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19 Heroic Whistleblowers Who Paid The Price For Speaking Out

In sports, when a whistle blows it means it's time to stop — it's the end of the period or someone has committed a foul. Similarly, a whistleblower pipes up after something has gone wrong. Whether it's fraud, theft, or gross disregard for public safety, a whistleblower will make these misdeeds known to the authorities or the public at large. Though many laud whistleblowers for their commitment to truth, others vilify them as nothing but grown-up tattle-tellers. And being a whistleblower is not without risk — many of the men and women listed here have paid ghastly prices for speaking out…

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Top 10 Customized Cars of 2011

No matter, how perfect the cars manufactured are, the aftermarket tuning specialists do find their own unique ways to customize them, so that the performance could be increased further. Big names like Mercedes and BMW do make incredible cars, but it is these tuning companies that take these incredible cars further to a even higher level. Here is the list of the top 10 customized cars of the year, in no particular order.

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12 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the World

If you are looking for some great destinations for your next vacation, there are a number of dangerous tourist attractions that you may want to avoid. Many of these locations have been made into tourist attractions in order to generate an income for the location, but it might not have been the best idea to turn them into tourist destinations. Here are twelve of the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world.

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3 Surprising Reasons to Give Up Soda

By now, it's probably fair to say that most Americans know soda isn't a health-promoting drink. Over the years, the carbonated beverage has been blamed for the obesity epidemic and rising healthcare costs. Some public health experts have even called for a soda tax to help deter people from drinking so much of it. While love handles and diabetes are obvious problems associated with soda, drinking the sweet carbonated beverages harbors hidden threats, too.

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The First 10 Apple Employees: Where Are They Now?

Apple, unlike any other company in the world, has its identity tied to one individual: Steve Jobs. And without question, Jobs is the driving force that turned Apple into the world's most valuable tech company. But, Jobs didn't do it alone. We decided to take a look at the first ten employees at Apple, and see what they did and where they are today. Apple's first CEO Michael Scott gave us a bunch of color on the early days, and Steve Wozniak helped with a list of early employees, though it was based on his memory. We got our full list from another early employee. The Apple employee numbers aren't the order each person joined the company. When Scott came to Apple he had to give out numbers to each employee to make life easier for payroll.

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5 Ways Restaurants Get You To Spend

Dining in America used to be simple. Before the 1960s, competition among food service chains was timid, with only a few established restaurants operating in a handful of formats. Over the years, factors such as the demand for healthful choices and the introduction of foreign cuisines have created an overwhelming number of eat-out options. Food industry corporations must continually work to lure customers and maximize their guests' spending, and a handful of companies seem to have a recipe for accomplishing both. But this industry is vulnerable to trends, and staying on top takes inventive marketing, shrewd strategies and aggressive selling. To prove this point, set a budget the next time you eat out and then look for these common restaurant tactics that work to increase your spending.

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10 Pests and Their Life Expectancies

The human species is considered the top of the food chain and has a longer average lifespan than almost any other species. However, there are several species of pests that like to make our lives miserable while they can. We may outlive them, but they can wreck havoc in their short lifetimes.

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20 Stupidest Quotes To Come From Politicians

It's weirdly comforting that politicians of all ages and parties are able to say such agonizingly stupid things. Presidents tend to get the most press when it comes to gaffes — and some, like George W. Bush, are more a magnet for this than others — but the bottom line is that elected officials have been saying dumb things on the record for as long as we've had elections and records. For all their polish, practice, and the legion of advisors that follow them everywhere, there's no stopping a politician from saying something regrettable that will be preserved forever as a monument to their lack of control. It almost goes without saying that the quotes listed below are by no means an exhaustive look at the field, but they are a kind of "best of the best." Or, put another way, the best of the worst.

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The 25 Worst Passwords of 2011

Whenever idiotic passwords are discussed, the following story always comes up: five years ago, a group of Slovak hackers breached Slovakia's National Security Bureau (abbreviated NBU), which stores tons of classified information. It was an easy hack. The NBU's master login/password was simply nbusr/nbusr123. After cracking it, the hackers publicized the information, much to the NBU's embarrassment. What's even worse? Days later, the password was still "nbu123." That was five years ago, but bad passwords still abound. SplashData, a password management app maker, compiled a list of the 25 worst passwords of 2011, based on millions of stolen passwords that were dumped online. Typically after hackers compromise a server, like Sony's or's, they post all these personal details online.

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8 Great Tools Windows Users Would Never Want To Miss

There are many apps out there for you, but getting by free and good ones is not that easy. That is why I am sharing The Eight Great Tools Windows Users Would Never Want To Miss. Read each entry in the list and see which tool suits your needs best.

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