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10 Famous Pranksters

Not only was Norman Sailor Jerry Collins a master tattoo artist, he also pulled some pretty awesome pranks. And Sailor isn't the only famous face that knows how to pull an awesome practical joke. George Clooney is notorious for pulling pranks on and off set. When he shared an apartment with fellow actor Richard Kind, he would secretly scoop out his cat's liter box so that Richard would think his cat was constipated. Take a look at 10 celebs who know how to have some fun.

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16 Reasons Your Vote Won’t Count in the 2012 Elections

Many liberals believe the 2000 election was stolen through voter fraud, while conservatives point to the ACORN voter-registration scandal as proof of fraud and the need for voter ID laws. With George Washington's unanimous election as the one exception, mischief has always surrounded the ballot box. The 2012 presidential election, already highly contested, is bound to inspire cries of "fraud." Rest assured that unscrupulous members from both parties will attempt to give their candidates an edge on polling day. Read on to guard yourself against disenfranchisement in the upcoming election. It can happen in more ways than you think.

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5 Female Celebrities Who Have Gone Awfully Far with Plastic Surgery

It takes very little to become famous today, partially due to the ease with which news travels (have a sex tape? Great! Post the SFW snippets on YouTube and a million people may see it before the day is through). Mostly, however, the fame is owed to plastic surgeons who were geniuses at cosmetology school, proving that almost anyone can be turned into a diva. Fame used to only come to those who were truly beautiful or at least had some sort of talent, like acting or singing. Then there was a small percentage of the famous who earned their place by having a deformity, being extra-weird, and generally being such a misfit that others saw them as a spectacle. This small percentage pretty much makes up the majority of famous people today — except that instead of birth defects, the freaks are all plastic surgery addicts with completely reconstructed bodies and faces.

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10 Beautiful Car Front Ends Worth An Endless Stare

There is no denying the fact that many of us buy cars which are sleek and stylish and have a look to behold. The front end of the car plays an important role in lending it a cool look and many companies try to design impressive grilles in order to give an attractive look to their machines. Here is a list of 10 beautiful car front ends worth an endless stare.

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7 Products Made Using Recycled Boat Sails

Sailcloth is made from different fabrics and is quite sturdy. It is tough and water-resistant and is good to be used in all kinds of weather conditions. Hardly any effort is made to recycle sailcloth even after knowing all the properties it comes injected with. It is thrown away most of times without exploiting its complete potential. But there are many who are recycling sailcloth and using it to make various everyday items.

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8 First Date Ideas To Avoid At All Costs

First dates are a delicate thing; your conversation topics, what moves are or are not made and the general vibe of your chemistry are all important. But where you are and what you do is important too. Here are some terrible ideas for first dates that you should avoid.

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The 25 Worst Passwords of 2011

Whenever idiotic passwords are discussed, the following story always comes up: five years ago, a group of Slovak hackers breached Slovakia's National Security Bureau (abbreviated NBU), which stores tons of classified information. It was an easy hack. The NBU's master login/password was simply nbusr/nbusr123. After cracking it, the hackers publicized the information, much to the NBU's embarrassment. What's even worse? Days later, the password was still "nbu123." That was five years ago, but bad passwords still abound. SplashData, a password management app maker, compiled a list of the 25 worst passwords of 2011, based on millions of stolen passwords that were dumped online. Typically after hackers compromise a server, like Sony's or's, they post all these personal details online.

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15 Bizarre Biblical Quotes

Although the Bible can be inspiring and informative, there are some unusual verses that can be sexually explicit and, sometimes, even contradict the Ten Commandments. After discovering a few myself, I researched more into the matter and discovered some truly bizarre quotes from various passages. I ranked them based on what I thought were the most unusual.

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10 Most Laughable Movie Accents of All Time

Admittedly, mastering an accent in a few short months is a difficult task, and one that should be lauded for those who succeed. But, in many cases, the outcome is pretty brutal, resulting in the bastardization of not only the character, but the entire movie. For whatever reason, some reputable actors either don't even try, or just aren't the best at their craft despite their reputations. The following who's who of Hollywood stars have appeared in numerous hits, including some with which they'd be better off disassociating themselves.

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