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The 10 Fastest Growing Burger Chains In America

Americans have spoken, and they want their burger chains to focus on the burgers. Smaller hamburger joints are driving rapid growth within the industry, with overall sales growing 16.4% in 2010, according to an AdAge report on data from Technomic. Part of the appeal is that, where the bigger chains are concentrating on sideshows like breakfast and advertising, the smaller ones are concentrating on making a great burger, and customers appear to be prioritizing quality. Particularly impressive is Denver brand Smashburger, which increased to $46 million in sales from $24 million last year.

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Top 10 Occupy Wall Street Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have surrounded the Occupy Wall Street movement since the moment protesters hit the ground. From ties to George Soros to cries of censorship and anti-Semitism, the Occupy Wall Street movement seems to have done more to fuel rumors than it has to end corporate greed. But they have some conspiracy theories of their own.

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7 Amazing Antarctic Lakes

Lakes? In my frozen Antarctica? Itís more likely than you think, and their existence has nothing to do with global warming. This in-depth (brrr!) look at 7 amazing Antarctic lakes shows us the 7th continent still has a few tricks up its frosty sleeve. As is the case with many of the glacial meltwater lakes in the Dry Valleys region, the purity of the water in the frozen surface cap allows for a remarkable clarity shown off to full advantage by scientists and photographers alike.

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Top 10 Celebrity Reproductive Organ Stories

If youíre anything like us me, your first, greatest concern when you wake up every afternoon is ďwill something very unpleasant happen to my genitals?Ē Then we move on to career, finances, family, meaning of life and all that. We like to think celebrities are often the same way. If thereís anything that unites the poor to middle class with the rich and famous (and to a celebrity, a middle class person and a person living in a cardboard box are essentially the same) itís our universal fear of trauma to our naughty bits. So in the hope of ending the vague social stratification that puts celebrities over us to some small degree, we present these stories.

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The 10 Weirdest Things You Can Do With Your Ashes

The only certain things in life are death and taxes, and since taxes will never be fun, you might as well try to make your death into something a little entertaining. While most people are laid to rest in a coffin, buried in an urn, or scattered somewhere memorable, there are plenty of other options for your remains. Here are a few of the most unique things you can choose to do with your ashes.

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Pop-Culture Origins Of 16 Famous Band Names

This one's for the pop-culture junkies. For those who, like us, are tickled by all forms of pop media, whether it be literature, film or music... this list encompasses them all. A surprisingly high quantity of bands have named themselves after books, songs, and films; some are obvious, some took a little digging, and (many) others simply urged us to seek out myriad (evidently) highly inspirational low-budget horror films.

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Top 10 Movies for Hypochondriacs

Although serious hypochondria should be treated by a psychology professional rather than derisive laughter, some of the milder cases can stand a bit of light ribbing. Just like (almost) anything else, really. So when that special friend or family member always crushed beneath the disease du jour stops on over for movie night, the following selections provide epic entertainment far, far beyond the LCD screen's warm, cozy glow. But when he and/or she spends the next morning stirring up an epic ER embarrassment just KNOWING those stomach pains signify the deadly Motaba virus, know that revenge will come unexpectedly sweeping down on swift and dreadful wings. Like a thief in the night, such vengeance.

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10 Reasons I Hate to go to a Movie Theater

Some people get very excited about seeing the latest movies when they hit the theaters, but Iím not one of them. Going to a theater to see a movie is not my idea of a good time. How anyone can consider going to the movies an enjoyable experience is beyond me. Here are 10 very good reasons I hate to go to a movie theater.

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5 Destructive Beliefs Almost Everyone Has

Have you ever seen a friend or a loved one completely sabotage their success? Of course, we all have. As a friend, we're there on the sidelines trying to help them but they are so blind to their surroundings and so set in their ways that they are like a run away train that nothing can slow down. Thatís often a negative belief at work. If you donít believe you deserve to earn over $50,000 a year, you probably wonít. You will turn down opportunities because they seem too good to be true, and you will miss lucky breaks because you arenít expecting them. Heck, you aren't even looking for them. This doesnít mean you are stuck there for the rest of your life. Life is fluid and things change, but that change must begin with you.

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