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The Real-life Inspirations for 17 Simpsons Characters

What can you say about The Simpsons? The incredible animated series is currently in its 23rd season! The Simpsons has given us dozens of clever, original characters. Every Simpsons fan has his or her favorite character. Let’s take a look at the original, real-life inspirations behind several characters on The Simpsons.

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10 Crazy Rumors About Hitler

As if the truth about Adolf Hitler weren't gruesome enough, the Fascist dictator and architect of the Holocaust is at the center of many outlandish conspiracy theories. From Nazi moon bases to murders to connections with the Illuminati, the facts about the Fuehrer are riddled with speculation, allegations and downright craziness

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The Top 10 Celebrity Rants

Mel Gibson's anger management problem has been well-documented, but the latest recording of one of his outbursts, which was released today by screenwriter (and rant target) Joe Eszterhas represents a new level of rage. Granted, he's not the only famous man with an out-of-control temper, but his anger does seem to flare up pretty regularly. We hope Mel will find a way to deal with his rage without harming anyone (including himself), and in the meantime, we're feeling better about our lower moments by watching these famous celebrity outbursts.

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8 Bad Brushing Habits That Harm Your Teeth

Are you hurting instead of helping your teeth when you brush? We pinpoint common brushing mistakes—and how to protect your pearly whites. It’s not exactly a newsflash that one of the most important reasons to brush your teeth is to fight off cavities (not to mention prevent bad breath). But what if the way you brush your teeth actually makes you more susceptible to cavities, tooth decay and gum disease? Scary. Turns out, there are a host of common mistakes that many of us make morning and night that can damage teeth and turn a healthy smile upside-down. Find out what you’re doing wrong — and how to break these bad habits for better teeth.

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The 5 Largest Reptiles on Earth

Reptiles have been around some 300 million years, and our planet has seen its fair share of gigantic scaled beasts during its history. That said, only a few behemoths from the golden age of reptiles still exist today. Here we present the five largest reptiles on Earth; the biggest in the four commonly recognized reptilian orders. The saltwater crocodile is the largest living reptile in the world, growing to a length of over 6 meters (20 ft). These mean-toothed giants are able to crush the skulls of cows between their jaws and, should the mood take them, can easily eat a human. The areas of largest croc populations in Australia are clearly marked, so people know where not to stray and so avoid ending up as a croc's lunch.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Stuff at Airport Security

A 95-year-old retired Air Force veteran claimed the TSA stole $300 from him when he was patted down in another room in March during an airport security screening in San Diego. In February, a woman’s $6,500 watch was stolen by another passenger in Fort Lauderdale security line. That theft was caught on tape. Also in February, a TSA agent stole $5,000 in cash from a passenger’s jacket at John F. Kennedy International Airport. What’s a traveler to do? Start packing valuables in checked luggage? Absolutely not. Keeping your valuables on your person or in your carry-on bags is still the safest bet. Here are four tips to help keep your belongings safe as you pass through airport security checkpoints, whether you’re tapped for a secondary screening or just passing through the security line.

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4 Industries Getting Rich Off the Drug War

In a 2011 interview, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that legalization is “not likely to work” because “there is just too much money in it.” Clinton was talking about cartels, but the same holds true for the legal industries that owe their profit margins, market shares, and—in some cases—very existence to the war on drugs. Here are four industries you might not realize profit off the drug war.

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6 Price Tricks Businesses Use To Fool Customers

The first of April is the time of year when, for a brief moment, everyone pays attention to the fools among us. But as it turns out, some businesses do that year-round, because your foolish purchasing behavior translates directly into their profit. I’m referring to the way products are priced. Usually, the price on the sticker is the price you pay. But when it isn’t – well, that’s when some companies earn big bucks from our collective ignorance. A study by Harvard researchers several years ago found that in many product classes, consumers “lack either the ability or motivation to conduct a price comparison.” Their conclusions are still true today. We either can’t – or won’t – scrutinize a product price.

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40 Famous Manuscripts That Were Rejected At First

It is one of the weird quirks of literature that people who don't necessarily have the skills to write epic masterpieces themselves are put in charge of deciding what gets published and what gets canned. No doubt they have a difficult job and they correctly weed out much material that does not need to be inflicted on the public. And yet, from time to time, editors make some of the absolute worst decisions that future generations look back on and say, "What on earth were they thinking?" Persistence paid off for the authors of these 40 manuscripts who refused to take no for an answer and were rewarded in the end.

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