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Service Dog Facts: 6 Things You Didn't Know About Animals That Aid The Disabled

Service dogs accomplish pretty amazing feats on a daily basis. Bethe Bennett’s miniature schnauzer nudged her back to consciousness after a fall. The trained service dog also retrieved an emergency phone list so Bennett could call neighbors for assistance. A pooch named Mr. Gibbs totes Alida Knobloch’s oxygen tank so the 2-year-old can dash around with other children. Mr. Gibbs even braves playground slides with Alida. Sandra Leavitt also relies on a service dog to help battle her rare seizure disorder. Nikki, a 4-year-old pit bull, was trained to detect scent changes in Leavitt’s blood and provide warning signs up to two hours before seizures occur.

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16 Conspiracy Theory Tattoos

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, getting one permanently inked on your skin is saying a lot. We salute the men and women who proudly display conspiracy tattoos, whether they mean them to become part of this strange community or not. Because of his "secret burial at sea," many think that after escaping the CIA dragnet for ten years, Osama bin Laden may still be at large.

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6 Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Milkshakes for Grownups

We get really excited about Girl Scout cookie season. And we get really excited about milkshakes, and especially excited about spiked milkshakes. So today we've brought them all together in this collection of the ultimate (and we mean ultimate) Girl Scout cookie-inspired milkshakes for grownups. These shakes capture the essence of the cookies you love, in rich dairy form, with a little something extra to deepen the flavors and make the party just a little more fun.

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10 Weird Global Warming Effects

We have heard and read a lot about the impact of the climate change and how bad it is, but, unfortunately, that’s not all. There are still some Global Warming effect that surprise the scientists and some of them are weird. The speeding up of the satellites is a proof that the Space is ruthless toward humanity when it comes to our environmental behavior. Satellites orbiting around the Earth face with air molecules which slow them down, so the engineers have to periodically put them back on track. But the increased emission of carbon dioxide release heat the warms the air. Those molecules collide less frequently, cooling the air around them, and settling the air. With more carbon dioxide up there, the atmosphere creates less drag for the satellites, letting them move faster.

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Top 10 Dark Themed Teen Movies

The more popular contemporary genre of teen-related films are comedies but throughout each decade, teen films have journeyed into dark and sometimes scary portrayals of high school life. The verisimilitude of these dark depictions are ones that most of us may be able to relate to or something we’d see in social themed television shows. Regardless of what the story is, this list contains movies that do not provide the audiences entertainment with laughter but thought-provoking verity.

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Top 10 Photography Hacks

Your digital camera, whether it's built in to your cellphone or it's a hefty DSLR, is an incredible creative tool. If you've only used it as it comes straight out of the box, however, you're only scratching the surface. Here are our top 10 photography hacks to supercharge your camera.

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10 Foods In Your Kitchen That Contain Gruesome Poisons

As part of io9's ongoing attempts to make you a hollow, timid shell of the person you used to be, we try to illuminate all the ways the world is trying to kill you. We've gone over death by asteroid, vampire, and virus, and have finally gotten to death by grocery list. Find out the toxic elements in all your favorite foods.

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9 Best Ever Investments

We have created for your delectation, a list of the 9 best investments ever. Given that this is such a broad topic, and given the fact that we simply don’t know the return on all investments in everything ever, our list cannot be said to be exhaustive. Bearing that in mind though, these are sterling examples of incredible investments that showed huge amounts of foresight, faith and focus. That, and a little bit of luck.

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Botched Hits: 5 High-Profile Assassination Attempts Gone Wrong

Throughout history, those worthy of being offed have typically been champions of great causes that didn’t sit well with keepers of the status quo. Politicians, journalists, religious fanatics, business leaders, and activists have unfortunately all been targets for the trigger-happy. Then, there’s your organized crime boss. These guys get whacked so often it should be covered under on-the-job hazard insurance. Usually the ones doing the whacking aren’t softies and get it done. Once in a blue moon though, things get… complicated. More often than not, that means a girl is involved.

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10 World’s Greenest Countries

The Environmental Performance Index (EPI) is a method of measuring the performance of national governments related to environmental policies. Yale University and Columbia University release the EPI every year during the World Economic Forum, ranking 163 countries according to 25 indicators. The final mark shows how close the country is to accomplish the environmental goals. Here are the top ten green countries on the list which have made most, officially the greenest in the world.

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