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15 Food Myths and Conspiracy Theories

America's favorite pastime may officially be baseball, but unofficially it's eating. From hot dogs to apple pie, we love our food. But what do we know the truth behind what we eat? Here are some suspicious food industry activities that are going on right under our noses. The People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals have inspired numerous controversies on their long-winded path to stop animal cruelty and carnivorous eating. If a PETA ad from 2012 is to be believed, becoming a vegan will give you wilder, somewhat rougher sex — if an ad that caused a great deal of controversy in February 2012 is to be believed. PETA associate campaign director Lindsay Rajt defended the ad in an interview with Yahoo!, saying that it takes "a playful approach to warning people about one side effect of the cholesterol and fat in animal products, and heart disease, is impotence."

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The 20 Greatest CGI Movie Moments

3D visual effects in the movies have come on leaps and bounds since their introduction in the 1980s. The art of creating realistic looking environments, monsters, creatures and buildings continues to impress, with many movies now relying on the creative talent at special effects companies like ILM, Weta and more to enhance movies with stunning CGI. Here, we celebrate the work of the digital painters, sculptors, concept artists, and others working in the effects industry, as we pick our favourite CGI movie moments in live action movies. Did your favorite make it to the top?

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Now Open: 8 New Thrill Rides at America’s Theme Parks

Whether it’s for a day trip, a getaway weekend, or a full-blown vacation, there’s a theme park near you, and many of them have new rides to deliver the biggest thrills yet -if you’re into that sort of thing. When I was a child, I was envious of those who could visit Six Flags Over Texas. So when Six Flags Over Georgia opened, my family drove ten hours to see it (the interstate has been completed since then). Now you can’t swing a cat without hitting a Six Flags park, so there should be one near you. Springfield, Massachusetts is the home of Six Flags New England. Their new roller coaster called Goliath lives up to its name, as the structure soars to twenty stories tall and has a 102-foot-tall vertical loop. Riders are suspended underneath the track, which adds more thrill. Goliath is the “tallest inverted boomerang coaster in the world,” and joins ten other roller coasters at the park.

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5 Survival Stories Almost As Metal As 127 Hours

There are two things you need to know before you go see the new movie 127 Hours. One, James Franco cuts off his own arm with a dull blade … on purpose. And two, it’s based on a true story. Back in 2003, Aron Ralston was hiking through Utah’s Blue John Canyon when a dislodged boulder fell on his right forearm, crushing and pinning it against a canyon wall. For five days, he tried to move the boulder with no success. So in a last-ditch attempt to avoid death, he took out his cheap multi-use tool and started cutting. The mere thought of that causes our testicles to retract back into our bodies — we would no doubt welcome the sweet release of death in a survival situation like that — but nevertheless, we love real-life tales of survival.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Burgers

Nothing is more fulfilling in the summertime than a juicy burger. In honor of National Hamburger month, we've rounded up some of the priciest burgers in the country. While you might be used to spending no more than $10 on a patty, these restaurants take this favorite American food to a whole new level.

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10 Terrorism Storylines We Never Want to See Again

The death of Osama bin Laden doesn't mean the end of terrorism. But it will mean less lazy storytelling about terrorism, for a while at least. Science fiction has always trotted out cliches about terrorists, but especially in the past decade it's been a go-to plot device for media SF. While some people have offered thought-provoking, clever takes on the idea (Battlestar Galactica), all too often it's been trotted out as a cheap way to seem topical and "gritty."

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The Top 10 Botched Escapes from Gilligan’s Island

I am the world’s biggest Gilligan’s Island fan, and this was a tough list to narrow down. But, trooper that I am, I am hereby presenting my choices for the top ten botched escapes from Gilligan’s Island. If the below plots seem stupid, ridiculous, and absurd to you, you’re right! Welcome to the world of Gilligan’s Island. For some reason, the ridiculous adventures of a goofy sailor, his skipper, a millionaire couple, a farm girl, a hot movie actress, and a professor on an uncharted island captured the hearts of countless millions of fans the world over. Not quite as subtle as Benny Hill, and not as scholarly as the Three Stooges, Gilligan’s Island nevertheless, in my own humble opinion, contains all the elements for a fine show: great slapstick comedy, funny verbal comedy, incredibly gorgeous women, friendship, and excellent comedy acting performances by all seven cast members.

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10 Lesser-Known Items Aboard the Titanic

It seems incredible but we are now only 6 months from the 100-year anniversary of one of the most historic events of the last two centuries. When the ocean liner, Titanic, sank on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in April 1912, it took to the bottom not just people, but also cargo. Many know about some of the more famous items that were on board. A few were depicted in the 1997 film “Titanic” including the Renault automobile being shipped to the States by its owner, William Carter (he claimed an insurance loss of $5,000 for the car), and expensive paintings that Rose Dawson was carrying with her. Though in the movie the paintings were by French Impressionists, the real painting lost when the ship sank was an oil painting by Blondel, “La Circasienne Au Bain” (insurance claim amount of $100,000).

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10 Cool Discoveries You Should Know About

What do politicians actually know about scientific issues they want to be able to influence? Good question, and one that makes us think about the importance of the sciences in our lives. Science represents hope. It’s scientists -- not lawyers or talking heads -- who are providing preventive healthcare research, advances in communication and will work in the jobs that not only make people excited about the future but make them feel like there is a future. This week we touch on all those things as well as a couple of finds that are just beautiful or bizarre, that advance only our sense of wonder and “WTF?” because those are important, too. What influences action if not imagination…and appreciation?

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