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Memorial Day Cookout: 10 Tips to Amp Up Your Grilling Game

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the summer grilling season and there's no better time to be the king (or queen) of fire and charcoal. Clint Cantwell is the captain of Smoke In Da Eye, the award-winning competitive grilling team from in Garden, City, N. Y., and has competed in cooking contests throughout the Northeast. He also serves as the guest editor for the recently launched outdoor cooking site As one of the fiercest grill masters in the country, Cantwell offers his 10 tips for taking your outdoor cookout to a whole new level.

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6 Movie Love Scenes That Scarred Me For Life

Any normal adult understands that sex does not always go as smoothly in real life as it is often portrayed on screen. There are various factors that can make sex less than amazing,and these factors can show up at any time. From being caught in the act by an outside party, to one of the peoples bodies making an odd and unexpected sound, it can really be a gamble, and you are never quite sure how it will go. And though sex is usually portrayed as hot and steamy on film, there are some directors and writers who have no fear in showing the less appealing sides to sex, even if we don’t want to see it. The following scenes are six examples of sex that could potentially ruin the act itself for the viewer.

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8 Dumbest Quotes from Supermodels Complaining About Their Lives

Models are beautiful people who are paid to wear clothes, and in some instances, not wear clothes. That's pretty much the whole gig. Now believe me, I'm not going to get MAD at a fashion model for taking advantage of that opportunity, it beats digging ditches, or writing photo galleries on the Internet. But you know what does irritate me? When models complain about their jobs. Let's be honest, models. You get paid to lie around in your underwear, which is exactly what people who don't have a job do for nothing. Think about that for a moment. Your job, for which you are well paid, is to emulate exactly what people who have no job do. So do us all a solid, and don't bitch about it, OK? Here are some of the worst offenders.

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The 6 Most Amazing Jellyfish in the Sea

Jellyfish, or jellies to give them their scientific name, have enchanted humanity since we first laid eyes on them. Unsubstantial and wispy, they float around our oceans almost without thought or effort, their tendrils carelessly drifting behind them as they go. Jellies have existed in one form or another for about 700 million years (25% of the Earths existence), in that time they have evolved some rather amazing attributes.

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15 of the Most Memorable Final Lines in Film

The bustle of Cannes always makes the summer cinema season feel extra thrilling. We’re anxious to see where the movies take us for the remainder of the year, and we have a few guesses as to what films will leave us with the most memorable images and will feature the best writing. After exploring films that wowed us with their opening dialogue, it naturally got us thinking about the movies throughout history with parting words we won’t soon forget. Sometimes they refer to the punch line in a joke, a character’s dying words, or poetic thoughts about the future. It’s the filmmaker’s final chance to make a lasting impression that will get people talking. With that, here are some of cinema’s most memorable parting words. Leave us something to remember you and your favorite lines by in the comments section. Beware of a few spoilers ahead.

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10 Scary Things that Might be in Your Meat

College marks a new and exciting time in a person’s life. As a new student entering the world of higher education, you will learn to expand your mind in classes and subjects you have never before studied. While college marks a new chapter for one’s educational and professional life, it can also prompt changes in one’s personal life. You will likely be living on your own for the first time and preparing your own food each day. While cooking may be the least of your worries as you toil through the challenges of your freshman year, it is important to educate yourself on some of the dangers cooking your own food can pose if done incorrectly. As you explore the exciting world of culinary arts, be sure to handle and cook meat properly, so as to better avoid any food borne illnesses. The following list highlights 10 scary and potentially harmful things that can be found in the meat we eat every day.

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5 Embarrassing Celebrity Career Crossovers

Most celebrities consider themselves artists, even though the vast majority of them are about as far from doing anything artistic as a monkey throwing feces at the zoo. Their heads get inflated by all of their hangers-on telling them how great they are, and how talented they are, and the fact that they garner millions at the box office or in the sports arena and appear on magazine covers only helps foster the ludicrous idea that they truly are multi-faceted talents. Sure, there are obviously some folks with the ability to shine in multiple mediums, like Mos Def and Kris Kristofferson. But for every Justin Timberlake or Kristen Chenowith, there’s at least five of, well, these people.

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7 Great Ways We Could Save Forests

Many people think that just another timber down doesn’t mean anything to the world. But they’re so wrong! Deforestation is very serious problem that requires solution. Since most of the governments all around the world do not do too much about this issue, here are seven ways how you can contribute toward saving the forests.

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Top 10 Best Unknown Film Festivals

Events such as the Sundance Film Festival, the Toronto Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival cast huge shadows over the movie industry. In the case of Sundance, this has led to numerous complaints about the festival more or less betraying its roots as an opportunity to experience independent, or “indie”, movies. But numerous opportunities still exist for the person who appreciates seeing something different on the big screen.

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10 Marvel Supervillians Who Became Superheroes

There's a place of moral ambiguity. It's a medium where heroes can become villains, and where villains can become heroes. A type of storytelling where characters can switch allegiances and morality at the drop of a hat. I'm speaking, of course, about professional wrestling, but the same is true in the world of comics. Comics characters sure do love to change sides. While this happens rarely (and usually temporarily) in the DC universe, in the Marvel U. comic characters go from bad guys to good guys or vice versa all the time. Heck, some characters seem to switch sides every month (looking at you, Magneto).

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