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10 Movie Stars Who Buffed Up For Their Roles

When most actors take on a big blockbuster type film they usually have to change their appearance because they are either too skinny or too big, Total Film have come up with a list of stars who have buffed up for their roles in these movies.

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12 Real Life Cyborgs

Part man, part machine, all badass. Cyborgs in science fiction are awesome. Cyborgs in real-life are... concerning. They force us to confront certain existential questions like: What makes us human? And will machines eventually bring an end to humanity? The following are 12 real-life cyborgs, people who have incorporated technology into their living tissue. Some are inspiring, some are fascinating, all of them are harbingers of what is to come.

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10 Bizarrely Inappropriate Children’s Products that Somehow Hit the Shelves

Despite the fact that most parents put an awful lot of time and effort into selecting only the most suitable and age-appropriate toys for their children, companies seem hell-bent on putting out products whose inappropriateness beggars belief. Of course, this almost always leads to a backlash from concerned consumers, leaving the company with egg on its face and an awful lot of products to recall. Let’s look at some of the most inappropriate children’s products ever.

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10 Celebrities Attempting to Make a Real Environmental Difference

Cinematic nominated 10 Movie Characters Who Can Stop the Oil Spill, including Spongebob, Mulder and Scully, Superman, and There Will Be Blood’s self-proclaimed “oil man,” Daniel Plainview. This fictional cast may not have what it actually takes to handle BP’s snafu in 2010, however, there are a number of actors and musicians who are already using their celebrity to bring public attention to a variety of environmental issues.

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8 of the World's Most Endangered Sharks

When considering sharks, it's important to keep the numbers in perspective. There have been 2,251 shark attacks on humans since 1580, according to the International Shark Attack File. Every year, however, an estimated 100 million sharks are killed by people. Sought out as a delicacy in many places around the world, sharks are caught by commercial and sport fishermen, often with little oversight. This means that the human impact on sharks has been significant. The UN estimates that some species have been depleted by 90 percent and depletion of 70 percent are common. It's time for humans to get over our fears and take a close look at the species we've hunted to the brink of extinction.

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10 Technologies That Will Change The World In The Next 10 Years

As computational power rises exponentially, not linearly, so does the rate of change -- and that means the next 10 years should pack in far more technological change than the last 10. Disruptive technology is, by its very nature, unpredictable, but it is still possible to look at the work being done by R&D labs around the world and see clues as to what the future holds. That's the full-time job of Dave Evans, Cisco's chief futurist and chief technologist for the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG). At Cisco Live, Evans outlined what he believed to be the top 10 trends that will change the world in 10 years. Here is his list, with commentary augmented by yours truly based on interviews in the past year with numerous other industry analysts and visionaries.

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10 Natural Ways to Avoid Mosquitoes This Summer

With summer in full swing, mosquitoes are the last thing you want ruining all the fun. Before you run to the store and load up on expensive bug sprays that contain harsh chemicals, why not consider using a natural mosquito repellent that’s backed by science to avoid these pesky insects? Go ahead and give these 10 natural ways to avoid mosquitoes a try and see for yourself!

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7 Illnesses With Awesome Side Effects

So, you’ve been diagnosed with some crazy illness. Don’t cry, just dry your eye. Some of God’s cruellest creations come equipped with pretty kick-ass side effects.

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7 Countries With the Healthiest People

They live well into their nineties and often times up break the hundred year mark. Their existence is healthy but the underlying reasons are often cultural. In fact, it’s not just that individuals take care of themselves; it’s a country-wide phenomenon that’s based on lifestyle choices. Why are certain countries home to the world’s happiest, healthiest people on Earth? What do they eat? What daily habits are different from other societies? I set out to answer these questions and along the way I found some striking similarities between these fit nations, spread far and wide across the globe.

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9 Celebs Who Went Bankrupt

How many times has it occurred to you, perhaps while looking over your mile-long credit card statement or lusting over designer dresses at the mall, that life would be so much easier with an extra million dollars at your disposal? It’s not asking for a lot, really. Just enough to pay off student loans, take a dream trip to Fiji, and stop feeling guilty about your daily latte addiction. But maybe one million dollars wouldn’t even be enough. After all, celebrities have many millions of dollars, and they seem to fall into financial troubles just as easily as the rest of us. Lady Gaga recently shared with the world that her latest tour put her in the bankruptcy club—a club with a surprising number of famous members, including the following eight big spenders.

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