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22 Trees Growing Around Objects

When a tree is growing, and it encounters something that gets in the way of it's growth, it can do three things: stop growing, grow away from it, or grow around it. Is it possible there are items entirely consumed by trees that we don't know about? I would say it is not only possible, but likely. Here are 22 examples of trees simply absorbing obstacles.

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10 Sensational Skydiving Feats

According to the U.S. Parachute Association, Americans make over 2.6 million jumps annually. But some thrill seekers fall much harder for the extreme sport than others, and keep on keepin' on—throwing themselves off high bases and out of airplanes until they break a national record or, at the very least, make their own personal contribution to the sport. Below, check out photos that best relay the elevated height of excitement for this extreme pastime.

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15 Awesome Things to Have in Your High Tech Home

If you are a techie, you like having all the coolest gadgets you can get your hands on in your home. I have included hings that make your life at home easier like the WashDryIron, and things that make your home a little more fun like the Pong clock. If you are looking for a little added security, check out the rotating Airsoft gun turret with an attached camera. Here are 15 awesome things to have in a high tech home.

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11 Hollywood Stars Who Got Their Start In Skin

Most Hollywood celebrities are very careful with their public image, and wouldn’t step near a pornography set; they have enough problems to deal with as it is. Whether it’s a nasty rant on-set, a leaked photo from an affair in Cancun, or a disastrous trip to Arby’s, having one’s carefully constructed image sullied in the public eye can be disastrous. It’s no surprise they’ve tried to hide it, but the truth is some very well known celebrities got their start in porn. Our own original series, “Blue Movies” doesn’t mind as much, and draws inspiration from those celebrities who have gone “Blue.” In that vein, here are 14 celebs, be they action heroes or Oscar winners, that got their start in show business by getting busy.

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10 More Of The Worst Nut Shots In Sports

The sporting world is a dangerous place. Athletes are always at risk for a gruesome injury when they compete. However, sometimes the injuries are hilarious. For instance, sports have supplied us with tons of "nut shots" that we, and the announcers covering them, can crack up at. And we want to see it. So as an addendum to my 10 Worst Nut Shots In Sports, here are 10 MORE Of The Worst Nut Shots In Sports.

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55 Academy Award Achievements

With the Oscars right around the corner I thought it would be fun to put together an Academy Award list. Because there are so many Oscar lists out there I wanted to do a unique list in a hopefully fun and entertaining format. This bottom to top list (10 to 1 with a bonus of 0) will have the number representing the number of achievements and lists those achievements accordingly. So I guess you could say it’s a list within a list. All accomplishments on this list are prior to the results of the 82nd Academy Awards scheduled for March 7, 2010.

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10 Rare Strange Sexual Disorders

Less often publicized, however, are the more unusual disorders that can interfere with a sex life just as quickly, and sometimes more profoundly. Here we tell 10 rare disorders related to sex and gender. We are not going to tell here the sex-linked diseases here, since they refer to sex chromosomes dysfunction which may or may not affect what laymen refer to as “sex”. Sexual problems that can render sexual life impossible, prevent intercourse altogether or even require emergency medical attention, lest permanent genital damage occur. Read on to learn about it.

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7 Actors Typecast in Bizarrely Specific Roles

Typecasting is nothing new in Hollywood; it's not very surprising, seeing as some actors just look and act like the cliched roles they attract. This phenomenon explains why Meg Ryan has never taken a role as a transvestite vampire, and Meatloaf has never been the object of affection in a romantic comedy. But amazingly, some people seem to perform uncannily similar roles over and over, like Groundhog Day, but with less appealing actors. Causality loop, strange coincidence or extreme lack of range? You make the call.

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55 Extremely Useful Online Generators for Designers

As I searched for a complete resource of online generators, I did not find any. I found multiple different categories of online generator lists such as favicon generators, css generators, badge generators, color generators, and so on. So I decided to create this ultimate list of online generators. Each of these generators are hand picked by myself and categorized so it is easy to browse. I believe each of these are extremely useful and time efficient. I use quite alot of these myself. So check out these posts, and I guarantee that after viewing all of these you will be bookmarking this post.

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Top 15 Newspaper Sites of 2008

The data is in, and we’re ready to declare the top 15 newspaper websites of 2008! It was a hard-fought battle in a year that saw visitors to all newspaper sites rise by 12.1 percent from the year prior. We’ve ranked the top 15 by average monthly unique visitors, according to Nielsen Online, which is the source of all our data (via Editor & Publisher’s monthly reports). Analysis, charts, and fancy interactive graphics will follow later today and tomorrow, but first, let’s see the list.

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10 Technology Messes That Need Fixing

Enough with bickering cell phone technologies, messaging systems that won't talk, incompatible file formats, and TV remotes that spread like kudzu across your coffee table. We've been dealing with some of these problems for more than a decade, and it's time for things to improve. Here are ten technologies that cry out for standardization--tomorrow if possible, though yesterday would be even better.

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