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10 Biggest Lies Drug Companies Tell You

Big Pharma means big business. When prescription drug companies offer you the latest pill or powder, keep your hand on your wallet. For these companies, the bottom line isn't your health, it's their profit. In 2006, the combined profit margin of the top twenty pharmaceutical companies was $110 billion. Together, Big Pharma earns more per year than Morocco and 120 other countries. With that much money and power in the hands of a small number of people, you are right to assume that something is going on behind closed doors. The pharmaceutical industry is notoriously secretive and routinely denies allegations of wrongdoing. Therefore, at this point, these conspiracy theories are just that Ė theories.

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10 Amazing Underground Homes

With the population growing more and more each year, it was only a matter of time before people started building their homes underground like Hobbits from the Tolkien tale. Mankind started off living in caves, and now we realize that "earth homes" are actually a very eco-friendly way to live. These ten underground homes are so amazing they might make you want to set up camp underground too!

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Top 10 Facts About Elephants

Elephants are a huge part of popular culture and show up as metaphors across all media. They form a part of religious beliefs and are often associated with wisdom or altruism. However, many people who live outside the normal range of elephants are unfamiliar with the many interesting facts about them. This list gives an overview of ten interesting areas about elephants.

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The 14 Best Chicken Recipes

Inexpensive, versatile and easy to prepare, who doesn't love chicken? Whether you like it roasted or fried, on your pizza or grilled, these dishes are guaranteed to help you out of a recipe rut. Here are some of our favorite chicken recipes that are guaranteed to take your dinners from boring to exciting.

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10 Green Jobs For The Future

In order to develop sustainable society the green jobs are a must. Thatís why itís good that there are more and more companies which become responsible and create new green job positions. That influences the labor market, creating great demand for them. Hereís a list of ten of these green jobs for the future.

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7 Videogame Worlds You Seriously Donít Want To Live In

Videogames are at their best when they transport us to another world. Whether it be the chance to save an alien planet or to live in a parallel universe where we have something resembling athletic ability, videogames let us see what it would be like to live in other places and times. Unfortunately, sometimes those lives are really, really terrible. Here are the 7 videogames worlds you seriously donít want to live in.

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10 Annoying Things That Will Ruin A Perfect Vacation

We all dream about taking a break, going on vacation during stressful moments at work. But a good vacation can sometimes go bad if you're not careful. Here are 10 things to avoid if you can in order to decompress and attain ultimate vacation bliss while you're away.

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5 Mental Disorders That Can Totally Get You Laid

We don't want to make light of mental disorders or its sufferers, but you have to admit sometimes a person can be just mentally ill enough to be cool. After all, chicks totally dig troubled guys. Now, when we say "troubled," we're not talking about that one naked dude on the subway who constantly masturbates and can only talk in machine code. No, we mean the complex and difficult soul, present in 70 percent of Oscar-winning movies, who spends two hours battling against his inner demons while being submerged up to neck level in pussy. You can be that guy, if only you're lucky enough to contract an inconvenient and traumatic brain condition.

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Top 10 Evil Actions By Usually Nice Countries

Some countries like Germany, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran just have a bad reputation. There are, of course, others I wonít get into (Iím looking at you North Korea). But other countries like Holland, Canada and most of Scandinavia are looked at as the good side of our small, orbiting pile of rock. Yet these nations arenít all squeaky-clean and polite. No, some have some deep, dark, totally evil things theyíve done or are doing right now.

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