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25 Stunning Skylines Around the World

Following up from the Sifter’s first skyline post, here are 25 more stunning skylines around the world. These are by no means the ‘best’ skylines, just a collection of incredible photographs taken by some amazing photographers around the world. Almost all photographs are from the wonderful community over at deviantART. If you haven’t been, I recommend you check out their site, many of the artists sell their artwork and prints as well. I tried not to duplicate too many of the cities covered in the first skyline post, so places like Chicago, Hong Kong and Shanghai were omitted.

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10 Dumbest Parents of Celebrities

When Miley Cyrus appeared half-nekked in the pages of Vanity Fair and was later seen gyrating on a stripper pole during the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, the masses turned on the teen star, dubbing her slutty antics "inappropriate" for her tweenage fanbase. Few thought to question those really responsible for a child's behavior — the parents. Miley's crap dad, Billy Ray, defended the then 16-year-old's stripper pole incident, chalking it up to sheer entertainment. He later blamed Miley's demise and their strained relationship on Disney show Hannah Montana. Riiight. Being a parent isn't easy (just ask my father), but it's not rocket science either. You don't see Bieber wearing crotchless panties. Yet.

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10 Great Movies About Guys That Never Grew Up

Girls complain about boys being immature from the moment hormones start pumping through their veins. Well, I’ve got news for you, ladies: men never actually grow up. I’ll be laughing about dick and fart jokes until the day I die. I still aspire to be an astronaut/cowboy, or combination of the two. I’d waste all of my money building a ballpit into my house if I could. Our newest show Man-Teen supports this claim, but so do a number of other movies that you might or might not know. Let’s start with the obvious and move towards the obscure, shall we?

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7 Memorable Rap and Hip-Hop Songs From Movies

The music played in movie soundtracks tends to represent the times in which those movies are made. It’s only in the last couple of decades that rap and hip-hop have become mainstream enough to appear in movies targeted towards certain markets, and only in the past few years that they’ve appeared in mainstream movies. Once upon a time, rock and pop were the main styles of music that movie makers turned to in order to create the soundscapes to go along with the visual aspects of their films. However, at no time in the past have musical styles evolved, blended together, and splintered off into new and interesting types like they’re doing nowadays. Even the relatively traditional movie industry is making sure to take advantage of the plethora of new styles. The widespread appeal of this music is a testament to its greatness, and the variety of movies using rap and hip hop songs is a testament to how media evolves over time.

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5 Embarrassing Moments in X-Ray Tech

Visits to the doctors are one of the most un-fun weekend activities one can think of. Being poked, prodded, and studied by a complete stranger in a scary white coat is pretty unpleasant. Unfortunately, the discomfort doesn’t stop there. Many health problems often call for X-rays — the X-Ray technician won’t only be looking on your outside, but he’ll now be studying your insides as well (unless they’re blocked with fecal matter, which totally shows up in your X-rays). Additionally, X-rays have migrated from the hospital to the airport, and due to security measures, you may be subject to appear naked (albeit faceless) for the viewing pleasure of airport personnel. Body scans have become a wildly popular way for the highly qualified apathetics at the airport to study your X-rayed figure and determine whether or not you pose a terrorist threat.

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Pricing Psychology: 7 Sneaky Retail Tricks

The psychology of pricing explains why we do many of the silly things we do with our money. Retailers work hard to manipulate us, tweaking price tags and offering “special” promotions to get us to spend more than we normally would. Why are we so vulnerable? In part, we’re just wired to think in certain ways, experts say. But the other problem: We’re usually far too busy and distracted to pick up on all the nuances working on our subconscious. I recently interviewed a couple of behavioral science and marketing experts and reviewed some academic studies to round up the most popular pricing tricks. Hopefully this list will come in handy next time you come across a "deal."

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9 Apps To Make You Super Productive on Windows, Mac and Linux

You may think you’ve reached the peak possible productivity on Windows, Mac and Linux, but if you haven’t tried this collection of timesavers, it’s time to think again. We found software that will help you type less, enhance your efficiency, help you find a needle in a haystack, keep track of the world and probably even help you sleep better. Many of these apps are cross-platform for Windows, Mac or Linux — and best of all, most are free.

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10 Things That Should Be Banned from Awards Shows

Everyone was talking about whether or not host Ricky Gervais has been banned from future Golden Globe broadcasts, or if he should. Who cares? Here are 10 things that really should never appear on any awards show again. Yes, this is the season for awards shows, which culminates with the Oscars at the end of February. But all the broadcasts are too long, formulaic, and lacking surprise to be palatable. And yet we all watch them anyway. Getting rid of hosts like Gervais, who at least added a bit of misanthropic danger to the proceedings, won't help make them any better. But if award show producers want to enliven the proceedings—and boost ratings in the process—here are 10 other things we could all do without.

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The Napping Habits of 8 Famous Men

A few weeks ago, we covered the myriad of amazing benefits provided by the too-oft maligned nap. If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of napping and are in need of some additional inspiration, or, you’re simply curious about how some of history’s most famous nappers, today we provide a look at the napping habits of 8 eminent men.

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10 Ways to Help Your Dog Get Used to a New Home

Moving from your home to a new residence can be a tense and stressful time, for your dog as well as for you. Here are a few useful tips to help both you and your dog have a low-stress move, and to help your dog accept and adapt to the new home.

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