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10 Most Legendary College Fraternities in Cinema

Whether or not you were ďa pledgeĒ in college, everyone loves films about fraternities. Maybe itís because by watching them we feel like weíre getting back in touch with our younger selves. Maybe itís because they depict a carefree existence, before the responsibilities of adulthood have kicked in. Or maybe we just enjoy them for their constant stream of riotous, alcohol-induced antics and their abundance of attractive young students! Whatever the case may be, here are the 10 movie fraternities that youíd most like to party with (when youíre not busy studying hard, of course!).

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6 Times The Onion Had People Completely Fooled

The site Literally Unbelievable showcases normal people on Facebook who have been duped by satirical articles from The Onion. But every now and then those misunderstandings have real world consequences.

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5 Conspiracy Theories About Gas Prices

Apparently, the pain youíre experiencing at the pump is more than just a pain in your buttocks. According to the great thinkers of our age, namely Bill OíReilly and Rick Santorum (I kid, I kid), there is a conspiracy by the government to charge you a fortune for gas. And itís not just the bastions of the right wing who are putting on their tin foil hats. Liberals are seeing conspiracies at the pump too. Or, perhaps itís the gas fumes that has everyone fuming? Gas huffing aside, here are the top 5 conspiracy theories as to why filling up your Honda Accord costs more than actually buying a Honda Accord.

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The 50 Hottest Women Currently in Prison

These are real quotes and these are real women in prison who can be found on The hottest women in prison include a wide variety of young women who, for whatever reason, found themselves on the wrong side of the law and, ultimately, behind bars. We all hear the stories of famous celebrities being locked up (we're looking at you, Lindsay Lohan), but Hollywood hotties aren't the only beautiful women who are locked up: Lovely ladies from all over the country are currently imprisoned. Sadly, their beauty is rarely seen outside prison walls, but now, with the help of this list, you too can gaze upon their lovely countenance. I've listed some of the most smoking hot beauties in prison here, so feel free to vote for your personal favorites.

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Art of the Steal: 8 Trade Secrets of Professional Pickpockets

A well-known, if not often discussed fact in Hollywood is that former purveyors of extreme professions, be it law enforcement officials, skip tracers, federal spies, or even criminals, give their careers a second wind by selling the secrets of their trade. Producers, searching for an esoteric perspective into societyís hushed underbelly, eagerly snatch up these individualsí compelling stories. Part of the folklore surrounding The Godfather emanates from supposed deals Paramount Studios cut with the mafia to get permission to film, which led to further familial authenticity measures. Later, the first season of The Sopranos would feature a restless Christopher Moltisanti complaining to Tony Soprano that he could be sitting pretty in Southern California relating all that heíd seen.

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10 Notorious Tax Evaders Who Didnít Get Away with It

They say that the only constants in life are death and taxes. Yet while attempts to evade the Grim Reaper have so far proven to be ultimately unsuccessful, this hasnít stopped people trying to get out of their debt to the government. There are a wealth of loopholes and accounting tricks with which a savvy individual can minimize their payment to the IRS, but for some people thatís still far too much to pay.

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Quentin Tarantino's 10 Most Legendary Characters

Quentin Tarantino developed his outlandish revision of WWII history, Inglourious Basterds, for at least a decade. But the auteur has been conceiving brilliant characters throughout his career. From Reservoir Dogs to Death Proof, Tarantinoís ensembles have been packed with verbose, gun-wielding folks whose outsized egos are only matched by their swagger and ability to wax philosophical about life and popular culture. They are a new age of post-modernist antiheroes: hilarious, brutal and often both at the same time. And they drop the F-bomb as if it were the most common verb, noun and adjective. Here are our all-time favorites

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Top 10 Animals that Cause Car Wrecks

We have all had it happen to usÖ Itís late at night and you are driving on a country road or maybe even a highway in the middle of nowhere and then all of sudden something crosses the road in front of you. A near miss and also a notice to be on the lookout as generally animals travel in packs and that probably wasnít the last animal you are going to encounter. If all goes well we make it out of a tense driving situation without any roadkill (sorry that is a common term whether you like it or not). Itís far from the intentional slaying of animals utilizing your vehicle, these are accidents where animals just happened to get in the way of your car driving down a perfectly good road. It happens a lot more than you might think. Here are the top 10 animals that cause car wrecks.

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The 10 Best Bars in Videogames

St. Patrickís Day: an excuse to wear green, pinch people, and drink lots and lots of beer. But going to a bar on this holiday is one of the worst decisions you could ever make. Lines of people; overpriced drinks; people wearing obnoxious ďKiss Me Iím Irish!Ē buttons even though they arenít Irish (and most likely couldnít even point to Ireland on a map). All of this stuff does not add up to a fun night. But I am here to help! Since I would never advocate excessive drinking (especially to the underage readers of our site), instead of heading to a real-life bar this St. Pattyís Day, how about you spend the day in some of the best digital drinking holes in the world of videogames? Itís safe, free, and you wonít wake up feeling horrible in the morning!

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