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10 People Who Time Traveled For Real

If one wants to travel through time, the only way to roll is in a speeding DeLorean with a plutonium-powered flux capacitor. Sounds crazy, right? Well, there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Thing is, we still don't know all that much about how the space-time continuum operates. So, is time travel possible? It depends on who you ask. From the government to an archaeologist to an extra in a Charlie Chaplin film, time travelers abound in legend, rumor, and documented "proof." Can we really send a man to the future and return him safely to the present? Judge the truth for yourself after perusing these time traveler stories.

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8 Surprising Anti-Gun Celebrities

Hollywood’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. While its multi-million dollar movie stars cash in on shoot ‘em up thrillers and cop dramas, they openly move to restrict gun ownership in this country. When the lights turn off and the cameras stop running, these stars put down their prop house guns and pick the Brady Campaign banner. When a fortune is made on the portrayal of guns on the silver and small screen and that cash turns into donations to the anti-gun lobby, it should make every Second Amendment supporter think: Where is my money really going?Fame is a powerful weapon, and it’s hard to believe that these celebs have anti-gun leanings. But they do.

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10 Adorable Baby Animals That Grow Up To Be Deadly Predators

Even the fiercest predators – lions, tigers and bears – start their lives helpless and adorable, and even cold-blooded killers like crocodiles display surprising parenting skills. These ten creatures might look cute and cuddly but just wait until they reach their adult size!

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10 Great Makeup Artists and Their Creations

Let’s face it, movie makeup artists are the unsung heroes of Hollywood. Film buffs and self-proclaimed cinema aficionados can usually name their top five directors at the drop of a hat (making sure to include luminaries like Stanly Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman to prove their superior knowledge and expertise). But ask these same “experts” who their favorite movie makeup artists are and they are sure to be stumped. Just because the spotlight hasn’t shone brightly on the movie makeup occupation doesn’t mean Hollywood isn’t flooded with tremendous talent. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. In this feature we take a look at 11 great makeup artists (and their creations) to give these masters their due.

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The Top Ten Instant Noodles In The World

Since I was a small child, I have enjoyed instant noodles. It started out with what every other kid in the USA had — Top Ramen. Then came Roasted Ramen, noodles that already had the seasoning within them — no packet! Until these were off the market, and everything changed in my instant noodle world. My parents took me south to Seattle. And what I discovered at about 12-yrs-old, was that there were now a ton of varieties of instant noodles. With different colored packaging and strange foreign writing I couldn’t begin to understand — making them almost impossible to cook. Over 30 years later and having officially sampled over 650 different unique varieties, I’ve come up with a list of my favorites. It changes from time to time as I find new varieties to enjoy, but here it is as it stands currently.

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12 Money Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Research suggests that creating an annual budget instead of a monthly one works best, largely because we feel less confident in our annual estimates, so we tend to add more cushioning for unexpected expenses. In one study, college students underestimated their monthly expenses by 40 percent while overestimating their annual expenses by 3 percent.

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Coffee Is For Closers: 14 Of The Most Impressive Monologues In Movie History

Monologues are to actors what analogies are to bullshit writers who have no idea how to start their list article about monologues. What I mean is that every actor should have a really good understanding on how to perform a monologue – at least I assume so considering that they are the most common tools for auditioning for a part. To someone like myself, who couldn’t act even if Hitler’s death depended on it, I really have no idea what goes into a monologue – however I do know what comes out of a good one. So when I judge the talent of these I’m really just judging how effective they seemed to be, not necessarily the amount of artistic effort that was put into it. Simply put, these are some terrific monologues.

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12 Gadgets that Help You Cheat on Your Girlfriend

In the aftermath of the information and communication revolution adultery has become more difficult than ever. An undeleted text message or flirty Facebook comment can reveal a cheater’s tryst to their significant other in an instant. Long gone are the days of the ‘Mad Men’, when an adulterer could ‘stay late at the office’ 5 days of the week and still return to an adoring wife. In the 21st century a cheater needs to be as cunning as a spy and as thorough as CSI. But fear not, help is at hand for every love-rat out there. Here are 12 gadgets that help you cheat on your girlfriend.

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15 Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Don't Know

Most expert computer users know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing Control (Ctrl) + P on a PC to print a document. But did you know there are plenty of other useful—not to mention pretty darn cool—key combinations out there? From instantly zooming in to a larger view to quickly closing your browser window, these shortcuts will put the World Wide Web and more at your fingertips—because every second counts.

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10 Presidential Ailments of a Very Specific Nature

I was going to do an article about Presidential ailments and injuries in general – you know, we’re all aware that FDR had polio, but who knew Herbert Hoover had a hatchet injury? That kind of thing. But as I started researching, I started noticing that a large number of Presidents had problems… erm, south of the border. So it sort of naturally just evolved. I promise you, I didn’t just wake up one morning and think – “You know what I feel like researching today? Thomas Jefferson’s constipation. That sounds like fun.”

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