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15 Movie Soundtracks Better Than The Movies They're For

Soundtracks are an overlooked yet important factor in the movie-watching experience. When good music is paired with a good movie, it becomes a fully integrated piece of the film (see: "Reservoir Dogs"). Far more interesting, though, is when a solid soundtrack is paired with a steaming pile. When this happens, the music becomes one of two things: a show-stealer, outshining the very movie it's featured in; or a trickster, fooling people into believing the movie is a classic. So let's examine 15 middling movies with great soundtracks. Regardless of the category, be sure to take these off your Netflix queue and head straight to iTunes instead.

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12 Big Blond Bombshell Conspiracies

We may never know what really happened to this voluptuous vixen, who was dogged by numerous scandals and unsolved mysteries in her final years? In the 90s, she was investigated for murder by the FBI when her husband's son turned up dead. In 2006, her son Daniel died of a drug overdose, mere months before Smith herself died of what was called an accidental OD. But many people dispute both of these findings, including Judge Larry Seidlin, who presided over Smith's burial and has asked police to reopen their investigation.

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10 Famous Actors Who Starred in Full Motion Videogames

Ah, Full Motion Video: its name falls like a soothing rain. While the brief craze of putting actual video footage in computer games did result in some undeniable classics (7th Guest, Myst, the Journeyman Project for example), it unfortunately also resulted in a lot of forgettable/awful shit titles, some of them barely qualifying as "games". This isn't the amazing thing: what's amazing is the amount of well-known actors that made appearances on our computer monitors during this krezzy time in videogame history. In some cases, you'd think they would have found better uses for their talent, but if I were them I'd just be glad I made it out of the battlefield of the '90s in one piece. The biggest success of this era in terms of good games that managed to net big stars without sacrificing their gaminess was obviously the Wing Commander franchise and its spinoffs, which will get considerable attention here. But there are other cases where established actors -- sometimes very established -- threw themselves in front of a green screen for, shall we say, slightly less noble enterprises. I doubt most if any of the actors on this list ever actually sat down and played through these games, but some of them deserve a real pat on the back if they did.

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7 Famous Daughters Who Posed For Playboy

It was a just a matter of time before Elizabeth Jagger, spawn of the incredibly good-looking Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, showed off the goods. Her sister, Georgia, went topless for a Hudson Jeans ad, but Lizzy has one-upped her by posing for the June issue of Playboy. She claims papa Mick banned her from posing for the mag back in 2005, but eventually both he and mom (who appeared on the cover in 1985) agreed. “They understood that when you don’t know when you’re going to have kids, it’s nice to have wonderful pictures of your 20-something self,” Lizzy said.

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10 Extraordinary Modern Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks aren't really considered a modern problem. Air transportation, which is obviously much more efficient, supplanted ocean liners decades ago, causing the romanticism that came with setting out on long overseas journeys to fade. Even still, ships remain a large part of worldwide commerce and transportation, the latter of which is more common in poor countries, where unfortunate accidents are more frequent. The following shipwrecks range from small-scale tragedies to unforgettable catastrophes, capturing headlines worldwide when they occurred.

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10 Must-Follow Fictional Twitter Accounts

If you enjoyed our list of must-follow fake Twitter celebs, then we wager you’ll love this offering of the best fictional accounts. Whether you want to be amused by your favorite caped crusader, keep up with some cartoon characters or see tweets from film baddies, you’ll find it all in this fun list. Take a look through the gallery and, because there are so many more great accounts that we didn’t have room include, share in the comments your favorites that didn’t make the list.

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10 Worst Food Contamination Outbreaks

If you think about, eating is a risky activity. Unless you grow and prepare your own food 100 percent of the time, you don't know where a lot of your meals come from, how their components were raised or grown, or whether or not their components have gone through the proper cleansing processes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in six Americans fall ill, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases each year. Throughout history, especially recent history in which incidences are better documented and publicized, there have been numerous food contamination outbreaks that produced serious consequences for a multitude of unsuspecting consumers — thank goodness for reliable health insurance. These are 10 of the worst and most memorable to occur domestically.

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Dressing Taller: 10 Tips for Short Men

Short men have always had a tougher row to hoe than their taller fellows. It can be frustrating to be picked last for the pick-up basketball game, to feel like you’re overlooked when walking into a party, and to struggle to see your favorite band at a concert. And then there are those studies that say that tall men are perceived as more powerful and better leaders, are more desirable to women, and make more money (almost $1,000 more for every inch of height). But short men shouldn’t despair. The news isn’t all bad. First, while height may give men a leg up in the race for success (US presidents have been on average 4 inches taller than the general male population), there are always exceptions to the rule. Andrew Carnegie (5’0”)! Martin Luther King Jr. (5’7”)! Harry Houdini (5’5”)! TE Lawrence (5’6”)! Robert Reich (4’10’)! And have you seen Dennis Kucinich’s wife? And second, while there isn’t much you can do, short of gruesomely lengthening your bones, to physically increase your height, there are ways to appear taller. Key in this is the way you dress and present yourself, and today we’ll share ten tips on how you can use style to enhance your stature, and perhaps more importantly, your confidence.

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8 People Who Died Playing Video Games

Any video game player worth their salt knows the feeling. Just ONE more level, ONE more achievement, ONE last item before meal time, sleep, or (shudder) some actual human interaction. Four hours later, and you’re still staring blankly at the screen, mouth ajar, hands balled up into an arthritic mass of digits, and any thoughts you once had about tending to your basic human needs are long since forgotten or pushed off indefinitely as you plug along for that never ending quest for virtual fulfillment. It’s easy to forget that our own bodies need as much tending to as our farms or guilds, heck, maybe even more so. Here’s a list of people who died neglecting their real-life health bars for their video game equivalents.

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