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5 Actors That Got Stabbed And Lived

This article is going to be somewhat irresponsible, and I fully accept that. You see, not only did each of these actors get stabbed and lived, but I truly believe that fact makes them badass. Being an actor and getting stabbed is the actor version of “being a surfer and getting bitten by a shark.” If you live to tell about it, you are immediately propelled in status to something far cooler and more culturally significant than you were BEFORE you were stabbed. Not many of us know people who got stabbed and lived to brag about it, but now thanks to this article, we can PRETEND we do, and further our own personal delusions, which is always fun. Also, no matter HOW AWESOME each of these stories sounds, please do not go get stabbed after reading this. You will find it really isn’t worth it. Unless you are an actor. If you are an actor, totally go get stabbed. It almost guarantees “actor cred.”

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The Biggest History Mistakes & Coverups

Recently, the Washington Post and the History News Network reported on "the ways in which Newt Gingrich misuses historical concepts to validate conservative tropes of socialism and secularism within discussions of some of the Obama administration's programs." Translation: they're accusing the Presidential candidate of making up stuff about history to tie it to modern day America. Gingrich, like Bill O'Reilly (above), may know a lot about history, but he's also part of a thinly-veiled conspiracy to change what happened in the past.

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The World’s 6 Richest Pets

People love pets. From the ordinary to the exotic, humans love to look after other species, whether they are as common as a cat or as endangered as an eagle. We often devote more time and affection to our furred and feathered friends than we do to our own kin. This is especially true when it comes to this list.Here, you will find a profusion of pampered pets. Featuring cats and even a chicken, this list of the world’s richest pets shows that although we love many of the planet’s inhabitants, dogs really are man’s best friend.

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Top 10 Biggest Jerks in the World Today

While discussing the issue of horrible people with stupid faces it’s important to not give into emotions and start comparing everyone to Hitler. The people on this list are, in a word, scum, but legally their crimes barely register on the Outrage-O-Meter. However, in strictly moral terms, everyone on this list has sunk to lows which you’d need a state-of-the-art military submarine to reach. Now, TopTenz cannot legally advise that you track down the following folks and continuously poop in their cereal every morning because the logistics of such an endeavor would be just impossible. But, if you ever run into them, be sure to give a stern look and a judgmental wag of the finger to.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Cats

People love their pets. Be it a cat, dog, hamster or goldfish, most U.S. residents have some kind of non-humanoid companion sharing their home. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), however, cats win hands down when it comes to the sheer numbers that reside in American abodes. Ken Hubbard is an antique dealer with the company 2wice As Nice in Wheat Ridge, CO, a suburb of Denver. He's also the owner of two cats pictured above: both black American Shorthairs, one is known as Lace (left) and the other is Bear.

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Top 15 Highest Property Tax Counties

The battered real estate market has another side effect that often goes overlooked, consumer finance and tax experts say: Millions of homeowners are unknowingly paying too much property tax. According to the National Taxpayers Union, about 30 percent of properties in the U.S. are assessed at higher values than they are really worth. That means their owners pay inflated property tax bills while other taxpayers in their towns reap the benefits. Cities, counties and school districts are collecting 20 percent more in property taxes than they did in 2006, before the housing bubble burst and when home values were one-third higher than they are today, USA Today reported.

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Top 10 Problems with Interstellar Travel

The stars above us are a beauty that men have fashioned whole mythologies around. They are truly a sight to behold, and now that we have extended our reach to the moon, the natural progression is that we might want to travel to the stars. Such travel is a basic part of countless science fiction stories and films, and many might come away with the impression that interstellar travel is an easy task, perhaps just around the corner for the wit of man. Sadly, there are a few serious problems which must be addressed first.

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The 5 Most Brutal Deaths in the Bible

It’s common knowledge that Jesus was a bit of a softy, pushing his peace and love agenda until his death and well after his foray into zombie-ism, but people tend to forget that His father operated on an absurdly short temper. God’s Old Testament policy can be summed up succinctly with “talk shit, get hit.” What follows are five of the most brutal deaths you’ll find in the Bible.

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Top 10 Human Body Myths

“Old wives' tale”: The phrase conjures up notions of well-meaning old grandmothers boiling up plants and roots and rubbing lucky rabbits’ feet. But many of the things we believe -- and tell each other -- about the human body are passed on by intelligent friends, educated teachers and sometimes even doctors themselves. So arm yourself with these 10 facts, and whip them out next time your mother tries to force you into a warmer sweater.

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10 Bands Known Only for a TV Show Theme Song

If any of you musicians dream of being a one-hit wonder, consider peddling your wares to a major television network. Scads of decent bands (usually of the alt-rock variety) have topped the charts with their theme songs, never to be heard from again. And with teenage cries of "California, here we cooooooome…" still occasionally wailing across the airwaves, that's not necessarily always a bad thing. Here you'll find 10 bands known only (or, in some cases, primarily) for the TV themes they performed.

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