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14 Ridiculous Corporate Spin Quotes

"Cigarettes don't cause cancer." "Seatbelts are dangerous and shouldn't be mandatory." From pictures of blue skies plastered across gas station pumps, to tobacco companies spending millions of dollars just to advertise their good deeds, major corporations are focused on shaping public opinion in their favor. Here are 14 examples of questionable corporate spin at work

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4 Modern K9s Worth Knowing About

Dogs are the most genetically diverse species in the world and given their success, it’s no wonder that they keep evolving. Sometimes the change is a natural result of an animal’s adaptive nature, in other cases though, researchers aim to modify certain behaviors in order to establish a new breed. Here are four canines you’ll likely hear a lot more about in the next few decades.

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9 Abandoned Islands Where Time Has Stopped

Some islands were used for military purposes, for the construction of individual buildings or for permanent settlements in which people lived for centuries. However, loss of strategic position, natural disasters, nuclear tests or simply wish to live in civilization, led to the abandonment of these islands. This is a list of abandoned islands, where time has stopped, where homes, buildings and streets standing untouched for decades.

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10 Deadliest Real Death Rays

The all-powerful, unstoppable death ray has been the fond dream of military commanders and socially awkward teenage boys since the publishing of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds,” but pesky issues of tactical considerations, atmospheric conditions, and basic physics keep getting in the way of the fun. It’s generally only recently that directed-energy weapons have become small enough, cheap enough and dangerous enough to merit the term "death ray." Strap on your goggles and let’s look at 10 real examples of energy weapons.

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Top 10 Biggest Stadiums of the World

Stadiums and sports grounds have always played a major role in our society in terms of sports while on the other hand; they are also being used for huge occasional ceremonies or festivals in some countries. The ones included in the Top 10 largest Stadiums list are used for multiple purposes of sports including American football, soccer, athletics, cricket and some more. Whenever we hear biggest stadium then those who are sports fan are aware of some of the famous sports grounds like Wembley and the Nou Camp but most of the people are not aware about their capacity or ranking. While making this list, we have done in depth analysis to bring you positive results of the exact the ranking. Although one of the major things about these sports grounds which differentiate their size is their total people capacity but there are some more things as well which have been kept in mind before finalizing this in to a list of top 10 biggest stadiums ever. One thing which we would like to clear that none of these sports grounds hosts any type of car or bike racing events.

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Top 10 Coolest Mystical Animals in Movies and Television

Animals are always really either cool or scary in movies. Take Old Yeller, for example. Started out really cool, ended out really scary. Made me cry. But that's neither here nor there. Fictional creatures are awesome and we all pretty much want them to be real. Okay... Let me start right off the bat by saying that the following critters from fictional films and television shows are MY opinion. I don't want to get into an argument with someone over my choices--though I will be happy to discuss any of these "pets" that I've missed.

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10 Untranslatable Words And When You’ll Want to Use Them

English is so limited sometimes. There are so many kickass words in other languages, that describe concepts that we just don't have one word for in English. And that's a shame, because sometimes we find ourselves in situations that English just can't describe. Science fiction and fantasy are full of those sorts of quirky situations and concepts, in fact. Here are 10 words that have no English equivalent, and the science fiction and fantasy classics that you'd want to use them to describe.

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50 Funny Spelling Mistakes on Twitter

There was a time, back in the late 70s and early 80s, when spellchecking software only worked with word processing programs. These programs held a finite database of words that it would use to check against the words typed by the user. Back then, the software would only tell you if you spelled a word incorrectly. It didn't suggest to you the correct word to use instead. Times have changed. These days, every bit of software has spellcheck built in. Word processors, Internet browsers, instant messaging software, and mobile and desktop operating systems. That said, you would think the amount of spelling errors made by people using computers and smartphones would decrease, right?

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5 Headlines Lazy Bloggers Use To Hide The Fact That They’re Wasting Your Time

I’m a recovering print journalist and generally love my new life as an online journalist, but I’ll admit the link-baiting headlines all of us are guilty of writing every now and again still make me squeamish. Wong is looking at how the mainstream media writes headlines for political stories where it is committing journalism: in other words, stories where the reporter and editor try to turn a dog-bites-man story into a man-bites-dog story. But the more I read, the more I realize a lot of his b.s. detection rules could apply to most any of us writing online, regardless of the topic. The headlines in question are almost always the product of lazy research, an effort to generate a story or a buzz where none (should) exist.

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