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8 Awesome Chess Moments in Movies

There are plenty of good chess moments and mentions of chess in movies. However most are pretty small and barely cover the subject. But today I wanted to focus on movies that are pretty mainstream and moments that many of us might remember. I happen to love chess so seeing it in a movie is something I think all of us can enjoy. Anyway, here are the moments.

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12 Biggest Fake Local News Stories

Killer bees, red army ants, poisonous spiders, they're all out there. But usually they keep to themselves or their natural, non-suburban habitats. Due to climate change or, perhaps, general boredom these creepy crawlies have been known to occasionally creep into unsuspecting communities. No matter what the local news is telling you, the aggressive insects aren't out for blood. They attack only when threatened. But watch your step and maybe think about carrying a fly swatter.

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15 Most Evil Ways Mother Nature Can Kill

Verifiable proof that Mother Nature does not love you. In fact, she probably hates you... If the following examples are any indication, Mother Nature has every intention of wiping human nature from Her face like so many tears. Observe her handiwork.

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20 Unusual Uses for Vinegar

Chances are you’ve got a big bottle of vinegar in your pantry right now and that you only use it as a condiment. Prized for thousands of years, this fermented liquid was discovered by accident when products like wine, beer and cider spoiled, turning them sour. But did you know that vinegar – particularly the distilled white and apple cider varieties – has hundreds of household, beauty, medicinal and even horticultural uses? Here are 20 unusual, thrifty and eco-friendly uses for vinegar that you may not have thought of.

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10 Most Disgusting Things Ever Found in Food

If you're eating right now, you should finish your food before going any farther because you may not want to eat after reading this -- ever again. We all have different ideas of what tastes good depending on our cultural traditions and personal preferences. But there are some things we can all agree should never be served to a customer. Whether these items ended up in someone's meal by accident or to entertain a bored cook, here are the 10 most disgusting things people found in their food. Seriously, put down the snack if you're the least bit squeamish.

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18 Facts You Might Not Know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a hugely successful television series on WB and UPN from 1997-2003. Writer and producer Joss Whedon, long heavily constrained by the requirements of others, finally had the opportunity to create a series that was completely his own. Whedon had worked on it for years, first selling the screenplay in 1988 for a film version which was released in 1992. The story had been shredded and reworked into a campy, funny movie that Whedon loathed. After five years, he was able to launch a darker, more dramatic, but still funny television series which captured the imagination of a generation of fans. Here are eighteen facts that you might not know about that show.

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The 10 Nerdiest Moments of The Colbert Report So Far

Stephen Colbert is a nerd's nerd, having played D&D as a kid and developed an impressive knowledge of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, among other things. As an alumnus of Second City, Strangers with Candy, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he's had quite a few opportunities during his career to let his geek flag fly. If you recall, he was also featured in part two of TR's list of celebrity nerds, but by far the ultimate platform for his nerdery is The Colbert Report, a faux-conservative spinoff of The Daily Show. As the show gained momentum since its debut in 2005, so did the more-than-occasional coverage of Stephen's awesome nerdiness. Here's a list of the ten nerdiest moments of the show, which were difficult to narrow down due to the sheer volume of them.

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10 Most Prestigious Medical Centers in the World

The world is full of excellent medical centers all competing to make the newest medical discovery, perform the latest procedure and be a top-performing hospital with the best reputation. These renowned medical centers model excellent clinical practice and dedicated patient care that you just can’t find anywhere. Out of all the prestigious medical centers in the world, these 10 lead the way.

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10 Common First-Aid Mistakes

Picture this: You’re walking through the woods behind your house and are bitten by a rattlesnake. What would you do? John Wayne probably would have pulled out his penknife, sliced the bite wound, sucked out the venom, and tied on a tourniquet. But that’s the wrong approach for anyone except a silver-screen cowboy.

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