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30 Dr. Suess Quotes to Live By

Dr. Suess‘ The Lorax opens tomorrow in theaters everywhere. The Lorax is the fourth Dr. Suess-based movie to be released in the past 12 years (not counting the old animated ones). If you’ve been a kid in the last 50 years, there’s a good chance you grew up with Dr. Suess, but if you’re concerned that Dr. Suess has already affected your life as much as he can, there’s still hope! has created this fantastic infographic containing 30 Dr. Suess quotes that can change your life. See? Dr. Suess is for adults, too.

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15 Suspicious Adult Film Star Deaths

For most people, the world of sex takes place behind closed doors. The adult entertainment industry acts as a peephole where one can get a tantalizing glimpse of that secretive space. But the world of pornography, part of the underbelly of society, remains in the shadows — the perfect place for conspiracies to grow. Are the many untimely and suspicious deaths of porn stars simply an occupational hazard or is something more sinister at work?

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10 Incredible Water Towns And Villages

Water villages are settlements that are usually built on the water. Houses often float on the water or are located on stilts and rarely on small islands. This is a list of water villages, which are becoming increasingly popular tourist destinations.

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25 Facts You Should Know About Your Gray Matter

Your brain plays a role in everything you do, from writing a sonnet to scratching your ear, but you likely don’t spend much time on a daily basis thinking about what’s really going on up there. While you might not always be conscious of it, your brain is a busy organ, storing memories, letting you feel pain and pleasure, and reacting with lightning speed to eternal stimuli, all while keeping the basic bodily systems running smoothly. Even if you’re not majoring in the biological sciences, learning more about the brain can just be incredibly interesting and perhaps even entertaining. Read on to learn some fascinating facts about your brain that might just motivate you to give it the respect and TLC it deserves.

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10 Deadly Diseases That Hopped Across Species

Bacteria and viruses that are deadly to one type of creature can evolve quickly to infect another. While the swine flu outbreak is the latest example, a host of infectious and deadly diseases have hopped from animals to humans and from humans to animals. The cross-species infection can originate on farms or markets, where conditions foster mixing of pathogens, giving them opportunities to swap genes and gear up to kill previously foreign hosts (i.e. you). Or the transfer can occur from such seemingly benign activities as letting a performance monkey on some Indonesian street corner climb on your head. Microbes of two varieties can even gather in your gut, do some viral dancing, and evolve to morph you into a deadly, contagious host.

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10 Commandments for Con Men

"Count" Victor Lustig was a con man of considerable note. Born in 1890, by the 1930s he was wanted by approximately 45 law enforcement agencies worldwide. He had 25 known aliases and spoke 5 languages. He cunningly gained $5k from Al Capone. Better still, in 1925, Lustig posed as a government official in Paris, took five businessmen on a tour of the Eiffel Tower, and then "sold" it to one of them as 7300 tonnes of scrap metal; the con went so well, he tried it again soon after. He also wrote the following list of commandments for aspiring con men.

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The 25 Most Common Cooking Mistakes

Every cook, being human, errs, bungles, botches, and screws up in the kitchen once in a while. If you have not "caramelized" fruit in salt rather than sugar, you have not suffered the most embarrassing mistake made by one of our editors. We did not have to look much farther than our staff?and their encounters with readers, friends, and relatives?to compile a list of 25 common, avoidable culinary boo-boos. The creative cook can often cook her way out of a kitchen error, but the smart cook aims to prevent such creativity from being necessary. Here are 25 ways to be smarter every time.

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Top 10 Pioneers Of The Internet

The Internet wasn’t just designed by one person or one team at one time. As more and more people peeled back the frontiers of information technology, they contributed to the understanding and development of what we all now take for granted. The Internet is here to stay, but there were times when it was a fragile thing that only a few people could envision. The following people are visionaries, inventors, researchers and programmers who, in the early days of the internet, dreamed big and pioneered the technologies and programs behind all the standard Internet operating tools of today.

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8 Ways To Turn A Female Friend Into More

Having a hot female friend is always a challenge. Because no matter what you do, the word “platonic” sounds a lot more like a reference to earthquakes than your attitude toward that smokin’ bod. But how can you crack the barrier and add a heavy dose of attraction to the bland, unfulfilled vat of friendship the two of you share?

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