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15 Famous Hoaxes And The Minds Behind Them

In honor of April Fool's Day... here are 15 classic hoaxes, some of which we still wish are real. At the onset of the 2008 presidential election, a young campaign volunteer for McCain, Ashley Todd, claimed that she was mugged by an Obama supporter. She told cops that after robbing her at an ATM, the assailant deduced she was a McCain supporter and therefore decided to carve a backward "B" onto her cheek in honor of Barack. The backwards "B" indicated, instead, that Todd had done it herself with a mirror and Todd soon admitted to mutilating her own face to gain sympathy for McCain.

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The 16 Greatest Car Crashes in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Is there anything better than rushing forward into the unknown? The wind in your face, the world whooshing past as you leap forward into the future... until you smash into something, that is. Car crashes are an important part of science fiction and fantasy. They show us what happens when you go a little too boldly — and since most of us will never get to crash a starship or a magic broom, a car crash is like the closest real-life equivalent. Here are some of the coolest, most insane car (and truck) crashes in science fiction and fantasy history.

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8 Rejected Shuttle Designs

The space shuttle isn't the most graceful design ever (although it can look great in such pictures as the first one here): it's a bit boxy, more akin to an 18-wheeler than a Ferrari. But the idea of a reusable space vehicle presents unique challenges, and NASA had plenty of ideas on how to accomplish it. Not all were so great. Some would have looked a lot cooler. And some weren't so much rejected designs as they were ideas that people came up with long before the first Apollo mission went up.

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10 Things To Do In Las Vegas Other Than Gamble

Vegas, baby. Sin City. Lost Wages. The city that never sleeps. Whatever you call it, this mecca in the middle of the desert is undeniably one of the most exciting cities in the world. The moment you step off the plane you can hear the ka-ching of the slot machines. In 2009, more than 36 million people visited Las Vegas and more than 19,000 conventions were held. Whether you are here for business or pleasure, there is never a dearth of things to do and see. The majority of visitors visit for drinking, gambling and some wicked debauchery. The city is a bachelor party 24/7 – just check out A3 Nightlife for a taste of what you might find. That said, it’s almost equally well known for its world-class hotels, restaurants, shopping and non-frat entertainment. Nearby, Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam offer beautiful scenery and touristy getaways. On the strip, you can see dancing fountains, pirate ships, and exotic animals.

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10 Most Luxurious Autos You’d Never Guess Were Hybrids

We live in an age where the majority of us claim to be environmentally conscious. This awareness, coupled with rising gas prices, means there are few car owners who wouldn't feel a touch guilty tanking up on gas and jumping in their cars — especially for a local journey. And yet the auto industry already has an answer to these woes. The hybrid car, which works by using two or more power sources (a conventional gasoline motor coupled with electric batteries, for instance) is a far more efficient alternative to the traditional car and a good way to assuage some of that eco-guilt. But don't go thinking that an environmentally friendly set of wheels means compromising on performance and style. Right here we've got 10 super-slick autos that also just happen to be hybrids. We guarantee that owning one of these beauties will leave you feeling all kinds of smug.

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20 Successful People Who’ve Struggled With Bipolar Disorder

As America overcomes and eliminates the unfortunate stigma that has been attached to mental illnesses, more and more successful individuals have disclosed their struggles with various disorders. Bipolar disorder, specifically, is one that can startle those who don’t understand it. If not controlled, it can cause shifts in mood and energy, and can hinder the sufferer from undertaking their normal daily activities, thus preventing them from living a normal life. That’s why it’s encouraging to hear that someone such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, who seems almost perfect, has persevered with it amid the challenges it constantly presents. Curious about who else has succeeded with bipolar disorder? The list is actually quite extensive, so we’ve decided to compile just a few. Whether you’re in high school, college or entrenched in the real world, and you’ve been diagnosed as bipolar, know that with a little help, you can do anything.

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The 12 Worst Colleges For Free Speech In 2012

Free exchange of ideas is the lifeblood of any university, and for the second year in a row my organization, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), presents its list of the worst colleges and universities for freedom of speech. Many of the 12 are repeat offenders for refusing to undo serious punishments of what should be clearly protected speech on campus, while others are new additions that have shown particular hostility to student criticism and, in one case, limiting free speech to a tiny zone on campus. Also bound to raise a buzz, Yale and Harvard, two of the most iconic colleges in the country, top the list for disappointing but ongoing retrenchment against the principles that are supposed to animate higher education.

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10 Famous Athletes Who Are Also Incredibly Smart

Despite the prevalence of "dumb jock" jokes, the world of professional sports has fielded some truly gifted minds. These athletes didn't just challenge the meathead stereotype: they demolished it, and they proved with their college education and off-the-field pursuits that they could do a whole lot more with their lives than just get good at playing ball. From upper-level schools to extraordinary business pursuits, these athletes demonstrated an ability to make themselves fully rounded, and to use their sporting skill as a means to a successful end.

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Top 10 Films With The Best Special Effects

Cinematic portrayals of war, epic fantasy battles and fiction brought to life are all prominent parts of filmmaking as we know it today because of special effects. They can turn an artist’s vision into an icon of popular culture and they can make each film unique from the last. Without the imagination that goes into ground breaking special effects we’d have no variety whatsoever in the modern film industry. This list covers a handful of films that I believe to be truly outstanding with their use of special effects, and despite there being a plethora of films that could be on this list, these films are the finest example of modern day technology pushed to its very limits.

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