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13 Biggest Hip Hop Conspiracy Theories

Tupac Shakur is generally believed to have been killed in a drive-by shooting in 1996. After his death, his estate released several albums, which sparked rumors that he was secretly hiding out somewhere and recording new music, which was then released as "unreleased, archival material." However, fans note some of the songs make references to things that didn't exist before Tupac was killed, including a shout-out to the movie Armageddon.

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13 NHL Careers Cut Short By Concussions

The 2011-12 NHL season is only a month away, but people who follow the league aren’t talking about Stanley Cup contenders and pretenders, hot prospects, or big trade buzz. Instead, everyone is talking about concussions, and whether the best hockey player in the world, Sidney Crosby, will even play this year. There are even some pundits who, quietly, are discussing the possibility that Sid the Kid may never play again. For hockey fans, that is a chilling thought. But Crosby isn’t the only concussed player whose career is in limbo. There is word out of Boston today from the Bruins’ general manager that the career long-suffering center Marc Savard is almost certainly over. Then there is the case of the Blues’ David Perron, who played only 10 games last season after being concussed on a hit by San Jose’s Joe Thornton. Like Sidney Crosby, Perron has been unable to even resume light workouts, let alone full-on hockey training.

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30 MPG: Ten Fun Cars That Won’t Break The Bank At The Pump

Since we don’t think we’re ever going to see truly “cheap” gas again, we figure it’s high time to trade in that gas guzzler on something a little sportier. For the first time ever, we’ve been able to find 10 fun-to-drive cars that all net at least 30 mpg on the highway. Each of these offers truly impressive thrills for enthusiasts. Our list was a little longer until we started throwing out cars like the Kia Optima Turbo and the Buick Regal Turbo. Sure, they might pack decent power, but they’re just not the kind of cars that will draw attention at your neighborhood car show. They’re fun on a different kind of scale. Instead, we chose to concentrate on cars that will truly delight enthusiasts. Our criteria was simple: Each car had to net at least 30 mpg on the highway and each has to be genuinely fun to drive. We didn’t necessarily pick the most eco-friendly model in each lineup – we picked the ones we’d most want to enjoy on a closed course or on a winding country road.

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10 Celebrities Who Fell On Stage

I love when people fall over, as long as they are okay of course, but what’s better than the average person tripping up? A celebrity falling on stage for all of us to laugh at. AOL have come up with a list of 10 celebrities who have fallen over and here they are for you to laugh at.

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Top 10 Repair Projects You Should Never Pay For

Things break down, whether due to accidents, negligence, or just plain wear and tear. Instead of shelling out for an expensive repair or replacement, though, you can often fix the problem yourself for much less. Here are 10 repairs you should never pay for.

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20 Hilarious Twitter Parody Accounts

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, although anyone who’s been the subject of a Twitter parody account might not necessarily agree. Parody accounts on Twitter have targeted celebrities, politicians, brands and even entire countries. While some have been suspended, and others are coming under attack, there are still hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter who are more than happy to follow them for a dose of cynical and sarcastic humour. That said, some of them do push the envelope quite far, and aren’t necessarily going to appeal to everyone. If you’re easily offended, many of these accounts will definitely not appeal to you. If you’re thinking of putting together your own parody account, be sure to read Twitter’s guidelines first to make sure you’re not in violating of the site’s terms.

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10 Great Companies Who Were Green Before It Was Cool

These days, green business is such an overused buzzword that it can be hard to separate the truly eco-friendly from those who are using the term to polish up their image. Yet there are some companies who have been in on the green thing since well before it was a marketing ploy, establishing their companies on sustainable principles way before it was cool to be green. Here are some of the pioneers that green companies of today have to thank for paving the way and showing how conducting business is really done.

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10 Scary Financial Scams That Target the Elderly

Financial scams can target people at any age, but seniors are often favorite targets of scammers because most are homeowners, have substantial savings, are more trusting and may not know enough about the latest technology and laws to protect themselves. These scams cost older Americans millions, if not billions, every year — and despite crackdowns, they aren’t likely to stop anytime soon. So how can you protect your loved ones or yourself? Through education and proactivity, of course! If you’re unsure if any company is legit or committing fraud, contact the Better Business Bureau or the FTC and look for these common schemes — it just might save your financial future.

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25 Addictions You Didn’t Know Existed

Addictions are powerful chemical dependencies that don’t always make sense to outsiders or even psychologists, for that matter. What we do know is that if the brain likes what it tastes, feels or sees, anything and everything can become addictive.

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The 8 Craziest Secret Service Overreactions

Here in the United States, we live under the constant and all-seeing eye of the government. This list is indisputable proof. They listen to what we say, watch what we do, and then interpret it, which is fine. But sometimes, they react a little too quickly. Here are some of the most unfounded and insanely obscure times they have done so.

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