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12 Reasons The World Will End In 2012

Bird flu and swine flu gave us a fright in years past, but the real plague could be released upon the world any minute. Scientists have reconstructed the DNA microbe of the bubonic plague, aka the Black Death, in the hope of figuring out what made it so very powerful. The New York Times reports that a lab recently grew a H5N1 flu virus, "one of the most dangerous flu viruses ever known, and made it even more dangerous ó by tweaking it genetically to make it more contagious."

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10 Movies That Killed Comedy Careers

Adam Sandler is, normally, a pretty funny guy. Why, then, must he star in a movie where the co-star is himself in drag? Adam Sandler's 'Jack & Jill' is the first major offense on comedy by a normally hilarious actor in a while, but not ever. Here are the other movies that killed comedy careers of the biggest funnymen in Hollywood.

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10 Amazing Stories of Animal Prosthetics

Just like humans, when an animal loses a leg or other important body part, a prosthetic can mean the difference between living a normal life and struggling on a day to day basis. Here are ten stories of animals that suffered loss and then learned to live with a new adaptation to their body. While some people criticize the efforts put into these prosthetics, particularly in species that are not under threat of extinction, it is important to realize that these developments could help save a critical breeding member of an endangered species one day. Additionally, many of these techniques are brand new and by testing them on animals, researchers are developing useful insights to see if they may one day work on humans. If you end up losing a body part and get a bionic replacement twenty years from now, you might just have a cat or dog to thank for your top-of-the-line prosthetic.

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The Worst Political Gaffes of 2011

After long months of speeches, town halls, cable news segments, newspaper interviews, and a seemingly endless string of debates, the Republican presidential hopefuls (and the Democratic incumbent) have had plenty of chances to stick their feet in their mouths in 2011. Of course, they didn't disappoint. As the year draws to a close, we remember 10 of the most memorable political gaffes of 2011.

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7 Movies You Didnít Realize Are Subtly Racist

There are a lot of movies out there with obviously racist themes Ė Song of the South, Birth of a Nation, every movie ever made by Spike Lee, The Wizard of Oz (hey, witches are people too) Ė but thatís not what this list is about. No, what this list is about are those films that are a little more subtle with their racism, the ones in which the racism isnít an obvious plot point but an underlying assumption, which honestly is probably the most dangerous kind of racism there is. Got it? Good. So without further ado, here are seven movies that are subtly racist

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5 Common Foods that Cause Constipation

Constipation is quite bothersome. Having a feeling of rectal blockage and not passing a stool for more than 24 hours can increase the risk of chronic constipation. Then, itís time to visit your doctor immediately. Several factors contributing to constipation include lack of exercise, stress, a disrupted routine and taking medication. But above all is making the wrong food choices, plus not drinking enough water. Here is a list of some foods that can cause constipation.

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10 Most Foolhardy Ways to Treat a Hangover

Peruse the Internet, and you'll find scores of articles and blog entries featuring the "best" methods for remedying your hangover. Some even include advice from the quotable Snooki, who says "the best cure is to drink margaritas the morning of, and you're fine." Double-fisting drinks at 9 a.m., however, isn't the best way to make up for a regretful night ó at least when that night included heavy drinking ó and can worsen your morning tenfold. Here's what you shouldn't do/drink/eat when you wake up and your head feels like it's in a vise, your stomach is infuriated, and you feel like death.

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10 Privacy Tools To Browse The Web Anonymously

There are lots of people who prefer to browse the internet using a proxy. There are many reasons behind it. One of the most important reasons include your private information which you may just leave on a public computer. When you browse the internet through hidden proxies, websites does not send you the request directly but to the proxy server and it shows the information of the proxy server rather than your personal information. They are also used to unblock websites on different organizations and school networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. For that purpose, we have gathered a list of 10 excellent free proxy services which you can use to browse the internet anonymously.

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25 Extremely Strange Wedding Traditions

The one thing every human society has in common is marriage. It doesnít matter how isolated or backwards it is, if you stick around long enough then youíll find yourself at something at least resembling a wedding. That being said, it will almost certainly not be what you expect. In fact it is likely to be gross, confusing, terrifying, or any mixture of the three. But as you read this list of strange wedding traditions just think to yourself Ė whoís the weird one?

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10 Signs You May Be in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

No matter how attractive, old or smart a person is, he or she can be a victim of emotional abuse. Here are some signs of an abusive partner or spouse.

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