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The 7 Greatest True Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told

Johnny Depp is a badass. Here are some of the greatest things he's ever done (off-screen). Some of these Johnny Depp stories are hard to believe and most have indisputable proof, yet they are all amazing and sound exactly like the kind of awesome thing the most lavish, eccentric celebrity (that we actually like) would do. From surprising a little girl at her school, to stopping a mugging with a single look, to saving a horse he rode in a movie, here are the greatest (true) Johnny Depp stories.

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The 11 Biggest Apple Conspiracies

Can Apple tap into the fingertaps you make on your iPhone? According to one hacker, Apple inserted a mysterious code that tracks every click and tap you make. When users check the weather, e-mail or anything else on their devices, a personal identification number and a record of their habits gets relayed to Apple headquarters, according to the Hackintosh hacker. (Cookies and web histories have been snooping into browsing behavior for years, but that information is not connected to one individual, while these IMEI numbers are directly linked to a specific user.) Though the claim was never verified, tech gadflys nonetheless fretted that Apple is barreling across the privacy line.

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Top 10 Fictional Geniuses

‘Genius’ is a term for which no precise qualifications have been set. It is a largely subjective term which seems to marry both great intelligence and imagination. Genius may never be perfectly defined – you just know one when you see one. Fiction has long made use of such characters – from the hackneyed nerd stereotype to the wizard of boundless wisdom, from gods and oracles to comic relief.

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The 8 Biggest Whiners in Action Movie History

There's a cliche that Hollywood action movies are filled with nothing but testosterone-enhanced tough guys and macho-bred meatheads who win the day by pounding their chests and beating things until they stop breathing. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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9 Sports Coupes: Slick Styling, Short Life

After much speculation, Subaru has announced that the name of its new sports coupe, to be unveiled later this year, will be BRZ. Aside from confusion about the name (apparently "B" stands for the boxer engine, "R" for rear-wheel-drive, and "Z" for its zenith of perfection), you may wonder what Subaru is doing in the sports coupe business anyway. Sports coupes have two doors, emphasize flash over functionality, and aspire to higher levels of performance. While it is capable of contemporary design, Subaru is a company better known for sturdy all-wheel-drive vehicles like the Outback. And as car models go, many sports coupes have the life expectancy of fruit flies. Subaru has been down this road before with the short-lived SVX. This is not a product segment filled with golden oldies. Sport coupes are all about fashion, and fashion is fleeting -- and fickle. Herewith, some more sports coupes that didn't stand the test of time.

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9 Outrageous U.S. Secession Attempts

America, born of revolution and having its national identity forged in the bloody fields of the Civil War, has had its share of internal revolt. But not every secession attempt has been a battle between old ideals and the evolving notion of liberty. Some of the issues that have threatened to rip us asunder include mopeds, poorly printed maps or half-hearted attempts to carve a Christian nation out of pluralistic America. Below are some of the weirdest causes that have led to secession drives.

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The 10 Poorest School Districts in America

School districts across America are struggling to keep it all together, as teachers, parents and students want access to competitive technology and arts and college prep programs, while government budgets and local funding are wiped out. Certain parts of the country have it especially rough, from border towns to Indian reservations to coal mining communities — districts that have been passed over for decades before the latest economic downturn. The following school districts were chosen to be highlighted here because of their unique plights, and to represent a broad perspective of the experiences underserved districts are going through. Despite virtual schools, free lunch programs, and government prizes, these districts are far from recovery.

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Top 5 Overcharged Repair Jobs

For the most part, mechanics are willing to work with you to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. It’s no secret they’re doing their job to make money, but don’t think everything they charge you for is a rip-off. That doesn’t mean some services don’t cost more than they probably should. What are they? DriverSide has worked up a list of the top five overcharged repair jobs in no particular order. Have a look.

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The 50 Worst Fails In Tech History

Sometimes the tech game reminds us of the rap game. With the deluge of new gadgets and technologies released each year, it's a given that each won't succeed. Some are just bound to fail, like Charles Hamilton or Yung Berg or... you get the point. Similar to the unfortunate public burnout suffered by the Sonic-rockin' Harlemite, there have been certain technologies and products that have flamed out in dramatic, memorable ways. That's what this list is about. We're not concerned with gadgets that were so confoundng in their creation and intended purpose that they stood less of a chance on store shelves than Nas in family court. Products like the TV Hat—unveiled at the 2011 CES—for example. Is the TV Hat a fail? Of course, but no one thought it was going to sell like Yankee fitteds. Instead, think more so technologies like HD DVD—i.e. ones people thought may succeed, but for whatever reason didn't—are the ones we're talking about.

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