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The 10 Worst Moms on TV

n a now-annual tradition, we're celebrating Mother's Day by calling out the very worst moms on TV this season. This year, we're particularly grateful that none of these women raised us. The truly scary thing is that only one is a repeat from last year, and that's with leaving reality TV mothers off the list, which means some truly twisted matriarchs are on the airwaves now.

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Worst Moms Of 2012

Mother's Day is approaching, and if you're too much of a deadbeat to send your mom some flowers or pick up the phone to say "I love you," maybe you should peruse this gallery for a little inspiration on how great your mom actually is. Thanks for everything, mom. And by everything, I mean thanks for not being these moms.

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Modern Castles: 7 Cool Converted Watertower Houses

Water towers have been a common sight in cities, towns and villages all across the world since at least the Industrial Revolution. As certain towers fall out of use for one reason or another, they are often left standing thanks to their historical significance. But why leave these fascinating structures empty and languishing? These majestic homes were all once functional water towers but have since been converted into the type of home most of us can only dream about.

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The 14 Best Places To Hide Cash

It used to be a habit we associated with our grandparents, but after the banking crisis of 2008 and 2009, even young consumers started keeping at least some of their cash within reach. Companies that manufacture and sell home safes reported significant sales spikes during the recession, a trend that wasn’t unusual: during tough, uncertain times, people prefer to keep their money where they can see it. Not everyone wants to spend a couple hundred dollars or more on a home safe, though. And stashing your cash in the mattress sounds a little bit trite: isn’t that where a thief would first look? With that in mind, we set out to find some creative places to hide your cash, in addition to the old mattress standby.

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10 Cities Where You Can Get An Amazing Deal On A Foreclosed Home

As many as 1.25 million foreclosed homes are expected to enter the market in 2012 as the foreclosure probes end. This tidal wave of foreclosures would give opportunists the chance to get great deals on foreclosed homes. RealtyTrac is out with its report on the 10 best places to buy foreclosures in 2012. To draw up the list RealtyTrac considered the 100 largest metro areas with at least 200 foreclosure sale transactions in January 2012.

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15 Comic Book TV Shows That Didn't Make it to the Small Screen

Syfy just announced their upcoming television development slate, including a new Booster Gold series. Hopefully, Booster Gold will make it past his pilot, but not all comic-to-TV adaptations do. In fact, for every Smallville, there seems to be a Bruce Wayne that lies in the development afterlife, never to appear in syndication. In some cases, TV audiences dodged a speeding bullet, but a few of those series looked pretty promising. Here are 15 comic book-based series that didn't get past their pilot, and a few that didn't even make it that far.

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12 Most Unusual Bridges of the World

Some of this bridges make drivers and passengers to gape in amazement and break out the digital camera. These are the best of the best, bridges that break the mold and blaze new trails in structural achievement.

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Top 10 Movie Fight Scenes

Filmmakers have been separating audiences from their ticket money with dustups since the silent era. Even now in an age of $250 million blockbusters, nothing quite compares with watching a handful of stuntmen kick the crap out of each other. The new fight flick The Raid: Redemption hit theaters Friday. The unrelenting action movie is packed with so many pulse-pounding fistfights and shootouts that it’s destined for cult-classic status. In celebration of the blood-soaked release, we thought we’d provide you fine readers with a selection of the 10 greatest fight scenes in movie history.

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8 Natural Allergy Remedies

There is no reason to spend a fortune trying to fight your allergies because natural allergy remedies do exist, and sometimes they can be even more effective than expensive prescription medications. They are safe, non-toxic and inexpensive, and their effects will help you to breathe easier and recover faster from debilitating allergy symptoms.

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20 Of The Most Intriguing Sci-fi TV Opening Credits Ever Broadcast

The opening credit sequence is a very particular form of filmmaking: It's got to convey the spirit of the TV show that's gonna follow—while being all-purpose enough to work for any kind of episode—and it's got to be instantly memorable. The best of them elevate the opening titles to their own form of art, and here are 20 of the best. Some of these are classics, oldies that feel from a time gone by but still remain part of our pop-cultural DNA. Others earn their stripes thanks to a piece of music that endures, that immediately conjures a sense of the mysterious or the adventurous. Others still have imagery so startling they work into the cortex like a virus.

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