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Top 10 Myths, Lies And Conspiracy Theories About Facebook

Facebook has broken down many of the social barriers that once existed for people. Cool people you met only once, cute coworkers you're too shy to speak with in person, and long lost loves could now be "friended" using the social medial platform, when before communication would not have been possible. But is there a dark side to the social media leader?

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11 Things We Can Expect in the Future According to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Science fiction has always brought us interesting views of our potential future. Some of them are compelling and hopeful, like Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future in Star Trek. Others are dark and foreboding like Space: Above and Beyond. Then there are series that seem to combine the two like Babylon 5 or Earth: Final Conflict. However, in all of television based science fiction, there is no universe quite as unique as the one featured in the '70s "hit" Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. For those unacquainted with the series, Astronaut Buck Rogers is a stranger in a strange land, having been accidentally cryogenically frozen while on a "Deep Space probe" in 1987. Having been blown into a very wide orbit, Buck plays the role of Popsicle for the next 500 years, until being discovered by the Draconians near Earth in the year 2491. However, Earth is not quite what he remembers.

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7 High Tech Ready-To-Eat Meals

Although our world, in galactic terms, is small, it exhibits near infinite diversity; from the astounding level of biological complexity found in the rainforest to the mind boggling mix of gases that make up our atmosphere, no one could ever claim the earth is a dull place, unlike the moon, which, quite frankly, represents height to tedium. Humans are not exempt from the Earth's tendency towards intricacy, the thousand different tribes and cultures of man are evidence enough of that. Indeed, for people, it would seem that a complete lack of agreement is the norm; as any internet forum proves.

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Top 10 Most Disturbing Skin Conditions

According to, your skin is the largest organ in your body in both weight and surface area. Your skin alone weighs between six and nine pounds and stretches about 2-square yards! Your skin plays an important part in protecting your body from harmful bacteria, infections and regulates your body temperature. Sometimes, your skin takes a beating from those bacteria, infections and other ailments. Some of these skin conditions are downright disturbing.

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6 Infamous Arsonists and How They Got Caught

Over 50 fires gutted cars in Los Angeles this past weekend. While most of the damage was limited to vehicles, some of the flames caused destruction to adjacent property, including to a home that once belonged to Jim Morrison. LA has not experienced this many fires since the 1992 riots. On Monday police detained a person of interest, 24-year-old German national Harry Burkhart, who was seen on security footage near one of the fires. While some people start fires for insurance money or to cover up crimes, arsonists set fires to feel control—and, in many cases, sexual excitement. Profilers say arsonists have few close relationships; they start blazes to feel important. Many only have a high school education, but some of the most prolific showed a surprisingly high degree of intelligence.

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Top Six Celebrities Who Should Never Sing Again

Brace yourself, everybody. Not content with torturing us back in 2006 with her debut album, Paris Hilton is apparently preparing to unleash a second one. So, in her honor and as a means to prepare ourselves, here's our list of the top six celebrities who should never make music ever again. Oh, and for the record, we will defend William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy's musical attempts 'til the day we die (K-Fed's lucky we couldn't find a good version of "Popozao" though).

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10 Facts About Your Dashboard You Don't Know

Our car manufacturers have made sure that if there is anything we need to know, it is right in front of us on our dashboard. There are cool little symbols, groups of letters, flashing lights and small graphics to catch our attention. The trouble is, we can get so used to seeing them that we don’t pay any attention to them. At other times, we notice something, and we’re not sure if it is a warning of some type or if it has always been there and this is the first time we noticed it. Of course, if we knew what the little symbol or the letters stood for, that would be very helpful, wouldn’t it? The following is a list of ten items you might find on your dashboard that you may not know about.

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5 Signs Your Friend is Really a Frenemy

Our generation, the trailblazers that we are, will leave a lot of different marks on this world, but none more significant than our ability to create new (and fabulous, mind you) words. Sexting. Legit. Facebooking. Fab. Whatevs. Whether we’re abbreviating them or combining them, we’re creating them, and we’re creating them with very specific purposes in mind. How else would you describe a friend that acts like your enemy? Someone who you think you can trust, but you really can’t? Someone who makes you feel worse while she pretends she’s trying to make you feel better? This person is not your friend. But she’s not exactly your enemy either.

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Top 15 Free Android Apps You Must Have

Now Android is a revolutionary mobile operating system. Everybody is concentrating on Android and its apps. So I have decided to find out the most Useful Best Apps for Android which are completely free. As all these 15 Android Apps are free of cost. Some of them need a Android Market Account. So all you have to do is to register a Android Market Account first with your Google Account and Download them. Remember that to install Apps in your Android Mobile, You have to login to and type the android app name which you want and then click on install. The file will be downloading soon and now you can installed it.

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11 Powerful Android apps To Increase Productivity

Androids are slowly but steadily making inroads into the enterprise market with phones that offer features that rival enterprise solutions offered by industry heavyweights like Blackberry. Some say that android cannot match-up to the strength of Blackberries and iPhones when it comes to productivity, but I am not convinced of that just yet. I have noticed how people absolutely love their Blackberries and iPhones and find it hard to go a day without them because of the features they offer to increase your productivity. Android app developers have realized the potential in the business and productivity applications that make life and work a lot easier and churned out some very interesting apps. These apps will transform your android device from an everyday phone to an automated digital assistant!!

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