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The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Golfers

Golfing isn't easy, but a lot of celebrities seem to think that it is. Or, at least, because they're celebrities, they can certainly do it. What they should take away from this post, though, is that they need to take a few pointers from Hank Haney on The Haney Project, Mondays at 9PM on Golf Channel.

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15 Assassinations You Forgot All About

You've all heard a million stories about the JFK assassination... or about RFK and MLK. Maybe even the two women who tried to shoot Gerald Ford. But let's not forget the crazy people who shot Reagan and Roosevelt, who killed Gandhi and McKinley... and so many others...

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Top 10 Wars And Battles Forgotten Thanks To Cover-Ups

One of the sad truths about our little human race is that, far too often, we just donít like each other. This goes for the little guy and heads of state equally. Of course when the latter donít like each other, war is often the result. We all know the famous battles glorified by history books: Gettysburg, Bunker Hill, Iwo Jima, and the like. But not all battles are created equal. Some get buried in the minds of the few who ordered it or participated in it. Not because the story isnít interesting; itís just that somebody up high doesnít want you to hear about it, for one political reason or another. Luckily, weíre not those people, and we believe your fragile little mind can handle hearing stories like...

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The 10 Most Inspirational Real-Life Teachers

Some of the most inspirational real-life teachers have managed to instill in their students the desire to achieve, often in unique ways. These teachers are without question dedicated, passionate professionals who put aside their own lives to better the lives of others. From Geoffrey Canada, whose story is told in the documentary 'Waiting for Superman,' to Coach Carter, a man not afraid to take student athletes to task for low grades, the teachers on this list have gone above and beyond to make sure their students learn the lessons they need to succeed. These teachers are activists, leaders and motivators.

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10 Incredible DIY Ghostbusters Packs

This article has haunted Ghostbusters fans ever since it was first heard in 1984, and the Proton Pack in particular has kept young and young-at-heart minds occupied since then (and rightly so, as itís a piece of equipment that truly captures the imagination). Yes, since the iconic films were released in the í80s, busy tinkerers have been making their own versions of the Proton Pack, and as we will see, no effort has been spared in recreating this famous piece of nuclear accelerative machinery (complete with Neutrona wand and particle accelerator for a fully equipped ghost-hunting experience). Here are 10 of the best out there!

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25 Amazing Savant Minds

Savants, those legendary masters of mental mayhem. They are blessed with an oasis of talent in a desert of disability and ineptitude. Although they could probably tell you how many thread are in their shoelaces, tying them together would be an almost impossible task. Although savant syndrome is not an officially recognized medical disorder it is perhaps one of the least understood and scientists are still trying to figure out what is going on in the minds of the these amazing savants.

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9 of the Fastest Cancellations in Television History

The first network cancellation in each season always stings, and so it goes for the Mischa Barton comeback vehicle The Beautiful Life, whose aborted, two-episode run left a trail of broken hearts including those of conspiracy theorist costar Sara Paxton, the less than a million Beautiful Life viewers, and a handful of Brazilian fans who watched via iTunes. We hate to see television fans suffer, and knowing that there are inconsolable Americans clinging to tear-stained, homemade petitions and Mischa Barton-covered vision boards is too much for us to handle at Movieline HQ. Take solace, then, in these other quickly canceled series that surely could have taken off if they'd only reached those amazing third episodes.

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10 Creepy Details Glossed Over By Modern Versions Of Fairy Tales

In the film Snow White and the Huntsman, that classic fairy tale receives a modern rejiggering complete with a guest appearance by Thor and (hopefully) a golem made out of poison apples. This flick represents just one retelling in a long history of folklore being retold and remolded for a new audience. Here are ten actual fairy tale plot nuggets frequently downplayed or just plain forgotten, such as the time Little Red Riding Hood ate her dead grandmother's teeth.

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10 Retro Emulators To Play Early 80s Home Consoles On Your PC

On Wednesday I ran through the first in a series of home consoles and emulators, starting with the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 and finishing with the Intellivision in í79. Today the journey continues as we enter the 80's, heralding a new era of consoles, an Italian plumber and a plucky blue hedgehog. As with the previous list, emulators are cross-platform where possible. Youíll need games to play, known as ROMs, and just a reminder that, provided you own the original game, it is not illegal to possess digital copies.

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