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The 14 Best Places To See A UFO

This place first made its bones as a UFO hotspot when the British military began testing atomic bombs there in the 1950s. Since then, the extremely isolated area has become a hub of intense UFO activity. Numerous people traveling through its harsh desert reported having their cars chased by UFOs. These, plus reports of alien abductions, drove the Australian government to erect a highway sign that reads: "Beware of UFOs."

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TV's 11 Biggest Morons

The television landscape is filled with morons. Some of them are funny to watch, others are just frustrating. Some appear on reality shows, while others were created and fostered by writers. Part of the fun of watching a moron on television is the wonderful sense of intellectual superiority we get as they stumble from one idiot extreme to the next. If we suddenly woke up in a universe completely devoid of idiots on television, it would be a sad day indeed. From Donald Trump to Michael Scott, here is our list of TV's biggest morons.

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9 Fearless War Heroes That Were Also Animals

Since there have been wars, there have been heroes. Men and women who have done things we can’t imagine. These folks have stared death in the eye and truly faced evil. When you picture these heroes you think of friends and family who have served their country. Epic warriors who are battle-hardened and godlike. What you might not picture when you think of war heroes are pigeons, horses and dogs. You should though. There are tons of animals that make the same harrowing sacrifices and acts of bravery… even if they do do it for a milk bone.

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11 Horrifically Violent Animal Mating Rituals

Is there anything cuter than a baby seal? There is when it's been crushed to death by a horde of frisky male seals who wanted to get in the action when they heard another couple mating. Think that's a rare occurrence? Think again. Some colonies have been known to lose 2/3 of their cubs this way. That's why the babies grow up so darn fast –the sooner they bulk up, the sooner they can avoid being crushed to death. Of course, babies aren't the only ones at risk. The male Southern Elephant Seal often crushes the female's skull in his jaws during copulation and female Monk Seals are often mobbed to de*th by excited males when they go into heat. In fact, endangered seal species are some of the only at-risk creatures to be put on libido-suppressing drugs in order to stop them from sexing themselves into extinction

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22 Awesome Air Traffic Control Towers Across the World

Air Traffic Control Tower lovers of the world unite. Here is a selection of ten of the best and more unusual in the world, including the one at Los Angeles above. Whether your own favorite is listed here, these structures have functionality and are designed to fit their own particular environment but also have a strange beauty all their own. Air Traffic Control Towers are not as ubiquitous as you may think. Most people when asked would say that every airport has one, but this is simply because their height and shape had wormed its way in to the general consciousness, due not least to the plethora of disaster movies centered on airports. It is only the busiest of airports that have towers, such as the one above at Haneda airport which serves the Tokyo metropolis.

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Top 10 Better Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is upon us once again, but instead of letting its icy breath interrupt your life, conquer the freezing temperatures with these tips.

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10 Sexy Sites From Around The World

Forget castles, churches, fine art galleries, and history museums; the sites on this list celebrate the thing almost everyone has in common, sex. From penis parks to fertility shrines to bondage demonstrations, these sexy sites from around the world will make your trip a bit quirkier and your mind a bit filthier.

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Top 10 Hacked and Circuit-Bent Children’s Toys

Circuit Bending is the art by which a brave and inquisitive mind, armed only with a soldering iron, components, and old electronics can create weird, wonderful, noisy, and overall disturbing new takes on classic items. The method is, on the whole, incredibly creative and experimental, accomplished via a variety of methods such as introducing variable resistors, light and contact sensors in unusual places, removing components and introducing feedback loops. Often the resulting electronic spawn is lusted after by both artists and noise musicians.

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43 Facts about 44 Presidents

We all know the tired old legends and facts – George Washington ‘fessed up to chopping down a cherry tree; Abraham Lincoln lived in a log cabin; JFK had an affair with Marilyn Monroe; Bill Clinton had some laundering issues with a Gap dress. But there’s more than meets the eye with the Presidents – here are a few lesser-known facts about each of them. And in case you’re wondering about the weird math, Grover Cleveland was President for non-consecutive terms (the only President to ever do so, actually), so he technically counts as Presidents #22 and #24.

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Top 10 Drinks Real Men Don't Order

We're firm believers that if you're going to drink alcohol, you'd better like the taste. Masking the taste of booze with sweet mixes and purees is only acceptable at the earliest stages of experimental beveraging; once you've graduated from high school, it's time to either stick to beer or move on to alcohol that tastes like, well, alcohol. It's not only an image issue; it's easier to maintain a degree of sobriety if you can really taste how much booze you're consuming. Scotch, after all, is meant to be sipped, not slurped up with an extra-wide straw. No man looks good passed out in a pool of his own vomit, and one of the indignities of drinking super-sweet cocktails is that they can trick you into drinking more than you should, thereby making you look like an ass.

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