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10 Stories of Lifesaving Dogs

Dogs are wonderful. They are goofy and fun and smart and dedicated. Most of the time, they are just fun to be around, but when the situation calls for it, some dogs go above and beyond the call of duty. Out of many, many heroic dog tales, here are ten dogs who recently saved someone’s life. Osmar Persisco of Garibaldi, Brazil, took his dog Max out for exercise in a field and was approached by two robbers who demanded his car keys. When Persisco declined, they shot him, grazing the man’s head. That’s when Max went into action, jumping up to attack the two men. One ran away immediately, the other shot Max twice in the chest and once in the leg before fleeing himself. Persisco rushed his protector to the vet, where Max was successfully treated for his injuries.

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10 Dumb Smutty Movie Clichés That Need To Change

Humans have been drooling over pictures of nekkid people doing it for millennium. Even the ancient Egyptians created naughty hieroglyphics featuring skinny people with bird-heads doing it Sphinx-style. Once the movies were invented, dirty pictures suddenly started moving and whole new world dawned. Fast forward to right now: dirty movies have become lame, boring and uninspired. Modern pornography is nothing but a parade of boring clichés. A perfunctory online examination of the "cinema of the erotic" confirms this truth. Smut is a proud artistic tradition and one of the pillars of human civilization. If we allow it to wallow in tired conventions and banal formulas, then we do a disservice to the generations of pioneering perverts that came before us. Here are ten smutty movie clichés — from unsexy fantasies to outdated fashion choices — that need to change in order to save the actual reason the Internet was invented.

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8 Wonderful Water Skeletons

Welcome to the world of Water Skeletons – an incredible twine of profoundly unique shapes, colours, sizes and extortionate forms of movement. Purely consisting of internal fluids, it’s hard to believe that these can perform functions whilst moving so professionally. But how do they work? How do they move? Why don’t they just fall apart? Let’s take a look at this remarkable collection of exotic skeletal adaptations – where you will discover some very exceptional aquatic species.

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Top 10 Bizarre Foods They Most Likely Serve in Hell

The world is a big ol’ place, populated by billions of people and thousands of cultures. It’s not anyone’s place to judge them, no matter how strange or disgusting some of them might seem to you. Yes, some Asian cultures eat dogs and cats. Get over it. Yes, in certain parts of Africa people regularly eat snake meat. Stop judging them! That being said... I’m almost certain that if I go to Hell (and I probably will), what will await me there are these 10 torture-dishes from around the world (along with, you know, actual torture).

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5 Famous Movie Songs That Were Last-Minute Replacements

When an awesome famous movie song matches up with the perfect film scene, the results can be seen as popular art at its finest. Which is why it can be shocking to realize that a lot of these amazing song-film synergies are due to dumb luck. With that in mind, we found 5 famous movie songs that weren’t originally intended to be in the film.

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10 Facts about Satellite Internet and Fair Access Policies

Every internet service provider is required to have a fair access policy. The details of these policies also need to be made available to their customers and to anyone considering their service. Essentially, their fair access policies must be made public. The following will provide some information about these policies and why they are so important when dealing with a satellite internet provider.

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10 Drinks Named After Famous People

You haven't truly made it until you've had a drink named after you. Along with Sailor Jerry, take a look at some other icons who can truly say they are living the dream.

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20 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes

We love to be taken away from our boring and completely normal lives by watching science fiction movies. Luckily movie bloopers are always there to bring us back down from fiction-landia and remind us that the people we’re looking at are in the same boat as us. Still, spotting these movie mistakes can be just as fun as watching the movie. There’s something about finding mistakes in multi-million dollar movie projects that just makes us happy. If you’re a true sci-fi fan, you’ve probably seen or heard of these 20 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes already. Let’s see how much of a true fanatic you are.

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10 Most Polarizing Athletes of All Time

Many sports fans don't seem to realize it, but athletes are humans too. Despite their exceptional talent and the resulting love and adoration, they're just as flawed as you and I. At the same time, in many cases, society uses them as punching bags, pinpointing them as representatives of an entire group of people or an unpopular viewpoint, whether they like it or not. With those things in mind, it's not difficult to understand why some brash, sometimes overconfident athletes become so polarizing -- including the ones listed below. These are the guys who people either love or hate, with very little or no gray area.

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10 Car-Buying Tips From Former Salesman

Unless you happen to love the dance of negotiation, need forced friendliness to feel popular or like losing money, buying a car probably fills you with dread. It doesn't have to, according to Oren Weintraub,who runs and How does Weintraub know how to deal with car salesmen? He was one. The key is preparation, which starts with reading these ten tips based on his inside knowledge of life on the lot.

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