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10 DIY Lamborghini Replicas

Lamborghini cars are one of the most loved creations and have a lot of fan following. These sexy rides manage to make heads turn and eyes pop when they roll on the road. However, they come with a heavy price tag and owning one means shelling a lot of money. Have you ever thought of creating this luxurious ride at home and that too in your own garage? There are many who have built their dream ride at home and are proud owners of such replicas. They did not have money, but dreams to own a speedy coupe. Below is a list of 10 Lamborghini replicas that were crafted by enthusiasts at home.

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10 Biggest Sarah Palin Conspiracies

On October 25, 2008, with days to go before the election, McCain campaign staffers accused Palin of deliberately running the McCain-Palin ticket into the ground. One unidentified advisor complained to CNN: "She is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party..."

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10 Gadgets That Make Life More Difficult

I write about gadgets and technology for a living, yet I found it nearly impossible to sort out all of the features in my fatherís car Bluetooth system the other day. Itís a bumper cam display, a voice activated navigation system, media player, satellite radio, telephone, etc. etc. etc. Iím pretty sure I saw settings for an oil slick and a machine gun turret in there. The bottom line was that it was packed with so much functionality that it outsmarted itself and became completely useless. The gadgets in this list are kind of like that. Despite all of our technological advancements, sometimes the simplest solutions are still the best.

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10 of the Craziest Catastrophes Nobody Saw Coming

Accidents are accidents for a reason. No one sees them coming. You don't get up in the morning and pencil in "head-on collision" to your daily planner. However, no matter how expected the unexpected is, sometimes it can be so unexpected that Nostrodamus himself couldn't help scratching his head and muttering "Holy $#!+." When the unfortunate subjects of the following accidents started their fateful last days, we doubt they expected what was going to happen next. But with hindsight 20/20, we can now add the following to our list of crazy stuff that could happen to us any time now.

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29 Examples of Fantastic Fisheye Photography Will Make Your Eyes Spin

Wide lens (smaller focal length) can take a wide angle without having to take back the far distance. Useful for use in documentary photographs in the cramped space is. Categorized as a lens wide lens is about 12 mm to 18 mm. Superwide lens, fish-like eyes (so-called fish-eye lens) has a focal length about 10.5 mm producing a circular photo. Fisheye photography refers to the extreme wide-angle photography, produce 180-degree view on frame create unusually perspective. Fisheye photography producing an unique and interesting photograph.

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Top 10 Technologies That Will Make You Obsolete

Doubters like to say that machines will never fully replace us in the work force -- that artificial intelligence will never match the cunning of the human mind. Well, as IBM's Watson proved on Jeopardy! this week, new technologies may be smarter than we thought. The supercomputer slaughtered its competition, two of the best competitors known to the quiz show world. There are already a number of robots that have replaced human workers or that will soon, so the time has come to be wary of the rise of the machine. If we ignore the following examples of artificially intelligent technology, our careers -- and maybe even the human race -- will be replaced for good.

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Top 10 Clever Uses for Spare Thumb Drives

Chances are you've accumulated a few spare thumb drives over the years, choosing new ones thanks to better form factors and increased capacities. But what do you do with the old ones that are just lying around? Here are our top 10 clever, fun, and practical uses for your spare thumb drives.

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10 Most Infamous Acts of Infidelity in Modern American History

Henry Kissinger, one of our nation's most accomplished secretaries of state, said it best: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." Given his homely looks and reputation for womanizing during his younger years ó "younger" referring his 50s when he had the most power ó he knows as well as anyone. It seems that American politicians, actors and athletes have a penchant for "making the rounds," even when they've apparently settled down and married. Some do it more recklessly than others, leading to public relations nightmares when news of their dalliances hits the back pages. The following 10 infamous affairs were committed by famous Americans who ultimately fell victim to their own carnal weaknesses. Read on to refresh your memory on how it turned out for them.

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40 Best iPad Apps for Your Personal Finances

Personal finance doesnít just happen in your home office while youíre sitting at the computer, it happens everywhere ó at the bank, in a restaurant, at your accountantís office, and more. So why should your personal finance tools live in your home office? Use these iPad apps to stay on top of personal finance in an effective way, no matter where you are.

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8 Things You Didn't Know About Mosquitoes

Love spending time outdoors during the summer? Youíre not alone. The hot, humid weather is also a favorite of...mosquitoes. Since these insects are a nuisance to almost everyone, we spoke to experts to get the lowdown on the bothersome bug. Not only did we learn that there are more than 3,000 mosquito species throughout the world, we also found out why some people are more prone to bites than others, how to prevent an infestation and more. Read on to discover fascinating facts about this flying troublemaker for a bite-free season.

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