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24 Survival Tips For Living Alone

Living solo can make a few nagging home and kitchen issues even more frustrating than when you have someone around to help. Here's how to make some of that stuff easier, though overall these are small prices to pay for never having to wear pants around the house. Make sure the wine overflows so the jar is completely filled and no air gets into the wine. It'll store in the fridge for a week. No judgements if you're the type who can down an entire bottle of wine by yourself.

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68 Unimportant Things About Partying In The Desert That You Don't Need To Know

Heading inland? Here are a 68 unimportant things you don't need to know. Not on the list: 1. Drink plenty of water. 2. Wear sun protection. 3. UFOs are real.

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6 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Pet

You might think that giving your four-legged friend all the leftovers that his heart desires will make him happier, but feeding him certain human foods can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, serious health issues — or even death.

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Top 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to celebrating your marriage, there is no better way than to head off on a romantic honeymoon. Where you choose to go will depend on whether you are an adventure lover, someone who is determined to relax, or someone who wants a little peace. Here are the top 10 honeymoon destinations to provide you with a little inspiration.

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23 Things New Kids Will Never Know About The Old Internet

I know, I’m dating myself yet again with this one, but there are enough of us out there that remember how much more difficult it was to navigate the interwebs back in the day, so I know they’ll appreciate this. We grew up into the era of the World Wide Web, and put up with a lot of inconveniences at the time just so that we could say we were “up to date” with technology, when really we had no idea what was going on. This list of 20 Things New Kids Will Never Know About The “Old” Internet is an ode to how good we thought we had it, and how terrible it actually was, in a strangely endearing way. Because complain as we might about the way things were, we will also look back fondly at those times. Also, feel free to comment with anything I may have missed and I’ll add to the list.

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8 Calorie-Burning Myths Debunked

When it comes to losing weight, we all do some pretty wacky things to burn a few extra calories, like “forgetting” to eat before the gym, scarfing down celery by the bunch and jogging half naked in the winter (OK, maybe not the last one.) The bad news? Most of these strategies are a waste of time and, worse, may even stall weight loss. To help uncover the truth about burning calories, we’ve turned to diet and fitness pros to discover which habits to skip—and what you should be doing instead.

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Top 10 Vampire Romances That Don’t Suck

While Stephanie Meyer’s 4 book series “Twilight” may have brought vampire romances out of their coffins in the eyes of the book-reading public, the paranormal genre has been going strong with these vampy romances for decades and, in at least one case, over a century! There are a few redeeming qualities in “Twilight” …fine maybe only two: it’s re-popularized reading for people across the globe, perhaps more so than that Harry guy- and it’s almost singlehandedly created Teen fiction sections in bookstores everywhere. However, taken in stride, the Twilight series has mainly given older adults a reason to look in the Teen fiction section, the writing isn’t very good, and it’s late to a ball that started way before teen angst tried strolling through a paranormal vampire’s world.

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9 Worst Cinematic Portrayals of College Life

Let’s start here: you were cooler than you think in college. Although movies often rest on the assumption that their viewers will suspend disbelief for a few hours and fall into their world, some films fare better at this than others. This is not to argue that movies should all be hyper-realistic — they’re pieces of art, and there’s real life for that. But there’s something to be said for the hyper-ridiculous setting. Enter: the universities portrayed in the movies. And because no one wants to be bored with a list of bad flicks, we’ve found instead the most ridiculous. While college life may be a time of wild partying, barely making it, and coming of age, these nine movies feature the most unrealistic (“the worst!”) cinematic portrayals of the subject. Sit back, relax, and thank your lucky stars that you didn’t get your degree in one of these nine worlds.

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