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Fit2Fat2Fit Author Drew Manning's Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid

A little more than a year ago, personal trainer Drew Manning stopped working out, and started eating fast food, white bread, sugary cereal and soda. Manning, a self-proclaimed fitness addict, started the weight-gain journey to better understand what his overweight clients go through. He let himself go completely, and chronicled the process in video blog on his website, Manning gained 21 pounds in the first month. As the weeks progressed, his confidence - and his health - took a downturn. He started to get winded easily, and his glucose level and blood pressure were high. "It's getting a little scary," he said in one of his video blogs. Manning's wife, Lynn, was prepared to see the physical changes in her husband, but didn’t expect the emotional and personality changes that came with the weight gain.

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15 Strange and Suspicious Celebrity Deaths

Carradine, best known for his role in the 70s TV series, Kung Fu, met a strange end in a Bangkok hotel room on June 3, 2009. Wearing fishnet stockings and a woman's wig, the 73-year-old actor was found hanging in a closet with a rope tied around his neck, wrists, and genitalia. While two of his ex-wives confirmed Carradine engaged in asphyxiation as a means of sexual arousal, a family lawyer suggested Carradine might have been murdered as the result of his "investigation of martial arts' secret societies."

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89 Unimportant Things You Don’t Really Need To Know About Bangkok

Here are 89 of those unimportant things you just pick up over time, but don't really need to know. Not on the list: Learn "Kha" and "Khrap". Don't assume you may touch a Thai person on the head. Speak only good of the King. Always return the wai.

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8 Examples of Good Gym Etiquette

The gym is a sacred place for many men. It is a place where we develop our muscles, get rid of our love handles and do a lot of other things with the general goal of trying to look good naked. Such a place requires rules and regs to provide us with the experience we’re looking for. Here are some guidelines for good etiquette at your local gym.

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4 Things You Need Before Buying a Home Defense Handgun

The rabbi likes to start aspiring handgun owners on their ballistic journey with a simple question: could you kill another human being? With all due respect, I think that’s a profoundly silly question. Unless you’re a Quaker—and maybe even then—the sight of another human being trying to kill you and/or your loved ones tends to remove moral doubt. Moving on, there are some important steps a home defense handgunner should take before they bring a firearm into play. (“Play” in this case meaning the exact opposite.) Here are four pre-gun steps that help reduce the odds of needing to use lethal force, and increase the odds of being able to do successfully.

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Earth's 10 Most Likely Hotspots to be Obliterated by an Asteroid

Observations from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)have led to the best assessment yet of our solar system's population of potentially hazardousasteroids. The results reveal new information about their total numbers, origins and the possibledangers they may pose. Potentially hazardous asteroids, or PHAs, are a subset of the larger group of near-Earth asteroids.The PHAs have the closest orbits to Earth's, coming within five million miles (about eightmillion kilometers), and they are big enough to survive passing through Earth's atmosphere andcause damage on a regional, or greater, scale. The new results come from the asteroid-hunting portion of the WISE mission, called NEOWISE.The project sampled 107 PHAs to make predictions about the entire population as a whole.Findings indicate there are roughly 4,700 PHAs, plus or minus 1,500, with diameters larger than330 feet (about 100 meters). So far, an estimated 20 to 30 percent of these objects have beenfound.

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The 50 Craziest Lies in Wikipedia History

Since its launch on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia has been the target of waves upon waves of criticism. At first most of it was warranted. The pages of the free online crowd-sourced encyclopedia contained a great number of factual errors, making it easy for established encyclopedia brands like Encyclopedia Britannica to throw shots. Teachers and professors forbade their students from using Wikipedia as a source in their work. The tide began to change, however, as Jimmy Wale's project grew, and the editing and contribution system he put in place, one which allowed anyone with some free time to lend a hand, became more refined. Independent studies began to show that Wikipedia's information was virtually as reliable as for-pay encyclopedias, giving credence to Wale's dream to provide all of the world's information for free to whoever wants it.

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10 Uncanny Sets of Birth Twins

Blame astrology, numerology or just coincidence—some people who share a birthdate have more in common than the day they were born. Two of the outstanding figures of the 19th century were both raised as Christians, though Darwin died an atheist and Lincoln was, by some accounts, a non-believer. Both had unimpressive school records, but taught themselves to rise to the peaks of their professions. Both embraced change and detested slavery. Darwin’s most important work, On the Origin of Species, was published in 1859 – one year before Lincoln was elected president. With these events, both would challenge the status quo – changing the world, and winning enemies for their efforts. (Darwin would be denounced; Lincoln would be assassinated.) Witness the following 10 sets of birth twins.

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6 Miracle Babies Who Beat The Odds

Heart attacks at 3-weeks-old. Dramatically infertile parents. Extreme pre-natal trauma. Some babies have a harder time than others making it into this world. They say every baby is a miracle. Some, however, face unusually long odds, from difficult pregnancies to harrowing births. Others had to defy the basic rules of science and medicine to be conceived at all. Here, six recent miracle babies whose stories made headlines.

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