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The 12 Biggest Sex Scandals You’ve Never Heard Of

What happens behind closed doors between two consenting adults should be their own business, right? Well, sometimes the nocturnal goings-on are too strange to keep silent. While today's headlines scream about the sexual misconduct of a bevy of politicians and celebrities, the pages of history are also rife with strange sex scandals.

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5 Actors Who are Never, Ever Going to Get Their Due

Look, America worships its actors, both the stars and the underdogs. The former shine brilliantly as proof of the American dream of fame and fortune. The latter we hold dear as guardians of secret brilliance the masses are too sheeplike to ever understand the genius of. Still, there are some who are just continually going to get the shaft no matter how gifted they are. We're not even talking about people like Jim Carrey or Jennifer Jason Leigh who just get constantly screwed out of recognition for their acting work. What we're talking about are artists who aren't even eligible for an Academy Award because what they do isn't seen as worth a damn by the "real" actors.

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13 Celebrities Who Went from a Hottie to Hot Mess

With the recent release of People Magazines “Sexiest Man Alive” issue we have gone back to some of the previous winners to see how their physiques and faces have held up over time. While time is not kind to any man, some of these stars did not help the process with their face-lifts, ugly haircuts and extra few pounds. Take a look at these celebrities that were once total hotties and what they became now.

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55 Grammar Offenses That Make Teachers Go Mad

Grammar errors are inevitable, of course. This article sports at least a few. No written work will ever boast a pure linguistic track record, but that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t try their best to pump out the most clear, concise papers possible. Plenty more than these 55 exist — there are, after all, as many grammatical errors as writers committing them. But the following do seem to crop up most frequently in academic pieces, sending some of the more high-strung professors out there into a nasty little series of eye-twitches.

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12 Sci-fi Film Locations You Can Actually Visit

“Hey honey, where shall we go for our honeymoon? Shall we eat truffles at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or take a midnight gondola ride in Venice? Or maybe get drunk and gamble away our life-savings in Las Vegas? What do you think?”

“Irksome Earthling! I shall not be part of some tawdry tour of this puny planet! I wish to see the stars! To engage the entirety of the ether! To travel the totality of time itself!” And why not? Why settle for seeing the same old beaches, bars and buildings, when you can visit the desert planet of Tattoine or the lush forests of Pandora? This year why not take a tripoff world and 1explore one of these twelve tantalising sci-fi locations?

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Family Guy's 10 Best Side Characters

It could be argued that the people that make life interesting are the bit players - the folks who show up a couple of times a year, running around all naked and deaf, looking like anachronistic strong men, singing about steak and egg breakfasts, granting us a pardon from our own untimely death. They're the ones that keep it tolerable. The people we see every day... well, they just get annoying, don't they?

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7 Super-Powered Food Pairings

It’s not exactly a news flash that milk can give you strong bones and carrots help sharpen your eyesight. But what you may not know is that you can get more disease-fighting bang by eating certain foods together. Think Simon and Garfunkel, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers—one’s good, but together they’re even better. Here, seven power couples.

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The 13 Most Horrifying Classic Christmas Songs of All Time

Christmas Carols are meant to get us in the holiday spirit, but have you ever really listened to the words of these yuletide classics? Most of these songs are about accidents, sex or secret murder. Lyrics about poverty, death, suspected adultery, giant snow creations springing to life, it's horrifying. These songs are ones we hear piped throughout giant shopping centers, in lobbies, on the radio, the background music of our celebrations and holiday parties but what are they really saying? Here are the most horrifying Christmas song lyrics of all time.

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Top 10 Terrible TV Movie Adaptations

Why do they make movies out of old T.V. shows? That requires a two part answer: either a) because devoted fans of discontinued series have requested, or even demanded, to see their favorite characters return for one more encompassing scenario as a sort of closure, or b) because some creatively-challenged Hollywood executives are willing to squeeze a buck out of anything with a scintilla of promise. If the movie fails to star any of the original cast (discounting novelty cameos) or maintain any common ties to the original (e.g. creators, writers, directors), it likely falls into the latter category. Too many movies are cranked out under the impression that they are breathing new life into an old television series, allowing fans to revisit the worlds they were so enamored with while they still ran without fear of cancellation or contract expiration, when, in fact, it is usually just a means to pack seats by highjacking someone else’s intellectual properties to disingenuous ends. This is a problem that shows no signs of stopping, as about a handful of good movies come out every year with another thousand that are just revolting. Nonetheless, we must be aware of what dread our way comes.

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