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10 Kick Ass Assassins in Movies

As I was watching The Professional the other day I realized that we hadn’t yet done an article on assassins we found awesome in movies. That was somewhat surprising to me. I think we may have done something on hit men. We certainly have written about villains and other characters like that. Hell we’ve certainly written about heroes. But we haven’t hit on the exact topic of assassins.

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7 Kony 2012 Conspiracy Theories

If you haven’t see the KONY 2012 video that has a whopping 78 million views on YouTube, you are either one of Kony’s victims or friends with heartless dictators who don’t have time for armchair activism. KONY 2012, if you don't know, is a film made by the activist group Invisible Children, and is designed to raise awareness about Joseph Kony, a man who allegedly abducted children and forced them to fight in Uganda's Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). According to “In its 26-year history, the LRA has abducted more than 30,000 children and displaced at least 2.1. million people.” The video encourages viewers to write policy makers and advocates for military intervention to capture Joseph Kony. So, what’s the problem with finding and bringing to justice a brutal warlord responsible for ruining the lives of thousands of children?

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11 Ways Advertisers Make Food Look Delicious

Advertised foods rarely look exactly like the real food they’re selling. In fact, a number of sites around the web have pointed out just how false food advertising can be. The truth is, the delicious-looking culinary concoctions we see in print ads and television commercials would be anything but appetizing if they were on your plate. Many times it wouldn’t even be fair to identify them as food. They’re more like a terrifying Frankenstein-like type of quasi sustenance commonly made up of a partially cooked food and a carefully created combination of interesting additives.

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10 Interesting Facts About Beer and Wine

Beer and wine have been called many things: delicious, evil, holy, unholy, addictive, and so on, but there is no doubt that one of the most beloved of all human inventions is beer and wine. Therefore, you should know more about it, and thus this list was born: 10 Interesting Facts About Beer and Wine.

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10 Famous Clock Towers From Around the World

A clock tower is a tower specifically built with one or more (often four) clock faces. Clock towers can be either freestanding or part of a church or municipal building such as a town hall. This is a list of 10 famous clock towers from around the world.

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Top Ten Common Science Myths

It's hard to tell fact from fiction, especially when it comes to Science. There are several topics that are commonly regarded as scientific fact but are actually myths. Lightning never strikes the same place twice, the five second rule, all of these are commonly regarded as truths some people live there life by it, but it's all made up.

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10 Most Epic Air-to-Air Battles in Military History

Since the early 20th century, air-to-air combat has been both decisive in war and inspiring to the minds of the general public. In an age of increasingly computerized and automated battles, dogfights between pilots hark back to an earlier time when individual skill was arguably the single most important factor in many combat situations. And if duels between pilots don’t impress you, massive battles between dozens or even hundreds of planes definitely will. We list the biggest, baddest furballs ever to take place in the skies.

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10 Interesting Environmental Facts

It’s not easy to make other people go green when they can not see the bad impact they have, because the results of that are not easy visible. Nevertheless, here are ten interesting Environmental Facts that you can tell them and make them think about green issues, but some of them will make you more optimistic, however.

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11 Craziest Items Sold Online

The days of the stoop sale are all but gone. It used to be when a young couple parted ways and had to move out of their apartment – like the young un-couple in the series Stoop Sale – they’d have to haul their junk down to the sidewalk and try to lure in sale-savvy pedestrians with the sight of a gently-used set of bongos or an old Hewlett-Packard scanner. These days, if there’s something worth selling, your best bet is to slap it up on the Internet and let ZizzleGirl28C and other lonely bidders sort it out for you. Why waste your time babysitting your stuff on a nasty street corner when you could be inside, watching recorded episodes of Antique Roadshow? The Internet is like one giant stoop sale already – one giant, freakish stoop sale filled with things so far beyond the pale that if you saw them on a street corner you’d do a triple take and maybe even call the cops.

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5 Awesome Things to Have During a Hurricane

Heck, many of us Floridians are used to the pelting rain, gale-force winds, and loss of power. It's practically part of our lifestyle. Therefore you should already have the standard supplies on hand. Mom has sent you home with copious amounts of batteries, candles, and bottled water, but what's fun about those items? Nothing.

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