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13 Biggest Sex Conspiracies

Go ahead and Google "sex" (as if you haven't already done so in the past hour); you'll find 2.8 billion results ranging from scientific discussion to pornography to databases of sex offenders. Clearly, sex is something we like to talk about. But there is a hidden side to sex, where conspiracy theories and well-kept secrets abound.

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Top 10 Awesome Zombie Depictions

They’ve been dead for a long time, and it’s proven excessively difficult to keep ‘em down! Zombies are nothing new to myth, folk tales, print or cinema – but what has drastically shifted over the last 35 years is their popularity. Though not openly given boardroom status with other popular monsters (vampires, werewolves, demons etc.) zombies have earned reputable stripes as an entire species capable of wiping out humanity! Regardless of the form they take, the general term “zombie” has generated a number of extremely unique appearances – the most shocking, original and talked-about versions lie here.

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Top 10 Most Important Assassinations In History

Ever since the Moabite King Eglon was stabbed to death on his throne in 1200 BCE (Judges 3:12-30)—and probably long before that—political leaders have been killed for any number of reasons. Usually they are murdered because they are deemed a threat by others in authority, or because of some controversial political stand they have taken, but sometimes the rationale can be as simple as the quest for revenge or the desire by the assassin to be famous. In any case, usually these murders are but minor footnotes in history, but occasionally they can and have had a profound impact on not only a nation, but on history itself. So who were these men—and a few woman—whose deaths have had such immense repercussions?

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15 Quotes Every Geek Should Know

Describing a geek, of any kind, is kind of hard. So many subjects, genres and generally, stuff, to be a geek of, it’s impossible to categorize. Still, most geeks, or maybe all of them, would know these next lines, from the world of literature, comics, movies and the Randomness of the World Wide Web.

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Top 10 Thanksgiving Moments in TV and Film

Poor Thanksgiving; it certainly doesn’t generate as much holiday ruckus in Hollywood as Halloween or Christmas do. While it may not be Tinseltown’s favorite holiday, there are still several television shows and films that center on Turkey Day. As you prepare to fill up on stuffing, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, I’ve whipped up a short list of favorite Thanksgiving moments on screen.

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7 Tips For Decreasing Load Times of Web Pages Using CSS and Javascripts

Everyone wants to get things done quickly while they are surfing the web, so it is quite obvious that people want a website’s page to load fast. Although those days are gone when pages took a lot of time to load but still there is still room for improvement. Many tools are available are available out there that can help you ameliorat your web pages’ loading speed, so here is a list of 7 Ways of Improving Your Page Load Time Using CSS and JavaScript. Check them out.

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5 Fast-Spreading Computer Viruses

Does it ever seem like everyone's out to get you? On the Internet, that is. Your every keystroke being followed, prying eyes over your shoulder when you enter in a password, fake Nigerian princes luring you with the promise of riches? You're not paranoid, you're pragmatic. Operation Ghost Click, the largest cybercrime ring to date, was just brought down by international law enforcement efforts. Its unraveling made clear that just seven people in Russia and Estonia for a payout of $14 million could infect 4 million computers. Victims—from home users to NASA—had their browsers hijacked so that when they clicked on what they thought were legitimate web pages or ads, they instead ended up on pages that netted the criminals cash.

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9 Dying Occupations Thanks To Technology

Since textile workers in England were replaced by mechanized looms in the 19th century new technologies have been continuously taking the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of laborers. In the 20th century -- the age of machinery, robotics, and computers -- the United States has seen the loss of millions of factory jobs. Now, in the era of the Internet and further automation, a new generation of full-time workers is on the verge of losing their positions to technology. 24/7 Wall Street used information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to identify the jobs that will lose the largest percentage of their current positions over the next decade. Many jobs are in industries where technological advancement has already caused major reductions in the workforce. Now, further contraction is expected in those same industries as workers who were trained to oversee the machines are themselves replaced by new machines and software that manage the old machines. For example, more than 50,000 postal workers formerly assigned to oversee the mail sorting machines will lose their jobs as newer automated machines are implemented.

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