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13 Creepiest Heavy Metal Conspiracies

Ozzy's incredible career highs and personal lows certainly would justify at least two episodes of "Behind the Music." But the most tragic chapter is that of 19-year-old fan John McCollum, who shot and killed himself in 1984 while listening to the track "Suicide Solution." McCollum's parents brought a lawsuit against Osbourne and his record label, charging that Ozzy's music encouraged self destructive behavior. The suit was ultimately dismissed on free speech grounds.

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6 Amazing Oceanic Creatures

The depths of the ocean are jam-packed with weird and wonderful creatures, great, small, hairy, ugly, colorful and alike. We were hard-pressed to pick just six, but here are some of the most amazing, and lesser known, creatures of the seas.

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6 Foods You Never Knew You Could Grill

The grill. It's a summertime staple and, with very little effort, it adds so much to any meal. I love experimenting with it. Here are some of my favorite, and tastiest, experiments, such as fire roasted avocados, grilled frisée salad, and grilled bruschetta. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Athletes with the Goofiest Facial Hair in Sports

Picture this: you’re a multimillion dollar athlete. You have bank accounts filled with cash that you don’t even know about yet. You spend more in a year on golden toilets and bidets that spray authentic German chocolate than most people spend on toilet paper in their entire life. What’s stopping you from buying a decent beard trimmer?

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The 10 Lamest Movie Vampires

There seems to be a new vampire film out nearly every month especially since vampires became popular again after Twilight hit it big but not all vampires are cool. Total Film came up with a list of the 20 lamest vampires from the movies, here is the top 10 for you to feast your fangs into, yes I know that is a lame joke.

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10 Interesting Facts About IQ Tests

Since the 19th century, IQ tests have been the primary source for measuring human intelligence. Throughout the years, this standardized test has been used by psychologists and educators to predict an individual’s academic performance and career success, as well as diagnose mental retardation and learning disabilities. Even though its accuracy and reliability have been criticized over the past few decades, the IQ test continues to be the most widely used test for assessing mental ability.

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10 Law and Order Plots That Were Shamelessly Ripped From the Headlines

It’s hard not to blame the writers and producers of Law & Order for using the news as fuel for their stories. They’ve got a couple dozen episodes to film every season, and multiple franchises to keep up with. The flagship title ran from 1990-2010 and logged a ridiculous 456 episodes; after a while, it’s probably easier to just make up stuff based on the front page of CNN than it is to come up with something wholly original. But it’s not like the show only came to its "ripped from the headlines" format late in the game. Since the franchise’s inception, episodes have borrowed heavily from real life, sometimes to the point where disclaimers had to be made to keep the network out of hot water. Maybe we’re more aware now than before of the way the multiple series lift plots from real life, but the bottom line is that it’s hardly anything new. Here are some of the most shameless instances of "borrowing" in the franchise’s history.

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The 10 Worst Wes Craven Movies

When a filmmaker creates one classic film, he or she is forever looked upon with admiration. But a guy responsible for three cinematic standards? He’s blessed with an unfuckwitable amount of immunity. Over the last 30 years, Wes Craven has earned just that, having upgraded the horror genre with A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) and Scream (1996), and to a lesser degree cult classics The Last House On The Left (1972) and The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Here’s the thing, though: Craven has gotten away with murder. With twenty-one feature films under his belt, the soft-spoken terror master has understandably missed the mark on several occasions, but Craven’s misfires aren’t just bad—at their worst, they’re phenomenally wretched examples of the man’s shaky chops. As blasphemous as it might sound to horror apologists, Craven will no doubt go down in history as one of the most inconsistent directors to ever touch a camera.

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