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15 Celebrities Who Saw UFOs

Are these celebrities crazy or did they really see UFOs? (Okay, yes, they're probably all crazy anyway, but that doesn't answer the second question: could they be weirdos who happen to be spot-on about alien spacecraft?) Beam him up, somebody. William Shatner once claimed a UFO saved his life after his motorcycle broke down in the Mojave Desert. Stranded and without water in the 130-degree heat, he said a mysterious object suddenly appeared in the sky and guided him to a gas station and safety. But Shatner later recanted the story in his autobiography and told The New York Times: "I told the truth that I lied."

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10 Creative Ways to Use Your Basement

Basements aren’t just for keeping people prisoner, like in the award-winning sinister thriller series, CELL. Oh sure, they’re good for that… and for burying bodies… and Satanic ritual… and for stacking up garbage if you’re a hoarder. But for people without serious mental illness, psychosis or extreme personality disorders, the basement can be a vehicle for productivity, entertainment, and physical well-being. Really! Disclaimer: If you live in an area below sea-level or on rocky topography, creating a basement is ill-advised and/or near impossible. There’s a reason your neighbors were looking at you funny when you brought in that back hoe!

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The 5 Top Insults You Should Only Use When You’re Sure Your Relationship Is Over

So your relationship is over and all those feelings of aggression, anger, disgust and mental anguish have come to a head. If you don’t lash-out in a verbal assault of profanities and low-blows you’re just going to explode. You want to—need to—get a few last jabs in at the ex before the door hits her in the ass. It’s okay to vent. Just remember, once you say it, you can’t take it back. If you dare to use any of the top 5 insults on your ex, you need to be sure of two things first; that you’ll never, ever want her back, and that you can outrun her!

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10 Most Brutal Police Forces on Earth

The UC California pepper-spraying incident showed that police brutality can crop up anywhere – even in broad daylight in a liberal American state in 2011. Yet there are definitely some police forces around the world among which violence is more part of the culture than it is in others. In forces where officers don’t receive enough in the way ethical training there is a danger of them being turned into little more than armed gangs – and particularly dangerous ones since they’re better equipped than most gangs. Even worse, if the government controlling the police is unscrupulous, the officers can be a tremendous threat to the freedoms they are theoretically supposed to be protecting. Here we list the roll of dishonor – the ten most brutal police forces on Earth.

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10 Of The Most Memorable Twist Endings In Movies

In many cases, a well-executed twist ending instantly transforms a good movie into a great movie. It takes great screenwriting to string the audience along for an entire two hours, only to pull back the curtain to reveal things were not what they seemed the whole time. Below are ten of the most memorable movie twist endings of all time. Warning: Spoilers galore!

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13 Biggest Business Blunders of All Time

From fall-outs that shook an entire economy to laughable attempts at trendy ventures, this list spans nearly 100 years of business failures and scandals. Illegal investments, mismanaged, overpriced projects, and lots of skeezy, selfish dealings have led to some of the biggest blunders of all time. Here are 13 of the most significant.

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10 Ways to be a Total Cliche on St. Patrick’s Day

Listen up, lads and lassies! St. Patrick's Day is around the corner, and if you want to celebrate the holiday the right way, you'll need to dress up and act the part of a true Irishman or lady. That means wearing green regalia, drinking green beer and speaking with a wee Irish accent all while attending a St. Patty's Day parade and doing an Irish jig at the pub.

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10 Historic Sports Accomplishments That Are Forever Tainted

Playing sports at the highest level requires an intense competitive drive in which failure is never an accepted result. Michael Jordan’s desire to win, for example, was unparalleled during his time in the NBA, which is why he never lost an NBA Finals and is unanimously regarded as the greatest basketball player the game has ever seen. It’s what separates the elite ones from the good ones. Each player or team below achieved greatness — a much-coveted record or championship — but received some unfair help along the way. Of course, how much that help tainted their accomplishments varies; some deserve asterisks, while others ought to be stricken from the record books altogether. Ultimately, though, it’s the popular opinion of sport fans that determines the athletes’ legacies.

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The Most Egregious 2012 Oscar Snubs

The 2012 Academy Award nominees were announced on the morning of January 24, 2012, and immediately, it became clear that several deserving or expected nominees were snubbed. With 9 nominated films for Best Picture, it was obvious that not every film being honored would receive honors across multiple categories. But many of the most eagerly and excitedly anticipated nominees were left off of the official Oscar ballots, including performers and directors from some of the year's top films.

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11 Replacement Lead Singers That Failed

We all know the horrors of Van Hagar, but check out these other cases of bands who ditched their lead singer and made a horrible mistake in replacing them. Pity poor hair metal artists at the beginning of the 1990s. Grunge was starting to rise up, alternative scenes all over the world were kicking out truly interesting, progressive jams, and the days of tight Spandex and cocaine excess were coming to an end. For Motley Crue, one of the most famous artists of that era, things were even worse. Frontman Vince Neil was so screwed up in 1992 that the rest of the band forced him out and started looking for a replacement.

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