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11 Reasons Why Weddings Are Dumb

There is a big difference between a wedding and a marriage. A marriage is what happens when two adults in a loving relationship pledge to torture each other until they're old and wrinkly. It's romantic, especially if you believe in "the one," which is the idea that there is one special person out there who will put up with your crap. But a wedding is something entirely different. There are millions of women and men who throw lavish, self-indulgent weddings and then wake up the morning after stuck in a marriage. A marriage is about commitment, patience and forgiving that person who steals all the covers for being a flawed human being. A wedding is a funeral that's not as entertaining. Weddings bring out the worst in both the bride and the groom. Women are fed a steady diet of bridal magazines from the moment they're knee-high, so when their special day to be a princess comes, they transform into demanding krakens in lace. Men traditionally dread getting married, so they surrender their will to live and drag their feet behind their rampaging fiancées. Then there's the event itself. Weddings in the movies are great because they usually last five minutes at the end of the flick. But in real life, they're just money for nothing.

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7 Idiot Proof Tips for Driving Safely

Although it is terrifying to refer to one of the most dangerous daily tasks that adults perform as “idiot proof,” the fact remains that not everyone with a driver’s license is a good driver. Whether it is due to a lack of discipline, motor skills, or short attention spans, many motorists are distressingly inept. If you have a hard time keeping your car out of accident reports, or are paying more for your car insurance than most people pay for their mortgages, these tips are for you.

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The Fug Girls’ 16 Favorite Cases of Casting Gone Wrong

We freely admit that we’re mostly curious about The Green Lantern because it’s roughly two hours of Ryan Reynolds’s naked body in a CGI green suit. But we’re also intrigued by the deliciously train-wreck-y possibility of what feels like a major casting misstep: Gossip Girl’s sunny, blithe Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, pilot and go-getter vice-president of a major aircraft company. During every preview we saw, the audience chortled at the sight of her, perhaps thinking of the many pilots and go-getter VPs they know whose predominant traits do not involve hair-flipping. While awaiting the verdict on Lively’s blockbuster debut, we’ve reminisced here about the miscastings that have most made us snicker over the years, for reasons cinematic, historic, and personal.

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101 Pringle Flavors from Around the World

Pringles are a potato chip-like snack food. They are enjoyed in over 100 countries, with over a billion (US Dollars) is sales anually. I personally love the cheese flavored "Cheez Ums," but there are hundreds of flavors. Here are 101 different flavors from around the world, some ordinary, some strange.

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8 Skills Our Parents Had That We Don't

My love of baking has always made me feel geeky, a bit granny-ish. In recent years though, Generation Y’s cool kids have all started baking blogs. They also knit, crochet, and grow vegetables in community plots. I once met a very urban couple my age who proudly admitted to making their own cheese. Cheese! While twentysomethings are often painted as gadget-obsessed, we’re known as a nostalgic bunch too. These homebody hobbies are proof. Some babyboomer skills, however, aren’t trickling down through the generations. Below is a list of things our parents did: talents and hobbies that, however useful, have fallen out of fashion.

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7 Myths About Caffeine

For many of us a morning without coffee or tea is a like the proverbial day without sunshine. For me much of it is about the ritual. Okay, who am I kidding? It’s about the caffeine. Mmm, I love caffeine–that naturally occurring alkaloid found in the leaves, seeds and fruits of more than 63 plant species worldwide. But at what risk do I indulge in my morning coffee and afternoon espresso? Caffeine is most famous for its role as a stimulant and it’s ability to delay fatigue. I clearly get a boost of energy and clarity, as had been scientifically proven. But caffeine has also acquired a bad-boy reputation–an unfair one, perhaps? Extensive studies into its safety show that there are still many misconceptions about caffeine. Allow me to tackle some of the myths surrounding my beloved alkaloid.

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50 Common Latin Phrases Every College Student Should Know

While there may not be cites and countries full of people speaking Latin these days, that doesn't mean the ancient language is something you can just forget about. Not only are many of our words in English (not to mention many other languages) derived from Latin, but many of its words words are still used in today's daily speaking and writing. So while you may not need to learn to speak or read the Latin language fluently, it can still be a big help in your quest for higher education to know a few words and phrases. Here are some of the most commonly used Latin expressions that you should learn to start improving your personal lexicon.

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20 Craziest Job Interview Questions and the Right Answers

Nobody has to tell you that it’s a rough job market. So when you do finagle a job interview, you’ll want to shine. To get you prepared, here are 20 real job interview questions that such companies as Google, Capital One and Goldman Sachs asked internships candidate. The interview questions were compiled by, an online job community that encourages people to anonymously share that inside look at jobs and companies.

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5 U.S. Presidents Who Hid Their Illnesses

If history shows us one thing, it’s that the people of the U.S. don’t exactly have a soft spot for an ill President. It isn’t so much as we’re unsympathetic, it’s that we don’t understand how someone battling an illness can run a country successfully. In most polls taken, Americans say they’d rather go with their second choice than a President that is ill. The five men on this list perhaps knew of the public’s harsh criticism of someone with an illness and chose to hide their sickness while serving in office.

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