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20 Dumbest Things About Being In Your 20's

The only thing worse than being an awkward 13-year-old at a junior high dance with your own parents as chaperones is finding yourself a decade later, equally awkward, with no one at all to chaperone you through this weird new thing known as "adulthood." While your 20s can certainly be exciting, they're not all they're cracked up to be. For the first time ever, you are left to make your own life decisions while battling the ever-present fear, crippling confusion and constant flow of failed expectations. Whether you're 45 and can look back and laugh, or 25 and can giggle while simultaneously curled up in the fetal position, check out the following 20 dumbest things that inevitably occur when experiencing the "joys" of your third decade of life.

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Top 13 Plants For Apartment Gardeners

"Apartment Gardening" may sound like the name of a rock band, but it's actually a new trend attracting city dwellers who lack garden space. With judicious use of sun-dappled space, you too can enjoy juicy tomatoes, leaf lettuce and other garden-grown food. The trick is to know the types and varieties of vegetables and herbs capable of producing decent "crops" when container bound. Selecting the right variety is extremely important, so we've included this information in our list. Start the seeds in a warm area with enough sunlight roughly four to eight weeks before transplanting into their final container. Most vegetables should be transplanted when they develop two to three leaves. You can use nearly any type of container, as long as they suit the size listed below. Green onions and radishes can be grown in a cake pan as their roots are shallow.

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16 Awesome Stadium Foods

As various sports seasons are ramping up across the US, we decided to take a look at some of the more interesting offerings from stadiums across the country. We scoured major league, little league, and minor league stadiums for people trying to leave a mark with both their teams and their food.

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10 Lessons In Manhood From The Dude

What makes a man? Many popular movies have attempted to tackle that timeless question by serving up sweaty examples of shirtless, brawny action heroes running around blowing things up with oversized, phallic firearms. It looks exhausting, man. That might be why a lot of guys today are finding comfort in a more relaxed image of manliness, one embodied by a bathrobe-clad slacker sipping creamy cocktails and taking it easy for all us stressed-out sinners. We’re talking about The Dude here, a real inaction hero made famous by Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. While The Dude isn’t exactly a hero (‘cause what’s a hero?), ever since the Coen Brothers introduced him to an uptight world back in the ‘90s, this laid-back stoner icon has sparked a worldwide following of dude-icated devotees.

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Elmo's 20 Hottest Celebrity Hookups

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Elmo is a major Hollywood pimp. Sure Scott Baio and Charlie Sheen have impressive hit lists, but Elmo has secretly been conquering the top tail Hollywood has to offer for over 20 years. The sick part is the cocky bastard actually has the stones to take photographs with all of his victims once he's done. And you know he let's Oscar The Grouch watch.

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The 26 Lost Roles of Bill Murray

Bill Murray is possibly the most respected comic actor of his generation and one who successfully made the difficult transition to drama, receiving numerous awards and nominations along the way. His career has spanned five decades and multiple genres, so it’s no wonder he has more than his fair share of parts that other actors have beat him out for or that he flat-out turned down. In recent years, this is partly due to Murray getting rid of his agent and manager. In their place, he’s set up a toll-free line through which show business folk can leave him messages. He checks the voicemail infrequently. Although this guarantees him a level of privacy and a barrier between him and the business, it’s caused him to miss out on a few choice parts, as well.

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10 Promising Real Time Alternatives to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. No doubt Google Analytics is a fantastic app to tackle your site’s analytics needs, but it doesn’t give some features which most of the people need like inability to see data live, lack of raw conversion data, true time, ability to add notes etc. There are however a couple of other great Analytics options out there creeping up on its market share. Here are the best designed and freshest ones to watch.

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4 Quick, Easy And Free Ways To Take Backup Of Your Gmail Account

Google – one of the most trusted company, giant search engine and also known for producing great products and services. One of them is Gmail, one of the best and most popular email service offered by Google. But, you know everything is not flawless even Gmail too and we have seen evidence of such a flaw last weekend. I know most of you were not aware of what happen because there are chances that your Gmail was working absolutely fine. But you know there were some unlucky Gmail users whose accounts were all erased without any reason. There were about 0.02 percent of all Gmail users or roughly 40,000 of the 200 million accounts were affected due to the “unexpected bug” that makes all their Gmail data including mails, contacts, calendars, events erased.

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10 Unsettling Facts about Diet Soda

We've all heard that if you're going to drink sodas, choose diet. This may seem like the best option for diabetics and people who are watching their weight, but there is more to consider when drinking diet sodas than just calories. We may not know exactly what these carbonated colas are doing to our bodies, but there is plenty of research that suggests they aren't doing much good.

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The Healthy Home: 31 Ways to Protect Yourselves from Toxins

In their exceptional, informative book The Healthy Home: Simple Truths of Protect Your Family From Hidden Household Dangers, son and father team Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz tackle the topic of toxins from room to room, starting with the bedroom and ending with the garage and yard. “Every second of every day, we face an onslaught of unnecessary dangers—toxic chemicals, negative energies, unforeseen side effects, and more—in our modern world,” writes Dave, the younger Wentz. Myron, his father, who holds a Ph.D. in microbiology with a specialty in immunology from the University of Utah, throws in the statistics: “A new chemical substance is discovered every nine seconds during the workday. Chemists discovered the eighteenth millionth chemical substance known to science on June 15, 1998. Many thousands more have been developed since then.” Wrap your brain around that figure for a moment. It looks like this: 18,000,000.

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