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10 of the Most Beautiful Natural Holes in the Earth

Nature never stops to amaze us with its magnificent phenomenon just like these inexplicable holes in the ground. These holes may be formed gradually or suddenly, and are found worldwide. This is a list of beautiful natural holes from around the World, which have become popular tourist destinations.

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13 Victims Of The Justice System

Murat Kurnaz is a German citizen who was detained at Guantanamo Bay from 2001 to 2006. In his memoir, Five Years of the My Life: An Innocent Man in Guantanamo, Kuranz describes how he was detained while traveling in Pakistan in 2001 and handed over to the Americans for a $3,000 bounty. He then goes on to describe how he was denied the right to a lawyer or any other legal protection. Instead he was punched, held underwater, or hung from the ceiling by his hands in order to extract intelligence or a confession from him. In 2004, Kurnaz was finally able to see a lawyer and in 2006 he was turned over to German authorities, who immediately set him free without a second thought. A spokesman for the Pentagon would neither confirm nor deny that Kurnaz had been an innocent detainee.

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Top 10 Most Famous Aliens of the World

There are many aliens who have become so popular that they have become a part of our daily lives and we love to watch them on TV almost everyday. Aliens are still a part of our imagination and writers have created dozens of unique aliens to create wonderful stories and movies. The concept of using aliens was popularized by cartoons and was later adapted by shows and movies when the proper technology was made available. We have seen probably hundreds of aliens in TV serials, movies books and other places and have come to love them! Many people will complain after going through this list that their favorite aliens from Star Trek and Star Wars have not been added. That is true to an extent because adding them would have easily taken the list to more than 100. Some of the aliens we see on TV have been made half alien and half human or cyborg so they donít qualify for this list.

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10 Fictional Restaurants Where Iíd Like to Eat

Iím a sucker for restaurants Ė diners, coffee houses, burger joints, fine-dining ones Ė you name it. Iíve got the worst craving habits too. Every time Iím watching a movie or a TV show and thereís a restaurant scene, I start craving whatever theyíre having. Unfortunately, I canít just pick up and go because most of the restaurants we see in movies and TV are fictional. Then there are other times when the place has nothing to do with the food, and yet you still want to be there. The characters just seem to be having the greatest time chatting and sipping their drinks. If only those restaurants could exist in the real world.

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The 10 Biggest Tech IPO Fails of All Time

Itís been over three weeks since Facebook launched its $16 billion IPO, and as youíve heard by now, itís belly flopping on the NASDAQ. Wall Street and Silicon Valley VCs are in an uproar over the company's 30-percent stock decline and $25 share value, with some shareholders already looking to recoup their loses by suing CEO Mark Zuckerberg for withholding info on the companyís true value during its public outing. Needless to say, shit's getting real. But even after a disastrous start on the stock market, it's premature to label Facebookís IPO one of the biggest bombs of all time, especially in comparison to some of historyís worst tech IPO blunders. From online retailers to adult entertainment kings, here's a list of the 10 Biggest Tech IPO Fails.

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10 Mind-Blowing Smart Technologies

Smart technologies are basically technologies that currently exist beyond the concept stage and could possibly change the world, or at least for some demographics. Here are some examples.

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The 15 Craziest Cannibal Attacks in History

Cannibalism is one of the strangest and most disgusting crimes a person can possibly commit. This is a list about the craziest real-life cannibal attacks that have ever happened, either in a single incident or over a series of years (and sometimes, decades). All the famous cannibals on this list killed people with intent to eat or at least cook their victims. I've excluded people like the tribes of the West Indies and Maori tribes and other cultures were cannibalism was just a part of life. The real cannibals on this list committed these crimes while living within the rules of Western society and all of the crimes on this list were horribly violent. These are the worst, most depraved and most well-known famous cannibals in human history.

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13 Curious Clauses in Baseball Contracts

Major League Baseballís hot stove season is underway, and as general managers and agents wear out their phones, the annual flurry of free agent signings and contract extensions is in full swing. These deals arenít just about the money, though; theyíre also about sweet, sweet perks and bonus clauses. Letís revisit the list of curious contract clauses we first compiled last year.

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10 Games That Never Get Included In Top 10 Lists

Despite garnering a large cult following and being hailed as a forward thinking masterpiece, 1992's Star Control 2 isn't exactly a name that is on the lips of the gaming populace. It has appeared in the odd greatest game list in years past, but not near enough considering how ahead of its time it is. The planet scanning and alien race relations are very close to Mass Effect's gameplay, yet Star Control 2 never gets the same level of recognition.

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10 Best SNL Movies

Offering a stage for rising talent with just the right combination of youth, skill, ambition and idiocy required to work the almost 20-hour a day job, Lorne Michaelsí sketch comedy juggernaut has been a launching pad for generations of film comedy stars for almost 40 years. Inevitably, at least one of them will crack that rarified Hollywood circle while still working on the show week after week. Making movies is practically a job requirement of SNLers, and often itís through that tight-knit community that those first movies get made. Now, the hit-to-miss ratio of movies made by SNL players is about the same as the sketches on the show, and unfortunately plenty of stinkers, like Itís Pat or Coneheads, exist to stain the concept of an SNL movie. However, enough genuinely funny movie classics have come out of the Studio 8-H halls that weíve decided to celebrate the finest SNL breakout movies with this list of the best ones.

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