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25 Crazy Rites of Passage

Whether you celebrate your coming of age with a birthday party or by permanently disfiguring your body, most cultures on earth recognize the importance of this stage in an individual’s life. The crazy rites of passage in this list commemorate a young adults’ entry into adulthood and the agonizing things they are willing to endure to earn the respect of their peers.

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7 Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Conspiracies

The capsizing of the Costa Concordia cruise ship has shocked people all over the world, especially those who did not learn their lesson from Leonard DiCaprio dying on the Titanic. In other words, we all should have seen this coming... because despite what “reputable” news outlets would have you think, there is apparently more afoot here than just an allegedly "cowardly" captain and ineffective crew. Here are some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the unfortunate sinking of the cruise ship the Costa Concordia.

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9 Most Crystal Clear Waters on Earth

We’ve deemed you, our beloved readers, worthy of a list of the most beautiful, crystal clear waters in the world. Some are lakes, some are oceans, and all are natural. We wouldn’t be so over-the-top to claim this is a list of places to visit before you die, but we would heartily recommend you make a trip to a few while you’re still alive.

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10 Hand Gestures You Should Know When Traveling

Your tickets are bought. Your bags are packed, then re-packed. You have an itinerary, a passport, and maybe a travel partner. Or maybe you're throwing five things in a backpack at the last minute and booking it out of town. Regardless of your travel methodology (or lack thereof), the excitement of some time away from the daily grind is supremely enticing. When you travel the world, you should feel privileged to experience new sights, sounds, food. Breathe the local culture with a deep inhale. Make some new friends. A word of advice, though: make sure that you've done appropriate research on interpersonal nuances. Some things back home don't mean the same things abroad. For example, body positioning and hand gestures.

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8 Most Creative Radio Contests

In the not-so-distant past, radio reigned supreme as the primary entertainment medium. If you fancied the latest news from around the world, a baseball game, or a glimpse of popular music, the radio was your one-stop shop. There was one in every living room and every automobile. It was not long after the advent of radio when the world was graced with the audio cassette, the television, and ultimately the internet. In the the blink of an eye, the era of radio had begun to fade into the sunset. Much like the newspaper and Katie Couric, radio has struggled to maintain its place in the world. Even before that, the people who ruled the airwaves worked overtime to make the format as interesting (and shocking) as common decency would allow.

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Top 11 Tips for Winning the Coupon War and Saving Money

To combat extreme couponers who spend hours, days even weeks searching for deals -- sometimes stealing newspapers and diving into dumpsters -- in hopes of saving hundreds of dollars, some stores have started fighting back and changing their policies. CVS recently announced that shelf-clearing would no longer be allowed. Rite Aid may accept up to four identical coupons for the same number of qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers. If the store is running low, managers have the right to restrict the quantity of sales.

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10 Most Disruptive Computer Viruses in Internet History

Each year, US businesses and citizens lose billions upon billions of dollars due to the destruction caused by computer viruses. We’re all familiar with that sinking feeling when the first signs show — your browser freezes, your system slows, error messages pop up repeatedly, and bizarre antivirus software you never installed “scans” your computer. In worst case scenarios, it can spread to other computers, erase your hard drive, and ruin your machine altogether. A problem that predates the internet, the first virus was created 40 years ago, setting forth a problem that has grown with our dependence on computers. The following bugs are among the worst in history, and have caused many businesses and people to seek some form of insurance just in case.

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7 Smartest Ways To Save Money Using The Internet

Holiday shopping season has come and gone, but saving money should always be on our minds especially since we’re starting a new year, and probably want or need new items or necessities. Online shopping is like the recently developed and hyped phenomenon, which may not necessarily be a bad thing to follow. We can save more money than ever by using Ebay and Amazon instead of having to wait in line for items at the stores without a guarantee that we will even get what we want if more customers are also interested in the same products.

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10 Youngest Murderers in History

Murders happen every day, but very rarely are they committed by people who can’t see over the witness stand. According to the U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, juvenile offenders were involved in approximately 1,043 murders in 2006, which accounts for 10 percent of all murders. Children may commit a small percentage of all murders in the United States overall, but they aren’t a demographic that we can afford to ignore.

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Top 10 Almost Fatal Film Stunts

Ever since the days of silent film, audiences have crowded into theaters to see films that push the envelope of action and suspense. One of the biggest crowd-pleasers are incredible stunts. Professional stuntmen in Hollywood have made careers of risking life and limb on a daily basis all in the name of entertainment. There have been many lists of great stunts…however, this list will focus on those that almost ended in death. Ten of the deadliest stunts of all time are collected here in chronological order.

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