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13 Lindsay Lohan Conspiracy Theories

You may have heard of Lindsay Lohan. The starlet's rumored booze and drug-fueled exploits have kept her in the public spotlight for years. If you believe the papers, Lindsay certainly sees herself as the victim in all of this. Who could be out to get her? Crazed fans? Jealous co-workers? Obsessed paparazzi? Here's a chance to look at some of the conspiracies that may be swirling around the troubled Lindsay Lohan from her point of view.

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7 Surprising Health Facts About Coffee

Whether you like yours hot, iced, black or with sugar, one thingís for sure: Coffee serves up plenty of health benefits. Not only can a cup of Joe help ward off depression, but it has even been linked with a decreased rate of skin cancer and increased fertility. Read on to learn about the unexpected heath benefits of coffee, plus other brew-related facts.

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11 Facts You Might Not Know about Battlestar Galactica

In 1978, Glen A. Larson launched his ambitious space saga Battlestar Galactica. It was a grand story of a clash of civilizations and battle for survival. But its ratings could not justify its enormous production expense, and the show folded. A brief return in 1980 offered hope, but that came to nothing. For a generation, Battlestar Galactica fans lobbied for a revival and their efforts finally came to fruition in a re-imagined version of the show in a 2003 miniseries, followed by four seasons of storytelling. Here are eleven facts that you might not know about that latter series.

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10 Horrific Moments of Implied Violence in the Movies

Exploding heads are great, obviously. And there are some action and horror films that simply wouldnít be the same without copious bloodletting, broken limbs and flying eyeballs. So while weíve nothing against cinematic excess, itís also the case that truly horrific violence can be implied rather than explicitly shown. To this end, hereís a list of a few particularly noteworthy moments of implied nastiness in cinema. Needless to say, there are dozens upon dozens that weíve failed to remember, so feel free to chip in with your own favourite moments of off-screen menace in the comments section.

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10 Sticky Situations

There have been many shocking, sticky situations, but these are the very definition of sticky situations, as their stories are as shocking as they were amazing. There have been many heroic or inspiring tales of survival, as well as tragic and saddening cases of what might have been. Whether or not a story would fall into either of those, they are all truly sticky situations.

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7 Signs Youíre at a Bad Office Holiday Party

The holidays are here and if youíre lucky enough to be employed this season you very well may find yourself invited to an office holiday party. First off, congratulations on not being a social reject. There are certain doís and doníts of the office holiday party, but I donít have the time to cover that. Iím simply here to warn you of the signs of a bad office holiday party. Know what to look out for and enjoy the fiesta.

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10 Best Movies for Nerds and Those Who Love Them

There are some movies that seem to be made especially for the nerd community. Even though there are hundreds of types of nerds, divided by areas of interest and social tendencies, these films just seem to speak to geeks across the board. They feature relatable characters in situations most nerds find themselves in or wish they could stumble into. If you're a self-proclaimed nerd and haven't seen one of the movies on this list, you should check it out. If you're trying to woo a nerd, it wouldn't hurt to have a couple of these movies on your DVD rack when your date comes over. You'll definitely earn some brownie points.

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The 10 Saddest Cities in America

If you want record-setting sunshine, St. Petersburg is your cityóit once soaked up a Guinness-certified 768 straight days of rays. But there's an asterisk: The people of St. Pete also have the darkest clouds hanging over their heads. We put America on the therapist's couch and discovered that not only is St. Petersburg our Saddest City, but Florida in general seems to be a depressing place to live. Of course, we aren't shrinks, so our diagnosis is more statistical than psychological. To come up with our rankings, we calculated the following...

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10 Voice Actors Who Shaped Your Childhood and You Didnít Even Know It

As kids, it's hard to understand the difference between what we see on TV and the way things exist in the real world. At some point, most of us probably thought the characters of our favorite shows were actually tiny people who lived inside our TV sets. Of course, that means the actors in live-action roles got some credit from your five-year-old self, while the people who helped bring your favorite cartoons to life didn't exist in your mind. These cartoons helped teach you valuable lessons, entertained you through countless bowls of sugary cereal on Saturday mornings, and today, still bring back strong memories of your childhood. It's finally time to reveal the actors whose voices gave personality to your animated friends and to give them credit for influencing our lives.

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