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25 Crazy Awesome College Basketball Championship Moments

It wasn't so much that Kimble, a righty, attempted his first free throw of every tournament game left-handed as a tribute to his fallen teammate Hank Gathers, who died during a game less than two weeks before March Madness began; it was that he made the shots. During the team's improbable run to the Elite Eight, Kimble was 3-for-3 as a lefty. But it was his initial attempt in the first-round game against New Mexico State—the team's first game since Gathers died—that caught a nation's attention. In a win-or-go-home situation, team loyalties were thrown out the window for just those few seconds of pure "wow." The moment the ball went through the hoop instantly became one of the greatest moments in the storied history of college basketball.

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The Top 7 University Sanctioned Events

We all have it in us to do some truly insane stuff. And everyone will agree that college is the ideal opportunity for such insanity. However, most students aren’t exactly grown-up to the point where they can just leap into their idea without being shoved out of the airplane. Fortunately, there’s always that one ballsy kid that convinces their university to say ‘yes’ to their outlandish scheme. And when the university nudges that idea into motion, the participants fall in like dominoes. Consequentially, a ton of people makes for an awesome event. Here are the Top 7 University Sanctioned Events in college history.

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10 Internet Whiz Kids Who Made a Million From Their Bedrooms

The online world offers amazing opportunities to make your fortune. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an original idea. You might think it’s so easy even a child could do it… and in fact, they do! Right here we’ve got ten kids who made a million online by the time they were 20 years old. Try not to go green with envy.

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Top 10 Most World Famous Canadians

Standing in the frigid shadows of a superpower is never easy, but Canadians make it look so. Of course, part of the reason may be because they’re bigger than we are (barely) and consider themselves part of a worldwide commonwealth, but who knows. In any case, and despite our miniscule population (about a tenth of that of the U.S.) a few of them have gone on to become quite famous. So who are these renowned Canadians of whom I speak so glibly? While determining who among the citizenry of our neighbors to our north deserve to make this list is an exercise in subjectivity (and probably futility) there are a few that stand out above the rest. While entertainers comprise the bulk of this list, I’ve tried to expand it to include a few names from outside of the entertainment industry as well. And so, without further ado, here is my list–in no particular order–of the top ten best known Canadians (at least in the United States).

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10 Before And After Face Transplant Photos

Medical science can do weird and wonderful and slightly unsettling things. Following yesterday's amazing story of Ugur Acar, here are nine more examples of face transplant procedures. WARNING: While most will find these images fascinating and inspirational, some may find them disturbing. Isabelle Dinoire of France lost much of her face when she was mauled by her dog. She became the first person in history to successfully receive a partial face transplant in 2005.

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The 11 Most Life-Threatening Jobs on the Planet

The danger workers face on the job is not always compensated by higher pay. Life-threatening jobs can be mind-numbingly simple, easily performed by unskilled workers or children, or as physically and mentally demanding as one can imagine. Cable television shows like Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers give some sense of the dangers faced by workers in the sea fishing and truck driving industries respectively, while films like Workingman's Death (2005) document examples of dangerous, and almost pointlessly unproductive manual labor. Below are 11 life-threatening jobs ranging from the banal to the bizarre.

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44 Body Language Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Like the myth that we only use 10% of our brains, the idea that 93% of communication is non-verbal stubbornly persists because people just won't shut up about it. However, the real figure is believed to be about 60-70%, which means body language is still more important than spoken words in getting your point across. Sometimes the signals we send are natural symptoms of how we really feel, and sometimes they're completely unintentional and unwanted. Hopefully you aren't making every mistake on this list, but here are 44 common ways your body may be talking behind your back.

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11 Celebrity Interviews Gone Horribly Bad

Having a bad day? These celebrity interviews will make you feel much better. The public often claims that they have a right to know as much as they wish about their favorite celebs, but sometimes TMI — or just being downright insane — casts a famous person in an unflattering light. Taking your turn in the hot seat can't be easy, especially if you're famous and have a reputation to uphold or protect. But luckily for you readers, decency isn't something that these 11 celebrities seem to care much about. Fire your publicist and pull up a seat — these celebrity interviews aren't to be missed.

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10 Autobiographies Every Comedy Buff Should Read

Being funny is one thing; writing funny is something else. Most stand-up comedians are gifted performers and improvisers who use speech and stagecraft to get their point across, but some of them are also skilled enough to shift gears and turn those stories into compelling literary narratives. These autobiographies aren’t just trranscripts of the performers’ best-known bits, nor are they cash-in attempts that just string together one-liners. They’re actual books, and it’s amazing to hear the voice of the comic you love coming through the page in a way that’s different from everything else they’ve done yet still instantly recognizable. The comedians who make good authors are the ones who can take their worldview and channel it into any medium. If you’ve ever wondered what made your favorite comic minds tick, these books are a must.

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