biggest hotels. By looking at the list of these hotels one would be tempted to visit this one or more than one of these fine hotels. Well to be honest a couple of nightsí stay may be out of league for most of us. The sheer size and presence of these hotels will leave you spellbound and are definitely worth a look even from the outside! No personal preference or opinion has been used at all in making this list and it is totallybased on real figures and sizes. So just relax and enjoy the Top 10 biggest hotels of the world. Do let us know in the comments section about how many of these hotels you have already visited or wish to visit in the future.

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Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Eggshells

Remember the American Egg Board's "Incredible Edible Egg" commercials? Though there's lots to love about an egg, it turns out the shells are actually the incredible part. They can be used for a variety of different garden uses, among other purposes. Here are some of my favorite uses for eggshells.

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15 Food Combos That Were Meant To Be Together

French fries + Pizza = Magic. If that combo made your mouth water, you're in for a treat. Enjoy these awesome food combos this summer with Doritos and Pepsi Max! They're ready to Rock Your Summer with free music and fun.

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The 12 Least Impressive Boasts in Rap Lyrics

Rappers love to brag about all the fun stuff they get to do and all the cool people they get to meet. And why wouldn't they? I'm sure having hoes in every area code is way more awesome than having a mortgage on a three-bedroom home in the suburbs or whatever other mundane achievement normal people strive for. But sometimes, those boasts stray into territory that seems anything but impressive. And that's good, because I've literally made a career out of making fun of them for it. Why do I keep going back to this same well over and over? Because it never runs dry, that's why. In today's episode, we'll be taking a look at a few rappers who took their boasting to new heights by shouting out some of the dorkiest things imaginable. Things that not even the commonest of commoners would ever be excited about.

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10 Highest-Paying Degrees

Recent media reports on the job market for new college grads are full of horror stories: sky high student debt and sub-par entry-level salaries. But it isn't all bad news. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found salary offers made to the class of 2011 increased 4.8 percent to an overall average of $51,018. What's more, a trio of recent reports indicates picking the right degree can mean the difference between a $30,000 starting salary and a $60,000 starting salary. The latest of these reports is the 2011-2012 PayScale College Salary Report.

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Top 10 Movies with Extraordinary Casts

Here are ten movies whose casts do not feature many actors, but stars whose cinematic appeal stems from their unusual talents or appearance, life stories, or involvement with non-film related projects. The films can all be said to blur the line between documentary and fiction in their utilization of these extraordinary individuals. All break the mold of traditional Hollywood casting, which is based on talent and socially acceptable appearance, sometimes to taboo breaking or experimental ends, but always to something far beyond what we would see otherwise. Please note that almost all of these movies are NSFW and further research should probably be done at home.

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The 9 Hottest Places on Earth

Summer is officially here, and the heat is being turned up in a lot of places. But before you pull out the grill and grab a cold one, imagine if you were living in some of the hottest places our planet has to offer. While two-thirds of the earth is covered in water, a full third of the remaining land (thatís one-ninth of the total!) is nearly uninhabitable desert. As it turns out, all of the world's top nine hottest places lie in that harsh environment .

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