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10 Things You Don’t Know About Mister Rogers

Cardigans and Keds — both images are synonymous with Mister Rogers, who hosted "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" from 1968 through 2001. The almost 900 episodes live on today in reruns. The famous entertainer died in 2003 but would have been 84 on Tuesday. In celebration of his birthday, PBS began airing a documentary called "Mister Rogers & Me," produced by two brothers who detail their experience of living in a summer home next to the television pioneer on Nantucket Island. Through personal reflections, photos and interviews, the documentary primarily focuses on how Rogers influenced others. But it also offers telling facts about the TV legend, such as how "the man who cared so much about the well-being of children was bullied as a shy, overweight boy," according to The New York Times.

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15 Authors Who Were Probably Fakes

After her purportedly Jewish parents were deported by the Nazis, the Belgian author set off alone at age seven to find them. Her 1997 book, Misha: A Memoir of the Holocaust Years, included stories of walking 1,900 miles across Europe in five years, living with wolves, and having to kill a German soldier in self-defense. The book, which was a huge success in Europe, turned out to be almost entirely fabricated. While Defonseca's parents were Nazi resisters who were executed, Misha was Catholic and in school in Brussels during the Holocaust. Defonseca confessed she always "felt Jewish" and had difficulty distinguishing between reality and her imagination.

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Top 10 Fascinating Eggs

Bacteria and other tiny cells merely divide in two to reproduce, but more complex creatures need more complex means of reproduction. Animals use eggs in one form or other; however, most are not very similar to the familiar breakfast food many of us enjoy. Animal eggs are as different and varied in their structure as the animals who made them.

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10 Most Devastating Bombing Campaigns of WWII

The Second World War (1939-1945) saw many terrible developments in humanity’s history. Indeed, it was of course set against the backdrop of the wholesale destruction and planned extermination of whole groups of people because of their ethnicity, political allegiances or religious beliefs. The story of Nazi Germany’s aggression and the Allied Powers’ subsequent response – in a war that quickly encompassed much of the world map – is a story of power, technology and science. That same science lent its fateful hand to the aims of men and saw its terrible zenith in the horrors of the bombing campaigns of World War Two. Here we are not considering the equally horrific and never matched atomic bombing raids on Nagasaki and Hiroshima; rather, we speak of the meticulously planned and often prolonged campaigns that razed cities to the ground and devastated entire urban populations. Here, then, are the 10 most devastating bombing campaigns of WWII.

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18 Tips For Eco-Friendly Traveling

Having an eco-friendly attitude doesn’t mean that it’s enough to be green at home. Environmental aware people know that places other than home need the same respect, and they “established” a non-formal group of eco-friendly travelers. They minimize their carbon footprints, respect the local economy and the wildlife they enjoy during their stay. Here are some tips how you could become one of them.

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Charlize Theron and 8 More Stars with OCD

New mother Charlize Theron may have a tougher time than other new moms adjusting to her first child. That's because she's admitted to suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. "I have OCD, which is not fun," she told Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie O. "I have to be incredibly tidy and organized or it messes with my mind and switches off on me."

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10 Important Mac Tools You Should Use But Probably Don’t

Although Macs are robust computers with plenty of awesome features inside Apple’s operating system itself, there are a slew of free third-party applications that should be in every Mac user’s Applications folder. These tools do all sorts of things, from cleaning out international language files you don’t need, cloning your hard drive, to providing better features for reading PDF documents. I’ve chosen only Mac tools that I’ve personally used over the years, including ones that don’t duplicate what pretty much already exist as part of Mac OS X. However, I’m sure there are other useful applications that MUO readers can recommend, so please do so in the comment section below. Also, you may want to look for these applications in the App Store. Downloading these apps from there means that they can be more easily updated in the future.

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10 of the Most Romantic Movie Quotes

Romantic-drama classic Casablanca will be appearing on select movie screens across the country today. The Hollywood treasure about a man, a woman, and a sacrifice for love is being treated to a newly restored print in celebration of the movie’s 70th anniversary. “The event will begin with Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne taking audiences behind the scenes of this epic love story in a special original production showcasing stories from those who were on set and those who simply admire this timeless classic.” The film also gets a Blu-ray release on March 27.

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The 10 Companies That Profit Most From War

Global sales of arms and military services by the 100 largest defense contractors increased in 2010 to $411.1 billion, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The increase reflects a decade-long trend of growing military spending. Since 2002, total arms sales among the 100 largest arms manufacturers have increased 60%. The institute recently published its annual report on the leading arms producing companies in the world — SIPRI Top 100. The report identifies the largest companies in the sector and provides each company’s arms sales as a percentage of its total sales. Based on the report, 24/7 Wall St. identified the 10 companies with the highest revenue from arms sales. These companies alone account for $230 billion — over half of all arms sales that year.

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