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9 Things Every Woman Should Make Time For

We get it: Your to-do list is already packed and the days fly by in a blur. So, is it really worth it to add more things to your agenda? In a word: yes! Women are notorious for sacrificing their own needs for those of their families. But when we don’t pay attention to the activities that nourish us, body and soul, we’re doing ourselves (not to mention our families) a great disservice. Plus, making time for these often-neglected actions can help us reach our overall life goals, says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, a psychologist and the author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. “Regardless of what you want to achieve—a better marriage, a healthier life, a happier family—taking time to do what you really want to do will actually help you achieve it.” Read on for nine to-dos you should work into your schedule for a more positive outlook.

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15 Celebrities Who May Be Reptilians

Some conspiracy theorists believe Hollywood is overrun by Reptilian people. Are these celebs actually aliens? By the way, we just made all of this up. We have no evidence that any of these people are actually aliens. So if you're a lawyer, or a space reptile, or (likely) both, take it easy, we're just having a little fun.

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15 Places You Should Travel To While You Are Young

There are so many interesting and beautiful places in the world that everyone should get the chance to travel to, but especially while you are young. It's the best time to shape your world view, so why wait? Explore the world and experience something new by visiting these places.

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10 Movie Villains Whose Actions Were Totally Justified

In the movies, you can normally tell who the villains are just by their laughs, theme music, and ugly face scars. But sometimes directors do such a good job of painting someone as the bad guy that we overlook one fact: the "bad" guy actually has pretty good reasons for doing what he's doing. Even though you're not cheering for them to succeed, many film antagonists are just trying to do the right thing. Sure, they sometimes go about it the wrong way and definitely pick the wrong person to mess with, but if you look at the situation from the bad guys' perspective, you'll see that they really weren't that evil.

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Squeal Wheels Tour: The Top 10 Cutest Electric Cars

Electric cars are good for the environment, inexpensive to operate and are an ideal choice for busy city commuters. They’re often small due to the need for light rolling weight but do they have to be so cute? These 10 electric cars and electric car concepts add a fluffy dollop of squeal appeal to your sustainable, pollution-free driving experience.

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10 Horror Movies That Changed the Genre

As long as movies have existed, filmmakers have been telling horror stories. George Melies' Le Manoir du diable, a silent, three-minute French film from 1896, is generally recognized as the first horror film ever made, coming just a few years after the medium was invented. Since then, horror films have undergone constant changes, growing in tandem with mainstream entertainment and doing their own part to advance filmmaking technology, push the envelope for what's appropriate in film, and get people talking about movies. It's probably fair to say that there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of horror films that have changed the genre in one way or another, but of all these, a few stand out as especially powerful, or gripping, or revolutionary. These are the films that didn't just make a cultural impact or earn decent revenue; they redefined what horror films looked like, period.

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10 Common Misconceptions about PTSD

Commonly associated with soldiers who’ve experienced unthinkable tragedies while at war, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can disrupt the lives of various people from various backgrounds. According to America’s Heroes at Work, a site from the U.S. Department of Labor, it afflicts 24 million people nationwide, eight percent of the population. PTSD can be acquired after enduring any kind of traumatic event, including war, physical abuse, a natural disaster or bad accident, and can result in symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, angry outbursts and depression. Because it’s a mental health disorder, PTSD isn’t fully understood by people with little experience dealing with it. The following common misconceptions have been disproven by mental health professionals and those who live with the disorder.

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7 Car Brands With Bad Reputations for Quality

Quality means different things to different car buyers--everything from reliability to fuel efficiency to utility. It's nebulous, but it can make or break the launch of a new vehicle or the success of a car company, affecting everything from positive press to negative word-of-mouth reviews. Some brands still rise to the top of the charts when shoppers get asked about the quality of different automakers' new vehicles--and some brands sink to the bottom based on those factors.

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40 Brilliant Negotiation Tricks Every B School Student Should Know

While some people are born with great negotiation skills, most of us have to put forth a lot of effort and learn through trial, error and practice what works and what doesn't. Whether you're in business school right now or have just graduated, these negotiation tactics are good to know when you're in the heat of things and can help you get the better end of a deal– no matter what it is.

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