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Top 10 Easter Dinner Recipes

Browse our editors' top picks for a delectable Easter feast, from ham and lamb roasts to fresh spring vegetable sides and sweet strawberry desserts, and visit our Guide to Easter Dinner for holiday menus, tips, and more Easter recipes.

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Top 10 Easter DIY Crafts

Easter is almost knocking on our doors, so what do we do to prepare for its arrival? I know that the first thing that comes to my mind is food, lots of it. Food is a major component in any holiday, as well as traditions. But our homes don’t deserve a special treatment for holidays? I think they do, let’s take a look at some cool ideas to decorate your home for the upcoming Easter.

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Top 10 Seder Faux Pas

From slavery to liberation, the story of the Exodus, as told every Passover seder, is a swashbuckling tale of a few individuals who became a family and, in turn, became a people. The Haggadah, the book from which we read during the seder, values questions as much as answers. But if you find yourself making any of the following 10 faux pas, “When do we eat?” could soon become “When do we leave?”.

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14 Wonderfully Geeky Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you guys, but the extent of my Easter egg decorating ends with being able to use two different dyes on an egg and then slapping on a few stickers. I once tried to paint one with real paint at a party where everyone was doing the same and mine was probably the worst, looking like a six year-old’s rendition of a dying Tony the Tiger. Fortunately, not everyone is as lacking in artistry as I am. In fact, some people have turned the process of coloring Easter eggs into a true art form. And where there’s art, there’s geekery. Here are a few of the most awesomely geeky Easter eggs ever created.

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Top 6 Awesome Easter Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunts are not for the meek. In fact, one hunt in Colorado got so competitive it was canceled this year because there were too many "helicopter parents." For too many years, parents jumped into the hunt at Bancroft Park, even though the egg-hunt area was roped off for their children. Here's hoping the following six Easter egg hunts are left for the kids this year.

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Top 5 Easter Cocktails

Easter is coming up this Sunday and we know what that means – eggs will be colored, Easter baskets discovered, and chocolate eggs devoured! This particular holiday may be popular with the kids for the obvious reasons, but don’t forget about the adults during your Sunday celebration. For all the party planners out there, BevMo! has shared its Top 5 Easter Cocktails.

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Top 10 Chocolate Bunnies for Easter

What is Easter without a chocolate bunny rabbit? Among a basket of jellybeans, chocolate eggs, and marshmallow chickens, only the chocolate rabbit stands alone. Towering over the other treats, the bunny surveys all he sees and decides he is the most worthy of being eaten. Rightly so, but all bunnies are not created equal. For a truly gourmet chocolate experience, you must go to the artisan chocolate maker. Here is a list of my favorite chocolate rabbits from world class chocolatiers.

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Our Top 10 Easter Recipes for Kids

One of the joys of Easter is spending time with your family, and the children of the family always liven up any get-together! Include the little ones in the festivities by letting them help with the cooking and baking! These Easter recipes for kids are easy to make and include plenty of opportunities for them to help out. Try these Easter recipes for kids this year!

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Top 10 Easter iPad Apps and Accessories for Kids

Despite the early spring that much of the U.S. has experienced, it’s still hard to believe that Easter is almost here. We decided to give the Easter Bunny some iOS-related suggestions for Easter Baskets this year. The end of winter is always something to celebrate, so whether you celebrate Easter or not, these kid-friendly games, apps, and accessories are sure to please your child as he or she gets ready for spring. Fans of Miffy and Beatrix Potter will also want to check out our recent reviews of kids edu-apps featuring those beloved bunnies.

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