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12 Awesome Celebrities Playing Themselves In Movies

If Jesus or Tupac ever finally return like we’ve all been saying they will, they should probably do it in a Judd Apatow film or something like that. We love cameos, don’t we? It’s especially delightful when it’s extremely unexpected, and of course extra points if they are playing themselves – or better yet some kind of silly version of themselves. It’s all about recognizing the kind of person you are perceived to be, and then playing off that in a way that makes the audience realize that you are in on the joke. If a celebrity is able to do that, it’s instant coolness.

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20 Jesus Conspiracy Theories

Mary Magdalene and Jesus may have had a relationship that was Biblical in every sense of the word. Some scholars look to the apocryphal Gospel of Philip for evidence that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married. The Gospel says that Mary was Jesus' koinonos, a Greek word that means companion or wife. In the Gospel of Mary, Peter says, "Sister, we know the savior loved you more than any other woman." However, as detractors note, the Gospels of Mary and Philip are not officially part of the Bible.

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5 Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk

Captain James T. Kirk is one of the most famous Captains in the history of Starfleet. There’s a good reason for that. He saved the planet Earth several times, stopped the Doomsday Machine, helped negotiate peace with the Klingon Empire, kept the balance of power between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, and even managed to fight Nazis. On his five-year mission commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise, as well as subsequent commands, James T. Kirk was a quintessential leader, who led his crew into the unknown and continued to succeed time and time again. Kirk’s success was no fluke, either. His style of command demonstrates a keen understanding of leadership and how to maintain a team that succeeds time and time again, regardless of the dangers faced. Here are five of the key leadership lessons that you can take away from Captain Kirk as you pilot your own organization into unknown futures.

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Top 10 Lamest Avengers Of All Time

Assuming you haven’t turned on the TV since February or been to the theater in the last couple of years, you might not be aware of it, but there’s an Avengers movie coming out. With Joss Whedon directing and a slew of successful solo superhero films preceding it, expectations are high, and nerds like myself are already falling over themselves, picking apart trailers and speculating on which heroes might make cameos. But running time is scarce and, for a team that’s been around since 1963 and frequently switches members, you can bet there are a lot of characters that won’t make the cut. That may be for the best, because the Avengers have certainly seen their share of unimpressive members over the years.

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30 Best Will They/Won't They? TV Couples

He's a crime novelist, she's the NYPD homicide detective he tailed for inspiration. We've known they were meant for each other since season 1, but it wasn't until the season 3 finale, when Beckett took a bullet, that Castle admitted his feelings. Of course, she pretended she hadn't heard him say ''I love you,'' and when he found out she had, he pulled away again. But in the season 4 finale, he'll repeat the words trying to explain why he's desperate for her to let her mother's murder go — she could be killed if she doesn't.

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10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won't Tell You

Class of 2012, I became sick of commencement speeches at about your age. My first job out of college was writing speeches for the governor of Maine. Every spring, I would offer extraordinary tidbits of wisdom to 22-year-olds—which was quite a feat given that I was 23 at the time. In the decades since, I've spent most of my career teaching economics and public policy. In particular, I've studied happiness and well-being, about which we now know a great deal. And I've found that the saccharine and over-optimistic words of the typical commencement address hold few of the lessons young people really need to hear about what lies ahead. Here, then, is what I wish someone had told the Class of 1988.

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12 Steps To Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

So you have a significant other, and you find out one of you has to move — for a job, grad school, what have you. Whatever the case, you now must decide whether or not to stay together in the face of an unexpected physical distance coming between you. Well, as one-half of a long distance relationships that's survived two years of us living hundreds of miles apart, I am here to be your cheerleader. Yes, you can! You can live in separate cities and be in love and it can work! It's a scary prospect, but if you really love each other, trust each other and are willing to put some work into this, totally worth trying. Here's a handy starter's guide to long-distance loving.

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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Cockroaches

Cockroaches. Just the word makes you cringe, doesn't it? Well, perhaps if I share some recently discovered social traits of cockroaches, you might, well, understand them better.... Though I'm not saying you will necessarily welcome them into your home. Some interesting findings from research published by French and U.S. biologists in the journal Insect Sociaux (Social Insects).

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11 Other Uses for Toothpaste

Besides keeping your teeth sparkly, toothpaste offers a wide range of cleaning, cosmetic—even healing abilities around the house. Just be sure to use the white pasty stuff, not gel. And for any of these tips that call for an actual toothbrush, just consider that tool off-limits for the mouth from here on out.

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10 Famous Athletes With Surprising Side Talents

Athletes aren't a whole lot different from regular hardworking folks — well, aside from the millions upon millions of dollars they earn and the accompanying fast-paced, glitzy lifestyles. Not all of them are one-dimensional people who spent their entire lives focused on the one goal of excelling in their respective sports. When they aren't working, some are cultivating and/or maintaining hobbies that require unique — sometimes weird — talents. Here are 10 from the past and present with whom you may be familiar.

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