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17 Dictator Fashion Victims

The recently deceased Supreme Leader knew how to offset his neutrals: a pair of designer shades, a dash of crazy, and, according to North Korean lore, the occasional rainbow unicorn, which he created by hitting a golf ball to the moon. Little known fact: the Holocaust-denying president of Iran is totes steampunk. Hey, Mahmoud. H.G. Wells called. He wants his goggles back.

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10 Tips For Reducing Your Water Footprint

Large areas of the UK are currently facing drought, with many already feeling the impact – from farmers to water companies. Just the other day we noticed how low the River Thames is at the moment. In the future, less rainfall and more unpredictable rainfall patterns are the anticipated climate change impacts in the UK. This suggests that we may have to start thinking about the future of our freshwater systems, and start making changes to water usage now – ranging from our individual water usage to protecting our freshwater reserves. On a global scale, freshwater ecosystems are under threat from increasing water pollution and a growing human population – with 2.3 billion people already living in river basins under water stress. Add climate change into the mix and our water future looks very unpredictable.

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14 Facts You Might Not Know about Mission: Impossible

From 1966 to 1973, the innovative television show Mission: Impossible presented the adventures of the Impossible Missions Force. This top secret American agency found stolen nuclear bombs, exposed counterfeiters, rescued captured spies and foiled criminal plots at home and abroad. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn things that you might not know about the show.

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11 Pop Stars Who Tried to Act... Poorly

It seems like at some point, every musician decides that he or she should also be a movie star, usually with hilarious(ly stupid) results. Therefore, a list like this could probably be 100 names long. So don’t take this as a comprehensive list or anything. Instead, look at it sort of like Congress. The people on this list are representatives of a larger group, they are often hilariously inept, and for every success story there are dozens of failures. Plus, Barney Frank once played Dirk Diggler in an off Broadway performance of Boogie Nights. The similarities are endless. With all that said, let’s just get on with it.

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The 13 Stupidest Ways People Died Thanks To Sex

Death stalks us everywhere. And we mean, everywhere. As we’ve previously shown, he doesn’t stop when we get drunk or go to work, so of course he’s still going to come for you when you’re busy getting jiggy with it. Probably after watching for a bit and breathing heavily, because let’s face it, he probably doesn’t get much action, what with the whole ‘touch a person, they die’ thing. In commemoration to this self-imposed sexile, here’s the thirteen stupidest ways in that people died whilst doing the nasty.

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10 Tips for People Thinking of Buying a House

For many people, buying a house is the biggest investment that they will make in their life. Therefore, it is important to take certain things into consideration before purchasing a house. Here are ten tips that will help.

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6 Websites That Will Bring You Back To The ’90s

Oh, man. I may have a biased opinion, being born in ’89, but were the ’90s not incredible? Nostalgia just drives me nuts and the ’90s felt like the peak of music, movies, gaming, and the blossoming of the Internet. Maybe that’s just reminiscing and wishing I was still a kid, but I know some of you agree with me, right? Vanilla Ice, Nickolodeon, Super Nintendo, pop music, less-corporate Internet; how could you not love that? Luckily for us, things live forever in the age of the Internet. These memories are not all forgotten and they’re going to live on. Maybe this article is best read when you’re home alone on a late weekend night, bored with nothing else to do. Letting nostalgia pull at the strings of your heart can keep you amused for hours. Let me give you a hand.

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15 Disturbing Facts About the FDA

Americans count on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate food and pharmaceutical items so that only the safest, most effective products hit the market. That’s definitely not the case, as these disturbing facts show. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the medical field or just want to learn more about the processes of drug and food approval, consider these news stories and scandals that are inspiring FDA reform today.

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The 8 Least Evil Banks

As banks take turns inventing new fees and hiking existing ones, you may think there's no escaping your bank's dirty tricks. But we found 8 with zero ATM fees, free checking and high-yielding accounts.

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The 10 Most Annoying People You Meet at the Bar

Everybody needs a place where they can get away from the world and either drown their sorrows or celebrate their wins with a few shots of magic juice that makes the pain go away. These are the people who lift you through the vodka haze and deliver you back to reality for a do-si-do of double agony.

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