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7 Landmarks Perfect for Surviving a Zombie Attack

When the zombie apocalypse comes (and it is coming), you can rejoice in the fact that the shotgun, samurai sword and survival supplies you stashed under your bed will finally be of use. After the frantic fun of the initial onslaught, where you alleviate your frustrations with some mindless mayhem, it’s time to get practical and figure out where you can weather the undead storm.

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22 Television Myths and Conspiracy Theories

More and more, people are desperate to do anything for their "15 minutes of fame." Nowadays, even some news agencies are using people's penchant for spectacle to make big bucks. But with pranksters on one side and political regimes, the New World Order, and other powerful organizations on the other, the whole industry is fraught with peril. Here are some of the most notorious conspiracy theories about the teevee.

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15 Baby Animals That Are Definitely Not Cute

It’s springtime! The “Bambi” theme plays as baby animals everywhere learn how to walk on their tiny adorable legs. Wait. Aren’t most baby animals blind, hairless monsters? Yes. Yes they are. This one is unnerving because of its vaguely human-like eyes. Like a human fetus mixed with some dog genes.

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10 Amazing Facts About the Transit of Venus

A transit in astronomical terms is when one heavenly body passes in front of another such that, as viewed from Earth, we can see one move across the other in the background. The moon transiting in front of the sun during a solar eclipse, for example. Much more rare than a solar eclipse is the planet Venus transiting the Sun. The last time this took place was in 2004. But you are in luck! The next transit of Venus will occur this year! On June 5 to June 6, 2012 those positioned in the right spot on Earth, and with clear skies, will get to see this very rare event. The best spot to see the transit will be in the Pacific Ocean. The island of Tahiti is ideal for those who wish to travel to see it happen and the island is making preparations for many “astronomy tourists” to go there to view the transit. Portions of the transit will be viewable from Europe and North America. Most of South America and western Africa will not be able to see the transit. What an observer will see is a small black dot (Venus) passing in front of the sun. Depending on where you are on Earth to view the transit, you may see the dot move slowly across the Sun for several hours.

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5 Awful Actors Who Had One Great Performance

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while now, but when an actor is terrible, they’re usually pretty terrible, and it can be hard to find a singularly good part they’ve played. Similarly, it’s hard to say that mediocre actor (*cough* Nic Cage) only has ONE good performance out there (he’s at least got a couple). But I finally decided on these five as bad actors who had one really good part. Feel free to disagree, but more importantly, add your own. And if anyone says Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love, you yourself will be getting a punch. The man was brilliant in Happy Gilmore.

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5 Proposals To Solve $1 Trillion College Loan Crisis

A college degree is supposed to pave the way to a better life. It didn't work out that way for Judith Tuck. Tuck graduated from the University of Arizona in 1996 with a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling and $44,000 in student loans. She had every intention of keeping up with her loan payments, but after a series of low-wage jobs in her field, her debt began to snowball. Tuck, a 73-year-old widow, now owes more than $136,000. Her wages have been garnished and she faces losing everything, including her home. "The only good thing about student loans is that the day I die my children will not have to pay for them," she says. Outstanding student loans topped $1 trillion last year, exceeding the total amount of credit card debt. Thousands of borrowers are postponing getting married, buying a home or having children until their debts are paid off. Defaults are rising, which typically leads to larger loan balances. And the problem isn't limited to young adults. Some borrowers are older adults who went back to school. Others are parents who co-signed loans for their children.

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10 Toys Popular in 1970 and Still Popular Today

Every year toy manufacturers come up with something new that they hope will become the latest “must have” toy for kids. You know; the ones that every kid has to have under the Christmas tree. Most of these toys are simply fads that children quickly grow tired of and toss aside. There are very few that have stood the test of time and are still popular decades later. What toys from your childhood are still entertaining kids? Here are ten toys that were popular in 1970 and are still popular today.

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10 Facts About Men That Seem to Escape Most Women

The communication barrier between male and female of the human species is an age-old dilemma. We understand that we’re wired differently, yet we’ve never quite managed to find a common language. No one is ever going to accuse men of being complex creatures, mind you, but still women fail to comprehend some fundamental truths about them. The following are ten facts about men that women just haven’t figured out.

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Top 10 2012 Luxuries For Your Five Senses

If you think the world’s going to end in 2012, you might as well enjoy yourself for the next few months in case any of the doomsday prophecies come true. And what better way to enjoy yourself than by catering to your senses? After all, our senses have an enormous impact on the way we get through life. When we do things to please our senses, life just seems to improve. So whether you believe the Mayan prophecies or just want to make 2012 the best year ever, give back to yourself by indulging in some luxury items for all five of your senses.

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